The end of 2014

The year 2014 is almost over. A year that ended with the announcement that the USA wants to improve its relations with Cuba, a move welcomed by most people of the world. Still the ruling class and their right-wing allies ( including social democrats ) remain in control over our economies and cause poverty, war and capitalist exploitation. 2014 was a year of struggle of many, from strikes in Europe to a massive rebellion that removed the dictator of Burkina Faso. Students fought against the undemocratic Hong-Kong government, only to face brutal police repression. This police brutality is also view able in the USA, black Americans are more targeted then white Americans by racist white police officers. Racial profiling ( although banned ) is still part of many police forces and black Americans have enough of this injustice. Around the world, there is big potential for a leftist workers movement. Unfortunate the trade unions and political parties do not call for a socialist alternative!

In 2014, the Scottish people were giving the chance to become a independent nation. British imperialism was in panic and used any dirty trick in the book, to keep the Scots in line. In the end, they were able to win the debate but only because the Scottish nationalists were not offering a good alternative to the United Kingdom. Many Scots feared capital flight, poverty and job loses if Scotland would leave the UK. This is what all major newspapers yelled as they opposed independence, only one newspaper supported it. All three major political parties in Great Britain rejected Scottish independence. Both Conservative ( right-wing ) and Labour ( right-wing too ) stood side by side to prevent the Scots from leaving the UK. Thanks to fear propaganda and the weakness of  independence under capitalism, a small majority choose to remain inside the United Kingdom, still a political victory for David Cameron!

This year we also saw the return of the cold war between western nations and Russia. The Russian Federation led by Vladimir Putin invaded the Crimea and annexed it. Ukraine entered a state of civil war between the nationalist government in Kiev and Russian speaking separatists in the east. These separatists came into existence after far-right forces vandalized Soviet monuments and were not halted by the Ukrainian police. With the banning of the Russian language in the eastern parts of Ukraine, many ethnic Russians took up arms to fight against what they call the ”fascist” Kiev government. The European Union and the USA stood by the new nationalist government in Kiev, while Moscow armed the separatists. Ukraine became a battlefield for western imperialism and Russian imperialism. More then 4.000 civilians have been killed and much of the Donetsk region lies in ruins!

In response to the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, the European Union and the USA imposed sanctions on Moscow. Still this did not scared Vladimir Putin who defied the west, by standing with the separatists and refusing to bow to western imperialism. Because of his actions, he is praised by many anti-imperialists who uncritically take side with the separatists. Some leftists even support them in the name of anti-fascism. But Revolutionary Socialist Media is not follow this line, because the separatists are socially conservative and right-wing. As their emblems show they are Russian chauvinists, worshiping and praise everything that is Russian. They made Russian Orthodox Christianity the official state religion and banned homosexuality. No, the separatists are conservative and reactionary, much like the fascists who are now allowed to be part of the Ukrainian Army. Far-right Ukrainians have called for violence and terror against ethnic Russians. They have pulled down many Lenin statues and vandalized the offices of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev. Fear and terror, this why many ethnic Russians in the east, fear the Ukrainians!

An oligarch was elected president of Ukraine, giving the western nations a leader that supported them. Russia however rejected the elections, which were indeed undemocratic. Still the separatist elections in Donetsk were not free either. Europe, the USA and the Russian Federation fight over who is right and who is wrong. Classic cold war games, while the citizens of Donetsk suffer from a lack of electricity, damaged houses and fighting between Kiev soldiers and separatists. Revolutionary Socialist Media stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine no matter which language they speak. They are the victims of nationalist and chauvinist aggression from both the Kiev government and the separatists!

While innocent people were killed in Donetsk, in the open prison of Gaza ( Palestine ) more then 2.000 Palestinians were slaughtered when Israeli terror planes attacked the Gaza Strip. In response to the murder of three teenagers in the occupied territories, the Terror State of Israel launched a massive air raid on what they said were ”Hamas targets”. However these so called ”Hamas targets” included UN save houses such as schools and hospitals. Still the Zionist planes dropped bombs, killing more Palestinians. Since the year 2000, Israel has killed over 8.000 Palestinians, while only 1.200 of their own died. Also 2/3 of all Israeli deaths are soldiers, not civilians. While 76% of the Palestinians who died are not Hamas fighters. Still the western world remains dogmatic allied to this terror state, led by Benjamin Netanyahu!

Operation Protective Edge led to the death of only 66 Israeli soldiers, while over 2.000 Palestinian lives were lost. Six Israeli civilians were killed. In the end it only strengthen the Islamic Resistance ( Hamas ) which was at it weakest before the bombing. However because of the killing and destruction, Hamas got new popularity and has been able to portray itself as the ”defender of Palestine against Zionism”. Israel’s bombing was collective punishment, the Palestinians had to suffer because in the eye’s of the Zionist government, all Arabs are guilty. This is why Revolutionary Socialist Media stands in full solidarity of the oppressed people of Palestine and rejects the violent terror State of Israel. Another result of the bombings is the rise in antisemitism among Muslims. Many western Muslims have started to hate Jews even more because of the acts of Israel!

2014 was also the 100 anniversary of the Great War. World War One started in 1914, the biggest imperialist war until then caused the death of 25 million people. Although Imperial Germany is blamed for starting, the British Empire and the Colonial Empire of France also played a role in events that led to the conflict. European imperialism was at its peak in 1900. Colonialism, capitalism and racism ruled hand in hand. White people saw themselves as superior creatures. The white race as called the chosen race by God, as racist Christian Churches proclaimed. In the Congo Free State, owned by the Belgian King; Leopold 2, more then seven million Congolese workers were killed between 1884 and 1908!

The German Empire was a super power. Founded in 1876, the German imperialists wanted to be as strong as the British Empire. Under Kaiser Wilhelm 2, the empire started to grow. Germany started to rival the British and French who did not liked this. Wilhelm was a emperor of the old days. A conservative monarch, who rejected democracy. His biggest opponents were not the liberals or conservatives, but the social democrats of the Social-democratic Party of Germany. The SPD called for ( evolutionary ) socialism and a parliamentary democracy. By 1912, the SPD was the biggest party in the Reichstag, the German parliament!

Great Britain was the dominate nation on the planet. A world power controlling lands in Africa, Asia and America. In 1914, Britain and France controlled most of Africa, dividing the continent between European powers. Britain controlled India, Canada and many African nations. All these crown colonies, made Great Britain very wealthy. It comes to no surprise that outsiders saw the Brits as arrogant and snobbish. But arrogance was something common for all European people, who were told by Kings, Churches and States that they stood above others!

The First World War began in July 1914 and ended in November 1918. Western nations remember the war as needless, but do not try to educate the people over why the war started. They say that Germany started it and that the western allies fought Germany to liberate Europa. A classic story and a lie. Great Britain and France fought Germany to eliminate it as rival. The USA stayed out of the fight until April 1917. The sinking of the RMS Lusitania angered many Americans, which finally resulted in a declaration of war between the USA and Imperial Germany. Millions of lives were lost in the trench war, many died from sickness and bad hygiene. The front moved only a few kilometers between 1914 and 1918, so many soldiers died for the same piece of rock again and again!

In 100 years imperialism has changed its tactics, but not its greed. As the highest stage of capitalism, imperialism wants to control all wealth of the world. Imperialists fight each other over control of our wealth, while sacrificing workers and poor people. The first imperialist invasion of the 21st century was Afghanistan. Americans tried to control this old nation, with the intent to create a puppet regime. Washington sold it as a fight for democracy and freedom, but the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is neither free nor democratic. The Republic of Iraq was invaded in March 2003, invaded for its oil fields!

September 2014 was the 25 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in China. 25 years ago the workers and students rose up to oppose the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party led by Deng Xiaoping. After Mao Zedong’s death, this pragmatic leader took power and started with capitalist reforms. By 1989, workers and students demanded an end to his capitalist experiments and also called for freedom of speech and democratic elections. Xiaoping decided to use brutal force to keep his pseudo-communist party in power. It is estimated that over 2.000 demonstrators were killed with 7.000 to 10.000 injured. The ruling caste of the party silenced the events and even after 25 years, only those who witnessed it can remember the masses who took to the streets!

In the African nation of Burkina Faso, dictator Blaise Compaoré was forced to flee after the masses rose up against his corrupt regime. Compaoré ruled over Burkina Faso since he murdered his comrade and friend Thomas Sankara in 1987. Both men led a popular military revolution in the Republic of Upper-Volta, renaming the nation into Burkina Faso. Thomas Sankara was a leftist and like Che Guevara very modest. He refused to drive a luxurious car and forced government people to drive in cheap Renault 5 cars. His government was very anti-imperialist and capitalist France did not liked this. Sankara’s leftism led to his murder at the hand of Blaise Compaoré, who had him killed. After the killing Compaoré took the presidency and reversed all leftist politics of Sankara. Burkina Faso became a typical corrupt African state. His pro-capitalist politics made him popular with western powers, who supported him. By 1990, a multiparty system introduced, but behind the scenes the government made sure that Compaoré always won the elections. 27 years kept the dictator in power, until he tried to change the constitution to remain president even longer. By now the anger over his abuse of power and corruption led to demonstrators in the capital. Soon the police lost control and the president fled the country. After 27 years, the killer of Thomas Sankara was gone!

Finally the year 2014 ended with the South Korean ruling class exposing its true colors. Although the capitalist media proclaims South Korea to be a free democracy, behind the mask the government is using dictatorial means to silence leftist critics. South Korea banned the Unified Progressive Party on grounds that the party is ”pro-North Korean”. The UPP was a social democratic, leftist nationalist party. Opposing the 25.000 American soldiers in South Korea and calling for peaceful unification with North Korea. For this fact, the Constitutional Court went after the UPP and finally banned it. Anticommunists celebrated in the streets, they loved that fact that a leftist party was banned. These anticommunists were the same people who supported the military dictators in arresting, jailing and torturing of leftists between 1948 and 1987. Western media outlets said nothing about the banning of the Unified Progressive Party, keeping the lie alive that South Korea is a ”free pluralistic democracy”!

Revolutionary socialists will keep fighting for a socialist world, free of capitalist exploitation. In 2015, the struggle for a socialist alternative is more then ever needed. Social democrats have been exposed for the class traitors they are, but they are able to attract leftists in the absence of a party that stands for the working class. Social democracy can still play on nostalgic times when it served the needs of workers. But we warn against social democratic propaganda. Parties of radical left must struggle for genuine democratic socialism, not classic social democracy as many do. Leftist parties such as the Dutch; Socialist Party, the German; The Left or the French; Left Front are not calling for socialism, they rather call for classic social democracy. More government regulations, less markets, but this is not socialism. Our task is to fight against capitalist forces and call on leftist parties to accept Marxist socialism against the lies of the ruling class!

As Karl Marx said;

Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution.

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.

They have a world to win.

Working Men of All Countries, Unite!