Police state USA

The United States of America are a semi-plutocratic society, but when it comes to police brutality against ethnic minorities, the American police scores very well. Racial profiling is a reason why many black Americans oppose police officers. From the foundation of the USA to the year 2014, racial profiling remains in use by police officers. Back in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, the police would see more potential criminals in black people then in white people!

Many black Americans have been intimidated, bullied, searched, arrested and mistreated because of their skin color. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Rodney King, names of black Americans who came into the news because of racial profiling by white Americans. After the police in Ferguson ( State of Missouri ) killed 18 year old Michael Brown, many blacks started to demonstrate against racial profiling. Then the white dominate police force attack them with full force, they went so far by arresting journalists. Police brutality is a product of the plutocratic state and no excuses from Barack Obama can change that. Out of 53 police officers in the city of Ferguson, only three are black. This while 2/3 of the city is African-American!

Tolerance of different ethnic groups remains a problem in the USA. White supremacy is still very strong in the southern states. This racism is fueled by the fact that there is more crime among black people then whites. Racists say that blacks commit more crimes and therefore are a lesser human race. In reality the higher crime rates among African-Americans is because poverty is much higher among this ethnic group. A male black worker earns $33 thousand dollars ( €24 thousand ) a year, while a white worker’s median income is $41 thousand dollars a year. An African-American family median income is $40 thousand a year, while a Caucasian-American family is able to get $61 thousand a year!

Although incomes for African Americans have improved significantly since the Civil Rights era, they are still lower compared to white Americans. For example the median income for Black families is $20 thousand a year less than the American median income. Before the Civil Rights movements in the 1960’s, racism was very strong among white police officers. Black people were seen as inferior and therefore more criminal then the white Americans. Even in the years after the Civil Rights movement, many police officers remained die-hard racists, seeing the blacks as a inferior people. At the same time, those who stood with the African-Americans in their struggle for equal rights were demonized and hated!

The State of Texas enforced anticommunist laws which led to political profiling by law enforcement. Cars of communists, socialists and progressive Americans were more searched and many were intimidated and bullied by Texas Rangers. In 1954, the anticommunist and undemocratic government of president Eisenhower, banned the Communist Party of the USA. Members of the CPUSA were not allowed to participated in public offices and were demonized by the anticommunist media. The government claimed they wanted to protect ”democracy” against the communists who wanted to destroy it. Because of its Stalinist ideology and dogmatic loyalty to Joseph Stalin, the CPUSA was seen as a danger. 80.000 Americans were members of the CPUSA after 1945. 12 years after the war only 10.000 remained, out of which 1.500 worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as spies!

Police brutality was used against anti-war activists during the Vietnam War. In 1964, the anticommunist government staged an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, to send troops to South Vietnam. Americans who rejected the deployment of troops, were called ”cowards” and ”traitors” by supporters of the U.S military. By 1968, the resistance to the Vietnam War grew. A new generation of young Americans refused to believe the anticommunist dogmas, which had poisoned their parents in the 1950’s. The new generation was more open minded and many progressive students and teenagers wanted to fight for a world free of imperialism and capitalism. Unfortunate many ended up in dogmatic Stalinist sects, who drained their revolutionary idealism. By the 1980’s many young self-declared revolutionaries had made peace with the establishment. With the collapse of the USSR, their dreams of fighting for a socialist world perished!

In the USA, the police shoots first and asks questions later. This part of the American culture were guns and shooting are considered ”patriotic”. Police officers have the tendency to use brutal force to take down people. While this maybe helpful against armed criminals, innocent unarmed people are victims of this brutal enforces. When dealing with African Americans, racial profiling is still used. In theory the police must treat all people equal, but reality shows a different picture. There are enough stories about how Caucasian ( White ) police officers deal more harshly with African Americans. This is why many ethnic minorities are frustrated with the police and do not trust them!

Is the USA a police state? We know that the Central Intelligence Agency has committed many unmoral acts against the workers of the world. Obama himself admitted that the CIA used torture to gain information. During the Cold War, the CIA supported right-wing dictators such as Syngman Rhee ( South Korea ), Mobutu Sese Seko ( Zaire-Congo ) and Augusto Pinochet ( Chili ). Today’s allies of American imperialism are: the absolute Islamic monarchy of Saudi-Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the failed state of Iraq, which lost 1/3 of its cities to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant!

Another U.S Agency spying on its own people is the National Security Agency or NSA. We know this because Edward Snowden who worked for the NSA, fled to Russia were he exposed the fact that the NSA spied on Americans and foreign governments. It is ironic because the American government always claimed never to be like the former KGB. We revolutionary socialists always knew better, but Snowden gave up proof that the CIA/NSA are just as bad as the KGB was. So all this talk about ”Freedom” and ”Democracy” by Republicans and Democrats is bullshit. The USA is not a true democracy, but a semi-plutocratic state with a large secret service spying on the people!



Obama is telling that weapons of war have no place on American streets. Then why are U.S Army vehicles in the hands of Homeland Security and local police forces?