Israeli police kidnap young child!

This is life for many Palestinians in the West-Bank. Israeli police officers arrest man, woman and children for resisting the occupation of their nation, by Israeli soldiers and Zionist colonialists. After the occupation started in 1967, the Palestinian people became second class citizens. Their flag was banned from 1967 until 1994 and only legalized because the PLO of Yasser Arafat agreed to accept the State of Israel. Jewish Colonialists meanwhile enjoy the fruits of the land they took in 1967. The behavior of these colonialists is deeply troubling. Jewish colonialists are exreme Zionist, deeply anti-Arab and racist. For them the Arab Palestinians are a backward people and they have no problems terrorizing them. Thanks to the Israeli occupation regime, they get away with bullying, intimidation and destruction of Palestinian property!

Israeli soldiers and colonialists left Gaza in 2005, but the West-Bank remains under Zionist control. In this You-Tube video you see how police officers kidnap a young Palestinian child. The video was uploaded in August 2014, after the terror bombings of Gaza which killed 1.900 Palestinians!

Revolutionary Socialist Media calls on Palestinian workers to rise up against the occupation. At the same time we call Israeli workers to fight against the right-wing nationalist government of Israel!