Moldova, between Brussels and Moscow

Moldova is a former Soviet republic, located in Eastern Europe. The Republic of Moldova is the poorest of all European countries, thanks to capitalist exploitation of workers. None of the many political parties offered a socialist alternative for the working class people. Parliamentary elections up until 2014 were fought between anticommunists and the reformist Party of ”Communists” of the Republic of Moldova. Supporters of the European Union won the last elections, but the pro-Russian opposition has benefited from the corruption and poverty, that did not changed under the pro-European government!

The government politics proofed to be good for capitalism, not for workers. Moldova remains poor and corrupt, the liberal conservatives did not changed this. Now the elections are between those who are pro-Russian and those who are pro-European. Pro-Russian ”socialists” and ”communists” are facing pro-European liberal democrats and conservatives, but workers and poor people have no party for themselves. Revolutionary Socialist Media is very critical about the pro-Russian parties who call themselves socialist and progressive, yet support the Kremlin bureaucracy led by Czar; Vladimir Putin. The Party of ”Socialists” of the Republic of Moldova even used Vladimir Putin on their website, showing their support for the Russian dictator!

While the pro-Russian ”socialists” have gained a lot votes, the main pseudo-leftist party in Moldova has been the Party of ”Communists” of the Republic of Moldova ( PCRM ). The official communist party was founded in 1993, after the Communist Party of Moldova was dissolved following the collapse of the Soviet-Union. Although most post-Soviet communist parties never became big again, the PCRM surprised the world when they won the 1998 and 2001 elections. Genuine socialism could have been build as the communist party held 71 seats out of 101. But socialism never came, the PCRM remained loyal the capitalist system introduced in 1990. This resulted in a loss of 15 seats during the 2005 elections, still the PCRM remains the largest party in Moldova!

According to a UN Development Program report, 8.1% of the population was living below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 a day in 2000-2007 and 48.5% of the population was living below the national poverty line in 2000-2006. Child poverty is one of the most important problem in Moldova. Children living in rural areas have an extremely high risk of poverty especially if the family has three or more children. Children in poor households have a high risk of educational underachievement and a lacking access to the healthcare services. Elderly have also been left to take care of themselves. The old Soviet retirement homes have been closed, because they could not operate in a profit driving market economy. Many elderly are now living in poor maintained houses, abandoned by their family and society!

Capitalism caused this poverty, many children born after 1990 suffered. 73% of all people in rural towns in Moldova lived in absolute poverty, ten years after the collapse of stalinism. This dropped to 31% in 2004, thanks to some social reforms made by the reformist-stalinist government led by the PCRM. Yet the communist party did not nationalized the means of production, let alone allow the formation of soviets ( workers councils ) to run the nationalized enterprises. Anger about government corruption led to pro-European protests in 2009, which toppled the PCRM from power. A pro-European capitalist government came to power, promising changes. These changes never came and pro-Russian parties have taken advantage of this fact!

Many youth in Moldova are attracted to the European Union. They are the most pro-European section of the Moldavian people. Yet, most elderly are still feeling nostalgic about the Soviet past. Under stalinism, the government gave free education, free healthcare and although there was massive corruption, people were not forced to live on the streets. The youth however does not know the Soviet period as they are born after 1991. Many are anticommunist, brainwashed by the modern capitalist media and the lie that socialism is undemocratic. The PCRM won the 1998 and 2001 elections because of Soviet nostalgia. But the elderly are dying and the youth is rejecting the parties who support Vladimir Putin. Still the European Union is no alternative, this is why a workers party is needed to oppose both Brussels and Moscow!

The Party of ”Socialists” of the Republic of Moldova ( PSRM ) was formed in 1997. It is a pro-Russian democratic ”socialist” party as they claim. The PSRM is also a minority party and wants to represent the Russian minority living in Moldova. Like the reformist PCRM, the PSRM is anti-EU which they reject as capitalist and imperialist. Although right about the European Union, the PSRM is not so critical about Russia and Vladimir Putin. Because many ethnic Russians glorify their ”motherland”, the PSRM is more positive about Russia then Europe. Revolutionary socialists reject this, as Russia is as imperialist and capitalist as Europe is. Both the PCRM and PSRM are remnants of the Communist Party of Moldova, the former ruling Stalinist party!

Pro-capitalists were never truly united in Moldova. They lacked stable parties and leaders to rally. Most anticommunist parties formed after 1990, lost most support after they turned out to be in favour of corruption, greed and exploitation. Between 1990 and 2010 there were many capitalist parties standing in opposition to the mighty PCRM. The opposition was mixed from social democrats to liberal democrats, conservatives and nationalists. Favourites are the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova ( liberal conservative ), the Democratic Party of Moldova ( social democratic ) and the Liberal Party ( conservative liberal )!

On 1 December 2014, the PSRM became the biggest party in Moldova after the elections, the PCRM was reduced to third place. The biggest pro-European party is now the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova. However since only 55% of all people voted, this elections proofs that there is little enthusiasm. With the Democratic Party of Moldova and Liberal Party also winning seats, it is very possible another pro-European government will be formed. It would not matter which side form the capitalist government. Revolutionary socialists call for a mass party of the working class, to fight capitalism and the politicians of Brussels and Moscow. The Party of ”Communists” and the Party of ”Socialists” are not parties of workers. They are pro-Moscow parties that serve the Kremlin bureaucracy. You cannot call for socialism, while showing a picture of a state-capitalist conservative dictator on your website!


Website of the Party of ''Socialists'' of the Republic of Moldova with Vladimir Putin.

Website of the Party of ”Socialists” of the Republic of Moldova with Vladimir Putin.