Democratic Party USA

The Democratic Party in the USA is by no means a socialist or a workers party. Although some idiot right-wing conservatives may claim this, the Democrats are in fact a capitalist party. Like most liberals, they support a free market economy and a limited government. The Democrats are not European progressives like social liberals or social democrats, American Democrats are more in line with European liberal conservatives like the Dutch; People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy or the German; Free Democratic Party. These parties are not progressive, but rather conservative as they support the capitalist establishment over anything. President Barack Obama and his Democrats are sure not a party of the working class. Like the ultra-conservatives of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party does what ever it takes to please Wall Street and big business!

Today’s Democratic Party evolved from the Democratic-Republican Party, a party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1791. The DRP supported Jeffersonian democracy, the ideology of founding father Thomas Jefferson. He believed in a republic, as form of government and equality of political opportunity. His supporters rejected privilege, aristocracy and corruption. For today’s standards, the ideology of Thomas Jefferson would be on the left side of the political spectrum. As his opposition to corruption, greed and privileges would not sit well with the capitalist establishment in Wall Street!

In 1825, the Democratic-Republican Party split into three factions. One faction became the Democratic Party and another the National-Republican Party ( later the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln ). The Democratic Party was a supporter of states rights and rejected the idea of federalism. Also the party was in favor of  slave owners. Many white supremacists in the USA voted in the pro-slavery Democratic Party. In opposition to this, anti-slavery activists founded the Republican Party in 1854!

It is ironic how different both the Democrats and Republicans behaved in the 18th century compared to the 20th and 21st centuries. As supporters of state rights and the right to own a slave, the biggest support for the Democratic Party came from white southern slave owners. The south of the USA was very dependent on slave labor, millions of black workers were forced to work for white farmers who exploited them. Republicans rejected slavery and in 1860, president Abraham Lincoln was elected. His administration was challenged by white separatists in the south, who rejected the democratic elected government. Democrats in Congress supported the white slave owners against Lincoln’s Republicans!

The American civil war began in 1861, a conflict between supporters of the Confederate States of America and the United States of America. In the end, 600.000 people died and the infrastructure of the southern states was destroyed. Slaves were freed, but discrimination against blacks would never disappear from the south. Even today, there are many whites who still believe that black people are inferior!

Democrats were still regarded as the party of the south, because they supported the white supremacist ideology of many southern Americans. Between 1870 and early 1960’s, most people in the former Confederate States voted on the Democratic Party. This only changed when the Republicans became more conservative in the 1950’s. After world war 2, anticommunism grew very strong. Hatred of leftism and leftist ideals, led to the Red Scare. Republicans moved to the right-wing and claimed to support Christianity and American traditionalism, against supporter of socialism and communism. The Democratic Party remained racist and kept their traditional base of support in the south, but the Vietnam War and the 1968 revolt would led the Democrats away from racist conservatism, to more liberal conservatism!

Until 1968 it can be said that the Democrats were in fact two parties in one shell. The southern Democrats were racists and deeply conservative, while the northern Democrats were liberal and progressive. The northern Democrats were able to turn the party away from racism in the 1970’s, which allowed the Republican Party to win the vote of racist white southern Americans. In the year 2014, the Republican Party is able to win support from traditional communities like dogmatic Christians, small towns and the southern states. Meanwhile the Democratic Party is winning votes from people who live in big cities and from states who are more liberal in nature. The term blue and red states were created to show which state is dominated by which party. Southern USA is mostly dominated by the Republican Party, ironic consider the fact that the Republican Party used to be a party quite progressive during the times of Abraham Lincoln!

With a more liberal ideology replacing their racist conservative agenda, the Democratic Party was winning votes from many ethnic minorities. Black workers choose to vote Democrat since the Republicans became more in favor of whites. Another twist of irony, because the Republican Party used to be the party of anti-slavery back in the late 19th century. But anticommunism turned the Republicans to the side of the white racists, who’s hatred of blacks and leftists made them easy anticommunists. With the rise of Ronald Reagan, the transformation of the Republican Party was complete. The Democrats were now the party of liberals, progressives and ethnic minorities, while the Republicans became the party of traditionalists, conservatives and white supremacists!

Progressives and trade unions have come to support the Democrats in hope they would carry out a social agenda. Although the Democratic Party is less right-wing then the Republican Party, they are still very much pro-capitalist. This has never changed over the years, the Democrats are a capitalist party, a supporter of the ruling class. Barack Obama said in 2008 that he wanted to change the nation. In reality the first colored president did very little to change the nature of the plutocracy that rules the USA. Obama used a lot of progressive propaganda and although revolutionary socialists knew nothing would be changed, millions were mislead. Ralph Nader was among the few politicians back in 2008, who said that Obama would be a Uncle Tom for big corporations. Nader was attacked on Fox News because of this remark, very ironic because Fox News became the most anti-Obama news network in the USA!

After the 2008 election of Obama, the Democratic Party was called a leftist, socialist, communist and nazi party by right-wing idiots of the Tea Party movement. These radical conservatives and white supremacists were called in by rich capitalists, to spread lies and fear. In order to do this, they used the old anticommunist paranoia trick. Many conservatives are still living under the fear of ”godless communism”. Obama and his talk about CHANGE, fueled the conservative propaganda machine, who portrayed the first colored president as a ”dangerous-socialist”. The Democratic Party was a called ”socialist” and some called it the ”Democratic-Socialist Party”. In reality, Obama did nothing to change the plutocracy that rules the USA. Still the radical Tea Party movement used all dirty tricks in the book to portray the president as a ”leftist demon”.

In 2012 the Democrats were able to win the presidential elections, but many workers who believed in the 2008 message of the Democratic Party, had lost their faith in Obama. Now in the year 2014, there is huge disillusionment among those who feel betrayed by the man who promised CHANGE. Revolutionary socialists say Democrats are not the voice of workers and poor people. The Democratic Party is a liberal conservative party and no alternative to the Republican Party. This is why American workers must build a party for themselves, a workers party on a socialist program that rejects the capitalist establishment and fights for a socialist America under working class rule!!



The Democratic Party, former white supremacist party now a multi-ethnic party. Still the Democrats are not leftist or genuine progressive. The Democratic Party is liberal conservative and pro-capitalist!