2/3 of Chinese politburo leaders are 65+

Seven old Chinese males rule the Chinese ”Communist” Party. They make up the Politburo Standing Committee another bureaucratic layer inside the already bureaucratic state-capitalist party. The Politburo Standing Committee is not the Politburo, but a standing committee of the party leadership. Around 25 people make up the Politburo, but only seven are members of the Politburo Standing Committee. These seven leaders are at the top of the pyramid that makes up Chinese society. They are led by 61 year old Xi Jinping born in 1953. However the other members are older, most are born between 1945 and 1950!

The People’s Republic of China is a state-capitalist dictatorship. A cruel dictatorship that enforces the right of foreign and local capitalists to exploit workers. Trade unions are under state control and union leaders inside businesses are mostly elected by the management of a capitalist enterprise. This shows that China is not a workers state, not even a deformed workers state. Capitalist logic has replaced Maoist dogmatism in the late 1970’s after Deng Xiaoping took power. He ended the Cultural Revolution and started with market based reforms. Western capitalists and their politicians loved little Deng and in the 1990’s many moved their production work to China. Today in the year 2015, more the 2/3 of all products are Made in China!

Today’s leaders of the Chinese ”Communist” Party made their careers after Xiaoping took power in 1978. They all were supporters of privatisations and market reforms. Xi Jinping studied Marxist philosophy from 1998 until 2002 but never seemed to understand Marx and Lenin. It is also possible that people like Jinping believe that capitalism first need to be build before socialism can be achieved. Therefore the workers of 2015 need to suffer under capitalist barbarism so that around 2050 maybe China is ready for socialism, according to this idea. Revolutionary socialists disagree and rather think that Marxism is just a tool to keep the CCP in power, although it has betrayed most socialist and communist ideals long ago!

In 2012, president Hu Jintao stepped down after ruling China for 10 years. Under his regime, China embraced the world capitalist market. Huge economic gains were made at the expense of a very large gap between the top 1% and the 99%. China has over 1,5 million people who are millionaires. They enjoy the fruits of capitalism, while their workers earn a average income of 650 dollars ( 550 euros ) a month, while 800 million Chinese remain poor to very poor. The millionaires of China live in luxurious villa’s, own the best cars and have a typical bourgeois lifestyle. They are the upper class, the new rich which Deng Xiaoping created. Although little Deng died in 1997, his politics caused the rise of the new rich, therefore he is not only a anticommunist but also a class enemy for ever!

The members of the Politburo Standing Committee do not care about workers and poor people. They are nationalist minded and only care about economic growth at any cost ( right-wing thinking at its best ) . In Africa, the People’s Republic of China is building new alliances by investing in poor nations. Chinese enterprises build roads, airports and infrastructures in Africa, but at a cost. The Africans are told to support China international and to sell their natural resources to Chinese enterprises. Since most African leaders are corrupt and capitalist, they don’t mind that the wealth of their continent is sold to the Chinese.

Although Hu Jintao was already enforcing capitalist principals, Xi Jinping embraced a more classic capitalist model. He wants more deregulations of state enterprises who still dominate parts of the Chinese economy. Most state-enterprises run on capitalist principals and compete with private enterprises, Xi Jinping wants to privatize many state-enterprises which proofs his support for neo-liberal principals. Revolutionary socialists conclude that the Chinese ”Communist” Party has become a bourgeois capitalist party, identical to the right-wing Kuomintang ( Chinese Nationalist Party ). The relations between the CCP and Kuomintang improved since Hu Jintao became president. China’s turn to capitalism pleased the party of the old bourgeoisie which fled to Taiwan in 1949!

What also is interesting is the fact that 2/3 of the CCP Politburo Standing Committee are not old members. Although old in age, most became members of the Politburo Standing Committee in 2012, after Xi Jinping took office. The current rulers of the People’s Republic of China dress in western capitalist business-suits and have nothing in common with average workers. Commitment to a leftist ideal is totally alien to them, the Chinese ”Communist” Party today functions as a party of right-wing technocrats. Marxism is just a propaganda tool as millionaires can be CCP members too. Greedy capitalists even rely on the party bureaucracy to keep themselves rich. With support from the People’s Police and the state-controlled trade unions, the capitalists of China oppress the working class and get rich behind their backs. Although 120 million have been lifted out of poverty in the last 30 years, more then 800 million remain poor. 1,5 million Chinese are rich to very rich. They made it while the rest of China suffers under dictatorship, exploitation and opression!


Members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese ''Communist'' Party. 2/3 of 65+ and new to the job!

Members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese ”Communist” Party. 2/3 of them are age 65+ and only in power since 2012!