Pseudo-elections in the Federal State of Novorossiya

Western nations supported the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and called them ”fair” and ”democratic”. Revolutionary Socialist Media rejected this claim, as there is a very hostile climate in Kiev and western Ukraine, for those who reject the Ukrainian government and ethnic nationalism. Anti-Russian hatred has grown and leftists are easily called ”Russian supporters” although we oppose both Kiev and Moscow. The Federal State of Novorossiya is a confederation of two ethnic Russian separatist strongholds and they rejected the elections for the Ukrainian parliament.

Now the separatists have started their own elections, which the western world and Kiev call ”unconstitutional”. A hypocrite move since the Ukrainian elections were neither free nor fair. But this does not mean we revolutionary socialists think the elections in the so called Federal State of Novorossiya are fair and democratic either. Ukraine is divided between two ethnic nationalist forces who both hate and disrespect each other. Both elections are unfair and undemocratic. In a climate of ethnic hatred, warfare and violent attacks on opposition forces, elections can never be free!

The Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic are the two separatist strongholds that make up the Federal State of Novorossiya. The confederation between the two rebel groups was proclaimed in May 2014. Some revolutionary leftists have called for the support of the Russian separatists against the pro-western government in Kiev. But what these revolutionary leftists fail to understand, is that the separatists are more radical right-wing. Ethnic Russian nationalism is what driving them and they have already declared that Russian Orthodox Christianity, is to be the state religion of the federal state. Homosexuality is criminalized and gay men can be arrested just for love. The separatists are social conservatives and reject many personal freedoms. They maybe against western style capitalism, but they have no objection to the state-capitalist system in Russia!

Revolutionary socialists reject the separatists as much as we oppose the Kiev government. We call for a democratic socialist alternative to ethnic nationalism, Russian chauvinism and western imperialism. Also there is much confusion about who is running the separatists, it is clear for us however that Russia is behind a lot of material support. T-72 tanks have been see flying the flag of the Federal State of Novorossiya, these tanks are clearly not from the Ukrainian Army. Russian soldiers may also be among the separatists fighting the Kiev government, which shows that Russia is deeply involved!

Many separatist leaders are untrustworthy characters. Like Valery Dmitrievitch Bolotov, an ethnic Russian who was the first ”President” of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Before the civil war in Ukraine, Bolotov was a representative of Oleksandr Yefremov, who supervised illegal mining in the region. Yefremov was the leader of Lugansk when it was still part of Ukraine. Popular with the ethnic Russians, Oleksandr Yefremov joined the Party of Regions. Like most right-wing politicians in Ukraine, he was corrupt and pro-capitalist. The Party of Regions is a conservative pro-capitalist party. Under president Viktor Yanukovich they were the governing party, until the ”EuroMaidan” movement brought the pro-Russian government down. Valery Dmitrievitch Bolotov took his chances, when the people of Lugansk rebelled against Kiev and was able to become ”President” of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic. He remained ”President” until August 2014, when was replaced by Igor Plotnitsky, a former Soviet soldier!

The elections for the Donetsk Parliament were observed by foreign groups. Problem with these groups is that they are not trustworthy at all. The separatists called for free and fair elections, yet allow only foreign observers from far-right and Stalinist political parties. Why? Because these groups are anti-Kiev and anti-EU.

Here is a list of foreign observers to the November elections in Donetsk:

Name Country Political affiliation
Frank Abernathy USA Unknown
Fabrice Beaur Belgium Parti Communautaire National-Européen (right-wing )
Fabrizio Bertot Italy Forza Italia (conservative right-wing)
Frank Creyelman Belgium Vlaams Belang (Flemish nationalist, right-wing)
Aleksey Didenko Russia Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (Russian nationalist, right-wing)
Vladimir Djukanovic Serbia Serbian Progressive Party (right-wing populist, pro-European??)
Márton Gyöngyösi Hungary Jobbik (Hungarian nationalist, right-wing)
Vladimir Krshlyanin Serbia Movement for Serbia (extreme right)
Georgios Lambroulis Greece Communist Party of Greece (stalinist, anti-EU)
Viliam Longauer Slovakia Union of Fighters against Fascism
Alessandro Musolino Italy Forza Italia (conservative right-wing)
Manuel Ochsenreiter Germany Zuerst! (far right journal)
Jean-Luc Schaffhauser France Rassemblement bleu Marine (radical right)
Ewald Stadler Austria The Reform Conservatives (conservative right-wing)
Magdalena Tasheva Bulgaria National Union Attack (Bulgarian nationalist, far-right)
Sotirios Zarianopoulos Greece Communist Party of Greece (stalinist)
Ladislav Zemánek Czech Republic No to Brussels – Popular Democracy (ultranationalist)

All of these groups have at lot in common. Many are right-wing nationalist, pro-Russia and anti-western. But the most strange observers in this group, are the members of the Communist Party of Greece, a party that is not right-wing nationalist. This is so crazy to see, when anti-fascist stalinists and right-wing nationalist groups join up to declare the Donetsk elections ”free and fair”. We revolutionary socialists reject the ultra-nationalists and fascists in Kiev and those Russian chauvinist separatists. The elections in both western Ukraine and eastern Ukraine were not free and fair. In a hostile climate were groups use violence and intimidation against their opponents, there can never be free elections. This is why we reject both governments and call for the re-establishment of the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic on genuine socialist principals!



Flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic on a AK-74 rifle.