1600 Palestinians murdered by Israeli attacks on Gaza

More then 1600 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in Israeli attacks. The Terror State of Israel is firing bombs and rockets at houses, hospitals and other civilian targets, which they claim are Hamas bases. The death-toll is catastrophic, 1600 people have been killed. On the Israeli side only 61 soldiers died. 1600 Palestinians had to die to satisfy the need for revenge. Collective punishment is what the Zionist politicians wanted, for the murder of three Israeli teenagers. The USA remains fully supportive of Israel and does not condemn the killings. American president; Barack Obama remains strong in his believes that Israel is the victim. Still many people around the world stand with the Palestinian people, against the Terror State of Israel and the right-wing Zionists who defend it!

The State of Israel is a state-terrorist regime, that is supported by most ”democratic” western nations. In 1967, the Israeli ”Defence” Force became a occupation force, when Israeli troops and tanks invaded the West-Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian lands were under control of foreign Arab powers like Jordan and Egypt. Losing Palestine to Israeli occupation was a huge embarrassment for the Arab world and the Egyptian leader Nasser. With both Palestinian territories under Zionist control, the years of oppression began. The Palestinian flag was banned, political parties of Palestinians suppressed. Although the United Nations called the occupation wrong and illegal, the Zionists were able to stay in Palestine, thanks to the support from the American capitalist class, who defends the State of Israel until this day!

Palestinians fought back with secular leftist nationalist forces. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was the biggest leftist movement against Israel in the 1970’s. With bombs and terror attacks the PFLP tried to remove the Zionist occupation regime. Their actions proofed to be counter-productive, as it turned the Israeli working class against the Palestinians. The PFLP is both Palestinian nationalist and Marxist-Leninist ( Stalinist ), their methods are based on Guerrilla warfare, a mistaken idea since the liberation of Palestine lies in class struggle not Guerrilla struggle. The PFLP oppose negotiations with the Israeli government and has sworn to fight the Zionists for the murder of so many innocents!

A split from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine or DFLP. Maoist members of the PFLP created the DFLP in 1969, because they felt the PFLP became too focused on military matters. These supporters of Mao Zedong wanted be more grass-roots and a more ideologically focused organization. Both the PFLP and DFLP became members of the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation led by Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa, more common known as Yasser Arafat!

In 1988, the PLO changed their position on Israel and recognized the Jewish state. Still the occupation forces refused to abandon the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Yasser Arafat also supported United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. But the criminal State of Israel refuses to accept the UN resolution. The West-Bank remains under Israeli control, only those lands not wanted by Zionist colonialists were given to the Palestinians in 1993. Israel lifted the ban on the showing the Palestinian flag in 1994 and allowed the formation of the Palestinian National Authority!

By accepting the Oslo Accords, the secular nationalist parties inside the PLO lost a lot of sympathy and support among ordinary Palestinians. Because Israel did not ended the occupation, many felt Arafat and the PLO betrayed them. Many young Palestinians became disillusioned in the secular leftist ideologies. They found a home in racial Islamism spread by the Islamic Resistance or Hamas. Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin founded Hamas in 1987, as the Palestinian wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Yassin also became spiritual leader, until he was assassinated by a Israeli helicopter in 2004!

Hamas rejected the Oslo Accords and calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. After the death of Yasser Arafat and the murder of Ahmed Yassin, Hamas became the most popular resistance movement. In 2007, they won the elections in the Palestinian National Authority. But both Israel and Arafat’s Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) rejected the victory of Hamas. The Palestinian National Authority was then split between Hamas who rules in Gaza and Fatah in the West-Bank. Since Israel abandon the Gaza Strip in 2005, this little strip of land is the only part of Palestine under control of Palestinians. In the West-Bank, Fatah still has to struggle with Zionist colonialists who are protected by the Israeli ”Occupation” Forces!

Although the occupation forces left Gaza, the strip is in fact a open prison. The State of Israel and the Arab Republic of Egypt are blocking all access. There is a sea blockade in place which is preventing trade. Israel claims that they have the right to stop ships from delivering weapons to Hamas. Most weapons of Hamas are made up of outdated unguided rockets and old Soviet AK47’s. The rocket attacks of Hamas against Israel are not very effective, most rockets are destroyed before hitting anything. Still the State of Israel has killed 1600 Palestinians because these rocket attacks are SO DANGEROUS (BULLSHIT) according to Israeli Zionist propaganda!

The air strikes against Gaza began on 8 July 2014. In only 21 days, the Israeli ”Defence” Forces murdered 1600 Palestinians. 61 Israeli soldiers were killed during skirmishes with Hamas fighters. The attacking forces were able to destroy many underground tunnels, the only supply lines between Gaza and the rest of the world. With the destruction of these tunnels, Gaza is now completely cut off. Basic human needs can now no longer be transported, which will led to a humanitarian disaster. 1,8 million people are living in a open air prison that is the Gaza Strip!

Revolutionary Socialist Media rejects the Israeli ”Occupation” Forces, but also the Hamas government of Gaza. Hamas is ruling for seven years and has shown to be intolerant to other political parties. Also their anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is deeply wrong. However the occupation of Palestine by Israel is giving Hamas a legitimate reason to fight back. For right-wing American politicians however Hamas is the bad guy and Israel the good guy. Most of these conservatives are either Christian or Jewish, which explains why they support the occupation. American Christians and ( Zionist) Jews are among the biggest supporters of Israel!

Palestinian workers must unite with Israeli workers, to overthrow the Islamic government in Gaza and the Zionist regime of Benjamin Netanyahu. The problem is that both Israel and Palestine lack workers parties. Israeli workers are drawn to Netanyahu because he promises them safety from Hamas. Fear of Palestian terrorism is strong in Israel, also because the Zionist propaganda is portraying Arabs as a backward people. On the other side, the Islamic propaganda is using old anti-Semitic rhetoric against Jews. This fuels the hatred of Palestinians against Israelis and not just because of the occupation. Revolutionary socialists reject both Islamism and Zionism, these ideologies are both religious-nationalist and therefore we reject them!!

The Socialist Struggle Movement (Committee for a Workers International in Israel-Palestine) calls for:

  • Strengthen the protests against the far right and the ‘capital and settlements’ government of Netanyahu. Yes to joint demonstrations of Jews and Arabs – No to nationalist assaults. Establish action committees in communities where demonstrations are taking place in order to assist with organizing the struggle.
  • Support the right to protest, end the police brutality. For democratic control over the police, subjecting them to democratic supervision by community policing committees. Dismiss racist police officers.
  • Remove the army from the Palestinian territories! End the occupation and the settlement enterprise. End the ‘liquidations policy’ and all the attacks and siege policy on Gaza. The national conflict will not be solved by military means!
  • Release all Palestinian political prisoners. For a fair trial of both Israelis and Palestinians suspected of responsibility for atrocities as part of the conflict, through special public courts, under the supervision of representatives of workers and communities on both sides of the conflict, and with the involvement of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families.
  • For an independent democratic socialist Palestinian state, alongside a democratic socialist Israel, with two capitals in Jerusalem and equal rights for minorities, as part of the struggle for a socialist Middle East and regional peace.


Mideast Palestinians Children Killed

Palestinian children murdered by Israeli air strikes. They are covered with the flag of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement ( Fatah )!