Porosjenko and the ex-Stalinist gang

Porosjenko, oligarch president of the Ukrainian government has visited Minsk in Belarus to meet with Russian czar Vladimir Putin, Kazakh dictator Nazarbayev and the host of the night; Belorussian president for life; Alexander Lukashenko. Porosjenko is no friend of the old-Stalinist caste. He is born in 1965 and unlike many past-Soviet presidents never was a member of the CPSU. In 1993, together with his father, Porosjenko created the PromInvest Ukrainian Industry and Investment Company. With this enterprise he made a name for himself in the rising bourgeoisie of capitalist Ukraine. Six years after he started his company, he moved into politics. As a capitalist he promoted western style capitalism, which favors a limited government and a large private sector. In the 1990’s, Porosjenko was able to buy many former state confectionery enterprises. By 1998, his business empire was in complete control over the confectionery industry, this gave him the nickname ”Chocolate King”.  

In 2001, 36 year old Porosjenko created the political party; ”Solidarity” which joined the movement; ”Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense Bloc” a liberal conservative alliance of anti-Russian political parties. Politically Porosjenko played the cards good. He supported both the pro-Russian side and the anti-Russian side from time to time. The party ”Solidarity” changed its name in 2014 to; ”Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”, their ideology is to support the new president.  Ironically, Porosjenko was also instrumental in founding the Party of Regions, the main conservative pro-Russian party in Ukraine. As a big capitalist, he had enormous influence in both the economy and politics. The ”’Chocolate King” worked with Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych and remained supportive of him until the ”Euromaidan” protests of December 2013!

When the anti-Russian Ukrainians rebelled against the pro-Russian president, Petro Poroshenko supported the ”Euromaidan” movement with a lot of money. He became very critical of the president and supported his removal from power. His television network played a major role in bringing Yanukovych down. The British Broadcasting Corporation said; “Mr Poroshenko owns 5 Kanal TV, the most popular news channel in Ukraine, which showed clear pro-opposition sympathies during the months of political crisis in Kiev”. Capitalists like the ”’Chocolate King” are no strangers to mass media. Silvio Berlusconi was also able to dominate Italian politics for many years, because he owns most Italian television networks. Petro Poroshenko owns the most popular news-network in Ukraine, while Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News a conservative network in the USA. Although many would think the media is neutral and objective, this is never the case. The media is owned by capitalists and they are always colored. Just look at Fox News which is very conservative, while MSNBC is more liberal. The Russian network RT is very critical of the American political system, yet remains silent about Russia’s own corrupt capitalists and state leaders!

Petro Poroshenko was elected president of Ukraine in 2014, in the midst of a civil war. Eastern Ukraine with a Russian majority population has been in chaos since December 2013. Russian separatists are trying to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Moscow plays on their fear for fascism, which is fueled by right-wing nationalists destroying Soviet memorials and attacking politicians who rejected Ukrainian nationalism.  However the Kremlin under ”czar” Vladimir Putin has a agenda of their own. Putin wants to dominate eastern Ukraine and rebuild the might of the Russian nation. He is a clear Russian chauvinist, although he plays the role of a moderate and pragmatic leader. With the pro-Russian; Pseudo-Communist Party of Ukraine forcefully removed from the parliament, the Kiev nationalist government of Petro Poroshenko makes more mistakes. They also want to criminalize support for the Russian separatists, which would allow the Ukrainian police to arrest anybody who shows sympathy for the separatists. Those who reject Kiev are called ”dogs of Moscow”, those who oppose Ukrainian nationalism are called ”traitors”. If Petro Poroshenko is not able to stop these undemocratic acts, then his nationalist government will remain at war with ethnic Russian Ukrainians!

As elected president, the 48 year old  ”’Chocolate King” must now face the gang around Vladimir Putin. A close ally of the Russian czar is the Kazakh dictator Nazarbayev. At age 74, he already played a big part in the Stalinist period of Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev led the Kazakh Socialist Soviet Republic and made himself first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1991. Although he promised democracy and freedom of speech, he never created a democratic nation. Elections in Kazakhstan are fake and workers are facing oppression and terror from the same caste that ruled the former Kazakh Socialist Soviet Republic. Nazarbayev is also a nepotistic president, giving his family powerful position within the Kazakh government. Still the western world is happy with this corrupt dictator. Kazakhstan has oil and walks a neutral path between Russia and the west. Nazarbayev is friendly towards both Moscow and Washington and is also good friends with presidents like George W. Bush and Barack Obama!

President for life; Alexander Lukashenko is less friendly to the western world. This former collective farmer became the first ( and remains the only ) president of the Republic of Belarus. Elected in 1994, Lukashenko turned the former Stalinist KGB back to its full power. Today the KGB of Belarus remains a oppressive tool in the hands of the dictatorial president. Although Alexander Lukashenko is not a member of a political party, he is supported by most legal parties. Only those who are loyal to the president are left alone, the political opposition is harassed by the Belorussian KGB and police forces. Many activists are arrested and jailed for months win-out a trial. Supporters of Alexander Lukashenko claim that Belarus is a democracy, although the western world rejects this. The European Union calls Belarus to be the last dictatorship in Europe. Still the EU and the west play a hypocrite game, they don’t oppose Lukashenko for his dictatorial government. They oppose him because he reversed the privatizations of the first Belorussian government. Between 1991 and 1994 the first post-Stalinist government tried to build capitalism, which caused massive poverty. Lukashenko was able to win the elections because he rejected western style capitalism. For his opposition to the western world, he is praised by supporters of stalinism!

Vladimir Putin is the man we all look at. This former KGB agent was vice president under Boris Yeltsin, but he started his career in the Committee for State Security ( KGB ). In 1975, young Vladimir Putin became a KGB operative and worked in Leningrad. Ten years later he moved to East Germany and worked with the Ministry for State Security ( Stasi ) of the German Democratic Republic. His fives years in the GDR were not very special and after the collapse of the SED government, he was recalled to the Soviet-Union which was also in a state of collapse. After stalinism died, Putin became head of the Committee for External Relations of the Saint Petersburg Mayor’s Office, with responsibility for promoting international relations and foreign investments. In 1991, Putin was investigated by the city legislative council and the investigators concluded that Putin had understated prices and permitted the export of metals valued at $93 million, in exchange for foreign food aid that never arrived. Although it was advised to remove him, Putin remained head of the Committee until 1996. He also worked to transfer the foreign property of the former Communist Party of the Soviet-Union, to the new government. In 1999, he became vice president under Boris Yeltsin and was elected president of Russia on 7 May 2000!

Petro Poroshenko has to deal with these dictatorial leaders. As an oligarch he is no friend of the workers and poor of Ukraine. We revolutionary socialists have no trust in him nor his nationalist government in Kiev. The western world hails him as a democratic elected president, the eastern world calls him a puppet of NATO. We say he is just another oligarch of the former Soviet-Union, who made himself rich at the expense of the Ukrainian working class. Poroshenko, Putin, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev, they are all enemies of the workers.

We must not support them, not in the name of democracy ( as western people do ) or in the name of anti-imperialism ( as stalinists do ). These leaders are all willing to arrest, jail and torture workers and poor people. Revolutionary socialists call on Ukrainian and Russian workers to unite, against Poroshenko and Putin!!



The Ukrainian president with the Russian ”Czar”