Panic inside the ruling class, Scots may leave the UK

There is panic, the Scots may vote to leave the United Kingdom. This would be a very big blow to British imperialism if their United Kingdom would lose Scotland. However a capitalist Scotland is no alternative to the nation that is Great Britain. Workers need to link independence to building socialism, not to keep Scotland capitalist. Until recently the British government was able to dominate the political debate around Scottish independence. They are supportive of the NO camp, a group of Scots who oppose independence and wish to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Nationalists of the Scottish National Party are supportive of the YES camp, this group support Scottish independence and wants to leave the UK. Socialists, trade unionists and leftists are split over this issue. Some are supportive of independence, others oppose it. Members of the Communist Party of Britain oppose Scottish independence and claim that there is only a ”British Road to Socialisn”. Others say that nationalism is a poison, which all leftists must oppose. Revolutionary Socialist Media is calling for a YES vote, but will also say that a independent capitalist Scotland is no alternative to the United Kingdom. Only a socialist Scotland can become an alternative for workers and young people. The Scottish nationalists are not socialist and offer only a bourgeois-democratic: Republic of Scotland. But a victory for the YES camp would be a defeat for British imperialism and a major blow in the face of Queen Elisabeth, prime minister David Cameron and the whole capitalist establishment of the UK!

There are two socialist movements in Scotland. You have Solidarity – Scottish Socialist Movement, led by Tommy Sheridan and the Scottish Socialist Party ( SSP ). Sheridan was a founder of the SSP in 1998, but after a conflict with the party leadership was forced to resign as leader. The split between Tommy Sheridan and the SSP leadership caused massive disillusion among workers, the SSP lost over 100.000 votes and was reduced to a shadow of its former self. Unfortunate, Solidarity was not able to profit from the SSP electoral downfall. The nationalists of the SNP won the 2007 Scottish elections. Still Solidarity is supported by the biggest revolutionary socialist parties in Britain; the Socialist Workers Party ( SWP ) and the Socialist Party ( SP ). The SWP and SP are both supporters of Scottish independence, but only under socialism. They reject the Scottish nationalists of the Scottish National Party ( SNP ) who call for a capitalist Scotland inside the European Union!

Other socialist groups oppose independence. Socialist Appeal, a Marxist group inside the capitalist; Labour Party oppose Scottish independence. The Alliance for Workers Liberty also rejects it, along with the Communist Party of Britain which is loyal to Stalin’s socialism in one nation. All these groups claim that supporting Scottish independence is nationalist and wrong. Revolutionary Socialist Media can understand this, but by calling on Scottish workers to vote NO would give the ruling class a propaganda victory. A victory that would strengthen their iron grip on the working class of both England, Scotland and Wales. Labour, LibDem and Tories oppose Scottish independence, the big tree do not want Scotland to leave the UK. As the YES camp was gaining support, the ruling class started with Project Fear. A media campaign to put fear into the minds of Scots, about a possible independent Scotland!

In response to Project Fear of the NO camp, the Socialist Party Scotland says:

The possibility of a majority ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence has produced panic and trepidation among the British capitalist establishment and their counterparts internationally. Polls which now say the referendum outcome is neck-and-neck have led, in the last few days, to an unprecedented assault by big business, their mouthpiece politicians and the media against independence. Project Fear has become Project Terror. Now the kitchen sink, as well as most of the contents of the living room, is being thrown in an attempt to secure a ‘No’ vote and avoid a catastrophe for British capitalism. The Financial Times newspaper accurately described the last few days as a “big business onslaught”.

The referendum will be held on 18 September 2014. Around 4,1 million Scots will be asked the question: Should Scotland be an independent country? If 51% support a independent Scotland then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could become the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The YES camp is now able to stand on equal ground with the NO camp. This puts fear into the minds of the British rulers in London. Prime minister David Cameron is begging Scots to remain part of the United Kingdom, which shows a growing panic among top capitalist leaders!

What would happen if Scotland wants to become independent? The Queen has already made clear that she is horrified of the YES camp, which is rising in the pools. Cameron could be forced to resign and the Conservative Party would enter a massive crisis. These may not be the 10 days that will shake the world as John Reed called the Russian revolution. But they will be 10 days that could change all our lives, shaking the British state and it’s people to their very foundations!

Revolutionary Socialist Media supports the demands of the Socialist Party Scotland, they call for:

  1. Nationalise, under democratic workers’ control and management, the oil and gas industry, the renewable energy sector and the major sectors of the Scottish economy. This would release billions to invest in a massive programme of job creation and to rebuild our public services.
  2. Bring the banks and finance sector into public ownership under democratic working class control
    Renationalise gas, electricity, transport and the privatised sectors of the economy.
  3. Tax the rich and big business. Increase the minimum wage and end the attacks on welfare
  4. For a living wage and an end to zero-hour contracts
  5. No to NATO. Trident and all weapons of mass destruction out of Scotland. Invest in socially useful jobs.
  6. Abolish all anti-trade union laws
  7. Trade unions should break from Labour and build a new mass working class party
  8. Reverse the cuts. For a Scottish government representing working people, the unemployed and the poor that defends jobs, wages, public services and pensions and refuses to make cuts to pay for the crisis
  9. For a socialist plan of production in an independent socialist Scotland as part of a voluntary confederation with England, Wales and Ireland as a step to a socialist Europe



Posters of the Scottish Socialist Party, calling for a independent and socialist Scotland!