Only leftist party in South Korean parliament banned

South Korea proofs how a capitalist dictatorship works. With the banning of the Unified Progressive Party, the South Korean ruling anticommunists demonstrate that freedom of speech is still limited for leftists. The UPP was accused of being a pro-North Korean party. This is what the anticommunist government used as an excuse since 1948, to jail and torture socialists, communists and progressives.

“Today is the day when democracy in South Korea is pronounced dead,” Lee Jung-hee, head of the Unified Progressive Party, said. His party is the first political party banned by the Constitutional Court since 1988. According to them, the UPP wanted to overthrow the government and replace it with a ”North Korean style socialism”. Outside the courthouse, anticommunists celebrated their victory and claimed it to be a ”victory for democracy” yet meanwhile also say that ”anybody who opposes the Republic of Korea, should be jailed”. These undemocratic anticommunists are mostly conservatives and supporters of Park Geun-hye!

President Park Geun-hye is the daughter of dictator Park Chung-hee, who was also a Japanese collaborationist and served in their Imperial Army. Park Chung-hee became the military dictator of South Korea in 1961, using his KCIA ( clone of the CIA ) to arrest and torture his opponents, mainly leftist critics!

In 1979, dictator Park was murdered by the director of his own KCIA. South Korea remained a military dictatorship until 1987, but many leftists still face state repression and intimidation. Always the government uses North Korea as excuse. They claim that leftists support the north and their ideology means ”North Korean socialism” one big lie, but easy used to silence the South Korean left-wing!

The Unified Progressive Party was neither a socialist party nor revolutionary. It did not called for Marxist socialism, but it was hostile to American presence in South Korea and rejected the violent hateful rhetoric of anticommunists. Thanks to the National Intelligence Service and Justice Ministry, a plot was created to ban the UPP. It started with the arrest and jailing of lawmaker Lee Seok-ki. He was jailed for 12 years, because the government claimed he would support North Korea in a future war!

Three years ago the UPP was founded when the New Progressive Party, the Participation Party and the Democratic Labor Party fused. Out of this fusion came the Unified Progressive Party, a progressive party. Because of the hostile climate for leftists in South Korea and the anticommunist media, the UPP remained small. Out of 300 seats in the parliament, the party got five. The government took these seats away and called for new elections!

South Korea was never a true democracy and this latest undemocratic move by the government of the Republic of Korea proofs it. You are fine in South Korea if you are pro-capitalist, right-wing nationalist, anticommunist and fully supportive of American imperialism. But if you are leftist, anti-imperialist and in opposition to the very bourgeois nature of the ROK, you risk arrest and jail time. South Korea has jailed so many leftists in its history that it comes to no surprise that the Unified Progressive Party, became the latest victim of anticommunism in Korea!

Revolutionary socialists must call for massive demonstrations against the Constitutional Court and the pro-capitalist media of South Korea, who loves to portray all leftists are ”agents of North Korea”. Even defectors from the Stalinist state believe the lies spread by the media, that the UPP was a pro-North Korean party. Western newspapers have also branded the party as pro-North Korea, although the UPP never supported the regime of Kim Jong Un. Their only was crime was to call for peace with North Korea, while remaining very critical about its poor human rights record and nuclear program!

More then 25.000 American troops guard the dictatorship of capitalism in South Korea. The Unified Progressive Party stood against these troops and was hostile to American imperialism. This comes not from a international socialist viewpoint, but from a nationalist one. Because UPP was leftist nationalist and promoted Korean state-nationalism. But this nationalism included anti-imperialism and peaceful reunification with the north. Anticommunists did not liked this. They got what they wanted, the UPP is now banned and their assets confiscated by the ”democratic” Republic of Korea!

In response to this undemocratic attack, Revolutionary Socialist Media declares that the Republic of Korea is a undemocratic anticommunist dictatorship. A regime that must be overthrow and replaced by a socialist democracy that exposes Park Geun-hye as undemocratic, anti-worker and completely reactionary, just like her father! 

Last cry

The last cry of the Unified Progressive Party’s website. Soon the ”democratic” state will take control over this site and all party assets!