Social democratic traitors

Here we publish the parties who used to be called socialist and leftist. Today however they are right-wing, pro-capitalist and in favor of austerity. These social democrats claim to be progressive and social, while in governments with liberals and conservatives behave like all bourgeois capitalist parties. Revolutionary Socialist Media exposes their betrayal and how they turned on the working class. The absence of genuine workers parties however allows these social democrats to win leftist voters, although they have abandoned their leftist ideology a long time ago!


The Party of Labour is the traitorous social democratic party of the Netherlands. Founded in 1945 when moderate socialists fused with progressives christians and liberals to form the PvdA. In the 1980’s, the party abandoned their quest for democratic socialism and accepted the market dictatorship. By 1995, it was clear the PvdA was no longer a party of the working class. Today they claim to be a progressive people’s party, but in reality the social democrats support austerity plans and deep cuts in social security. Former PvdA leader Wim Kok is the face of Dutch social democratic betrayal. A trade unionist leader in the 1980’s, Kok became prime minister and introduced neoliberalism. After his term was over, Wim Kok entered the private sector were he earned a lot of money. Also as prime minister he allowed huge bonuses to be given to CEO’s and his right-wing politics gave capitalists more power over trade unions and workers!


The Social-democratic Party of Germany was among the first workers parties in the world and also one of the first who betrayed the working class. This started in 1914 when the SPD supported the war plans of Emperor Wilhelm of the German Empire. When the war started, the social-democratic party called on workers to be patriotic and join the Imperial German Army. After four years, the SPD turned against the emperor and took power. Together with the bourgeoisie of Germany, they ruled the unstable Weimar Republic. The Nazi’s banned the party in 1933, but the SPD returned in 1945 as a reformist socialist party. Marxist socialism was renounced in 1959 and like most social democrats, the SPD accepted capitalism and the rule of the markets by the late 1980’s!


The Labour Party used to be the party of British workers, until it betrayed its socialist ideology in the late 1980’s as most social democrats did. Labour was founded in 1900, but started as a Marxist socialist party in 1918. Until Tony Blair took control over the party, Labour stood for the nationalisation of the means of productionHowever in 1995, New Labour removed any references to socialism, turning Labour into a fully pro-capitalist party. Under the leadership of Blair, the Labour Party supported the right-wing Republican Party in the USA, when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Blair was a very close ally of George W. Bush and his ”War on Terror”. Today Labour is losing voters, but because of its socialist legacy and absence of a genuine workers party, too many British workers still believe that Labour is their party!

500px-Parti_socialiste.svgThe Socialist Party is the party of French social democrats. A relative young party compared to the other former workers parties. The PS was founded in 1968 and used to be democratic socialist. Still the party was not revolutionary and remained loyal to evolutionary socialism. In 1981, the PS promised ”socialism in 100 days”. François Mitterrand was elected president of France and thanks to the support from the French Communist Party, leftist forces got a majority in the parliament. But François Mitterrand betrayed the workers as the capitalists of France turned against him. Fearing capital flight and economic sabotage by the ruling class, the president abandoned his ”socialism in 100 days”. The PS never build socialism, proofing to the world the traitorous nature of social democracy!


The Spanish Socialist Workers Party used to be a workers party until it renounced Marxist socialism. Together with the Spanish Communist Party, the PSOE took power in 1936. Spain was a republic at that time and while the social democrats and stalinists took control over the bourgeois state, revolutionary socialists and anarchists called for a Spanish Revolution. But the PSOE and PCE ( communist party ) rejected the revolution and used the Republican Army to crush the workers and peasants who struggled for socialism. Right-wing nationalists under general Franco then started a civil war that led to the collapse of the republic. The PSOE was banned until Franco died. At the end of the 1970’s, the PSOE moved away from Marxism and became social democratic. By 1990, the party was fully capitalist and supported the formation of the European Union and a single European capitalist market!


The Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement was the largest left-wing party of Greece until 2012. PASOK was founded as a democratic socialist party, but like all reformists moved away from Marxist socialism. As a pro-European party, PASOK supported the formation of the European Union, although many leftists inside the party were critical. Still the EU supporters gained the upper-hand and carried out a neoliberal program of ”modernization” as they called it. In reality, PASOK moved to the right and started to support austerity on demands of the EU. Greek workers voted on PASOK in 2009 to punish the right-wing; New Democracy party. But PASOK betrayed the workers and carried out the same austerity politics like New Democracy. In response to PASOK’s betrayal, the Greek workers abandoned the party and voted on the Coalition of the Radical Left ( SYRIZA ), now the biggest left-wing party in Greece!


The Italian Socialist Party is a new social democratic party in Italy. Founded in 2007, after the first PSI went bankrupt in 1994. The current PSI is part of the bigger Democratic Party, a pro-capitalist party. In Italy, the socialist party always stood in the shadows of the Italian Communist Party. Until 1991, the communists always outfoxed the socialists. When the Italian Communist Party was dissolved, the old PSI could have taken its place. But political corruption is high in Italy and the PSI was involved in scandals that killed the party in 1994. In 2007 a new Italian Socialist Party was founded although this party is a shadow, much like the original PSI. As part of the Democratic Party, the PSI supports the Italian ruling class and capitalism!


The Australian Labor Party ( ALP )  is a pro-capitalist social democratic party. Founded in 1901 the ALP used to be democratic socialist, until  ( like all social democrats ) it capitulated before capitalism. It used to believe in the democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange. But today ( 2014 ) they support the private sector and even have carried out privatisations and deregulations. Today the Australian Labor Party does not call itself socialist, which is indeed what they are not. The ALP is pro-capitalist, anti-worker and ( like British Labour ) even supportive of the USA. Still because Australia ( like most nations ) lack a genuine workers party for workers and poor people, the ALP is able to portray itself as the only left-wing force. Although they have never carried out socialist politics!


The Bulgarian Socialist Party comes from a different background then most social democratic parties of Europe. Until 1990, the BSP was named the Bulgarian Communist Party, the ruling Stalinist party of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. In April 1990, the Bulgarian Communist Party abandoned stalinism and Marxist socialism altogether. The new BSP became pro-capitalist and accepted the rule of the markets. Many Bulgarian workers turned to the ex-stalinists after the pro-capitalist parties failed to deliver genuine changes. But the BSP turned out to be just as corrupt and pro-capitalist as the right-wing parties. Still because there is no socialist alternative, many keep voting on the social democrats although the Bulgarian Socialist Party does not follow socialism!


The Hungarian Socialist Party was also a Stalinist party like the Bulgarian Socialist Party. In October 1989, the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party abandoned their monopoly on power in the People’s Republic of Hungary. The party changed its name to MSZP, adopted social democracy and became pro-capitalist. As a ”modern” social democratic party, the new MSZP promoted privatizations and deregulations. Still the anticommunist media in Hungary remained very anti-MSZP, attacking them on almost any issue. The social democratic leaders tried desperate to appeal to the new ruling class, who became rich at the expense of Hungarian workers. In 1994, the people voted massive on the MSZP, but socialism was never build. As a pure parliamentarian party, the Hungarian Socialist Party is loyal to capitalist law and the bourgeois state!