Terror in Paris by reactionary islamists

At least 16 French were murdered in the last 48 hours. According to one terrorist, Al-Qaeda in Yemen ordered the attacks to happen. Targets were the editor staff of the left-wing; Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish owned shop in Paris. On 7 January, two armed men invaded the office of Charlie Hebdo and opened fire on its editor staff. 10 people were killed including the main editor and many cartoonists. This attack on our freedom of speech will not be kept silence. At the same time however we must not ally ourself with bourgeois forces, because this attack only serves their interests. Now they can launch a anti-Muslim campaign to condemn all Muslims for the crimes of only a tiny group of extremists!

48 hours after the killing of the Charlie Hebdo staff, another terrorist took some shoppers hostage in a Jewish shop. Outside Paris, police forces were hunting for the two killers, which they found in a printing shop in the north of France. After hours of waiting the police attacked, killing all terrorists at the two locations. Unfortunate another four innocent people in the Jewish shop, it is unknown if they died during the storming or that they were executed by the terrorist!

The ideology behind the terrorist attacks in Paris was Islamism. This political conservative ideology struggles to bring the whole world under Islamic control. Unlike Zionism which is a nationalist ideology ( Greater Israel ), Islamism is internationalist and wants the whole world to be a theocracy under Islam. Famous islamists like Osama Bin Laden got material and support from the USA to fight the secular Afghan forces in the 1980’s. Also since the 1990’s, Al-Qaeda has been able to build a stable base of operation in the corrupt; Republic of Yemen!

As a far-right ideology like Zionism, Islamism is a enemy of socialism and revolutionary socialists completely oppose it. This is why islamists hate us for the same reasons zionists hate us. Socialists stand against a religious state and we support the separation of religion and state, which many religious ideologies reject. Even the Republican Party in the USA, claims to oppose secularism although the USA was among the first world secular nations!

Revolutionary socialists call on workers not to participate in demonstrations organized by right-wing and far-rights forces to denounce the terror attacks. These groups want to create a racist atmosphere in which Muslims are targeted as the ´´enemy´´ of the Free World. Conservative and nationalist French will rally to denounce Islam as the main reason for terrorism. Ignoring the fact that western nations have invaded and terrorized many Muslim nations. Islamic terrorism was able to grow because of western actions in the middle east. In 2014, more then 2.000 Palestinians were murdered by the terror; State of Israel, the biggest ally of European governments in the middle east!

Muslims in France will fear more hared of none-Muslims directed against them. Over 40% of all young males with a Islamic background have no work in France. Ethnic discrimination on the labour market is the reason. Many capitalists do not hire young males with a Arabic name. This form of discrimination is part of the racist atmosphere which has infected the western world since 9/11. These attacks will serve the interests of the ruling classes and the capitalists. Hollande, Sarkozy or Le Pen can pretend to be defending our liberties although they are the ones cracking down on our struggles, scapegoating foreigners and destroying our human rights!

Reactionary Islamism will never triumph over the forces of secularism and democracy. They are a tiny minority as most Muslim workers do not vote on radical Islamic parties. Most Muslims are not even radical, but because of racism and discrimination there is sympathy for terror groups like the Islamic State. A clear result of racial hatred which tries to hide behind freedom of speech, when attacking Muslims. Islamism remains strong among late teens, young people in the age between 18 and 24. Still over 74% of all young Muslims reject the Islamic State and terrorism in the name of Islam!

Therefore the enemy is not Islam or Muslims. But since 9/11 they are the scapegoats of the ruling class. Like communists were between 1945 and 1991. We see this in a simple fact, Charlie Hebdo ( then called Hara-Kiri ) was banned twice by the French government. In 1961 and 1969, the conservative government banned the satirical magazine for a time. Why? Because it ridiculed Catholicism, which was unacceptable for the right-wing back in the 1960’s. So Charlie Hebdo was banned for a short time by the government in order to silence their attacks on the Catholic Church!