Obama’s ”revolution” is over

Its over, the Democratic Party has also lost the senate to the Republicans. During the mid-elections for the senate, the Republican candidates were able to triumph over the Democratic Party. This is a result of the massive anger and frustration with the Obama administration and the lack of a mass workers party on the left. Republicans played the old trick by saying; ”Do you like the president, No? then vote for us, we will do it different”. True Republicans will do things different, only those changes would be very bad for workers and poor people. We know that the leaders of the Republican Party are on the payroll of big enterprises and their politics will be good for capitalists not workers.

Obama and his Democrats are no alternative to the Republicans, but too few workers understand this. Trade unions and leftists still support progressive elements inside the Democratic Party, in the hope it would turn the party to the left. Revolutionary socialists reject this and call for a vote for genuine progressive and socialist candidates! Barack Obama was a like a movie star back in 2008. A person who became an icon for black Americans and many progressives. Like Nelson Mandela in 1994, Obama’s politics were far from leftist or progressive. He carried out the same capitalist agenda as the previous Bush government. The War in Iraq lasted until 2011 and in Afghanistan, US soldiers remain. With the rise of the Islamic State, Obama started to bomb Iraq again which pleases the American war industry. Enterprises who produce bombs and rockets make huge profits, selling their weapons to the government!

But many Americans at home felt betrayed by Obama and his Democratic Party. A result of the massive disillusionment among black and progressive voters. Revolutionary socialists warned about the pro-capitalist nature of Barack Obama back in 2008. Even Ralph Nader, a social democrat was critical of Obama before he entered the White House. Nader was criticized on Fox News for questioning if Obama was not a ”Uncle Tom” for Big Business. He was proven right in the end and Fox News who defended Obama, would become the most anti-Obama television network in the nation. Fox News supported the Tea Party movement and gave a platform for many conservative right-wing opponents of the president!

Socialist Alternative in the USA says:

”In the absence of a genuine left alternative it is very understandable that many progressive working people could turn to the left populists for answers.. While the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party has not been a major player in these mid-terms elections, it has been supporting a number of more social liberal; Democratic Party candidates and it is very likely that they will become an important factor in the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections”

Elizabeth Warren is a progressive social liberal inside the Democratic Party. She is very critical of the right-wing course of the party. Warren is not a socialist, but a social liberal who believes in a strong regulated market economy and a social safety net, for those who do not benefit from the capitalist system. In American terms, she is very leftist and some would call her a ”dangerous socialist”. But although she is against the exploitation of workers, Warren is not a opponent of capitalism. She support a regulated market economy and a strong social-safety system for those who cannot meet the demands of the labour market. This is classic social liberalism/social democracy, but only supported by a minority inside the Democratic Party!

To fight against both the Republicans and Democrats is difficult. Most third party candidates lack the money to spread propaganda or support one of the two major parties. Green Party New York gubernatorial candidate; Howie Hawkin, tried to fight the Democratic establishment. He did very well for a candidate with no corporate support and a small budget. In New York, he won 5% of the vote, while the Working Families Party supported the Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who for the last four years has served corporate interests with consistency. As Hawkins’ campaign website notes, “A report from Bill Mahoney at NYPIRG shows that Cuomo gets 49% of his campaign funds from just 331 donors who gave $40,000 or more! (8 Oct 2014)” Cuomo has attacked public education and public sector workers and stalled measures to improve working people’s lives like raising the minimum wage. If all progressives would brake with corporate candidates like Andrew Cuomo and fight for a leftist and socialist alternative, then candidates on the left could win more support. Unfortunate the Working Families Party and many trade unions in New York, called on people to vote for Andrew Cuomo!

The United States of America needs a workers party on a socialist program. Only such a party can brake with the establishment and the two party system. But if trade unions and progressives keep voting on the Democratic Party, things will not change. Workers and trade unionists must brake with the party of Obama and build a force capable of challenging the capitalist establishment!



Voters show Republican Senate leader; Mitch McConnell how they feel. The Republican victory was a result of the absence of many young voters!