Scots remain in the UK, but 1,6 million voted YES

A political victory for David Cameron and his Conservative Party. Thanks to Project Fear and Terror of the NO camp, the Scots have voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. More then 86% of the people living in Scotland voted on the question of independence. In the end, the NO camp was able to secure a victory. They won 55% of the vote, but only because of massive support from the financial capitalists, all major newspapers and the whole London political establishment. Cameron had to beg the Scots to remain in the UK, which showed that the ruling class was in deep fear!

The YES camp was led by Scottish nationalists of the SNP, the nationalist party of Scotland. Although in favour of independence, the SNP is a capitalist party and supportive of austerity politics. Their independent Scotland would remain in the European Union and accept the dictates of world capitalism. The British media claimed that a independent Scotland would be worse off, all major newspapers opposed independence. In the end they were able to win this referendum. Revolutionary Socialist Media says this is only a temporary victory for the British ruling class, as the Socialist Party Scotland said: ”The overwhelming mood of those who voted Yes is naturally disappointment, but also that the fight against cuts and for a new political future for Scotland goes on. Indeed, that the momentum needs to be stepped up in the aftermath of the referendum”

Socialist Party Scotland says

  • Not a penny more in Westminster cuts to be implemented in Scotland by the SNP government or Labour and SNP councils. Set needs budgets that defend jobs and public services.
  • Build a mass movement of strikes, demonstrations and mass protests against austerity. Trade unions must build mass coordinated strike action in Scotland and throughout Britain.
  • For a new mass working class party to offer a fighting alternative to the 1.6 million who defied Project Fear
  • Join Socialist Party Scotland and fight for socialism



Supporters of the pro-capitalist Labour Party celebrate their victory!