The Saudi king is death

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is death. The absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia took 90 years before he died. Like Kim Jong Il of the absolute Kim dynasty in North Korea, King Abdullah was a tyrant who enforced a brutal Islamic theocracy. Unlike Kim’s North Korea, Abdullah’s Saudi-Arabia is rich and a very good friend of the ”democratic” world nations. While he and many western leaders enjoyed friendships and state visits, many people get arrested in Saudi-Arabia. Woman are discriminated against and are forced to cover themselves completely. This is enforced by the brutal religious police.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was head of the Saudi Royal Family, who like the British Royal Family is very wealthy. They own the whole nation that they named after themselves. Even North Korea is not yet called the Kim People’s Republic of Korea. Revolutionary socialists do not weep for this reactionary death king. Still the British Royal Family do weep for their death friend Abdullah. While gay males get hanged, woman oppressed, the British flag is lowered for a monarch that never cared about human rights at all!

The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia is a absolute monarchy located in the Arab peninsula. Between 1921 and 1932, the Saudi family ruled over the Sultanate of Nejd. In 1925, Saudi troops conquered the Kingdom of Hejaz and established a dual kingdom called the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd. Finally in 1932, the two kingdoms were united in one absolute monarchy called Saudi-Arabia. The Saudi family became absolute leaders and would crush any opposition. King Abdulaziz ibn Saud was the first monarch of Saudi-Arabia and under his rule, oil was discovered in 1938. Thanks to this, Saudi-Arabia would become very very wealthy.

Abdulaziz ibn Saud died in 1953. His successor was Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a monarch that would face many troubles. As a deeply conservative kingdom, Saudi-Arabia faced the popular Arab-nationalist; Nasser of Egypt. This popular president rejected conservatism and called for the Arabs to rise up against feudalism and backwardness. King Saud had to use brutal force in repressing Nasser’s populism which many young Arabs supported. Inside the House of Saud, the king faced a battle with his brother Faisal bin Abdulaziz!

Faisal feared a popular revolution as many hated the corruption and backwardness of Saudi-Arabia. So with the support from many Saudi Royal Family members, Faisal bin Abdulaziz forced his brother the king to adjudicate in 1964. As the new king, Faisal started a program of modernisation which included; pan-islamism, anticommunism and full support for the Palestinians. Because he stabilized the state bureaucracy and cracked down on government corruption, he was able to gain a lot of popular support back from the bourgeoisie. Thanks to massive oil profits, Saudi-Arabia became a modern nation on the outside. But political and culturally, it was still a reactionary absolute monarchy!

Nasser’s Arab-nationalism still worried the Saudi King when Libya turned into a nationalist state by 1969. Libyan King Idris was a typical Arab king. Conservative, anticommunist and pro-capitalist. The Kingdom of Libya was a absolute monarchy like Saudi-Arabia. Yet out of none-were a young captain ( later famous as colonel ) took power and declared the Libyan Arab Republic. This young officer was called; Muammar Gaddafi and his radicalism echoed that of Nasser in Egypt!

Because of its oil, the United States of America aided the Islamic monarchy with everything. Why attacking ”communist” led nations or governments that opposed American imperialism, the Americans never attacked the Saudi’s for their backwardness and abuse of basic human rights. Many conservatives in the USA, are good allies of the Saudi family. One famous family who loves the Saudi monarchy is the Bush Family led by George W Bush as of 2015!

1973, was a turning point. Because the USA and the Netherlands supported Israel, the oil production was cut. Saudi-Arabia boycotted their biggest ally. Prices for oil rose very fast leading to a economic crisis. It would take until 1986 before the oil prices were back to their 1973 level. Because the Saudi’s demanded more money for their oil, they grew very rich. Although oil was exported since 1938, it was after 1973 that big money came. Today the wealth of the Saudi Royal Family is estimated at 1,4 trillion dollars. Although many think that Saudi-Arabia is a very wealthy nation, this only counts for the 2.000 members of the Saudi Royal Family. Median household income in Saudi-Arabia is only 25.000 dollars a year. Although the nation is very rich, most oil wealth goes to the ruling family, not tot the people!

Khalid bin Abdulaziz became the next king after Faisal bin Abdulaziz was murdered by his own nephew. The king greeted his nephew with a kiss and was then shot. Although doctors tried to save Faisal, but he died. His killer was quickly caught and beheaded him public as punishment. King Khalid took control over the oil sector of Saudi-Arabia. When oil was discovered in 1938, the American build the means to produce it. In 1950 they were forced to share 50% of all profits with the Saudi Royal Family. By the late 70’s, the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia bought all stakes of the American Arabian Oil Company. By royal degree the enterprise was renamed; Saudi-Arabian Oil Company!

In 1982, the king died of a heart attack and was succeed by Fahd bin Abdulaz. The new king was not a supporter of reforms, he jailed many intellectuals and was known as a conservative king. His lifestyle was however unhealthy. King Fahd loved to smoke cigarettes, was overweight his whole life and in his sixties began to suffer from arthritis and severe diabetes. By 1995, he suffered a major stroke which left him unable to govern his kingdom. Crown price Abdullah took over many of his brothers duties. Although the weak king returned to govern in 1996, it was Abdullah who ruled the kingdom de facto. In 2005, King Fahd died which made Abdullah official king!

As a supporter of the western world, King Abdullah stood with the USA in the War on Terror. Some reforms were made during his reign. He did gave woman the right to participate in the Olympic Games for Saudi-Arabia, although they were still banned from driving a car and walking alone. To fight terrorism in the own nation, his police were ordered to use brutal force against anybody who rejected the rule of the Saudi Royal Family. King Abdullah remained pro-American his whole life. After Barack Obama became president the Saudi King gave Michelle Obama, a ruby and diamond jewellery set with a value of 130.000 dollars!

The Arab Spring which resulted in rebellion against many Arab dictators, led to a massive government spending. More then 30 billion dollars were spend on improving health and creating more jobs for Arabs. Since many Arabs have a good life in Saudi-Arabia, the revolutions that destroyed Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali never reached Saudi-Arabia. Although King Abdullah did invaded the Kingdom of Bahrain to save the absolute monarch. Bahrain was in revolt and protesters demanded reforms. Saudi-Arabian Armed Forces invaded the nation and crushed the protesters, killing 93 and tortured more then 1.800 for information!

Revolutionary socialists always rejected the Saudi monarchy. The death of King Abdullah will change nothing. Only a massive revolution of workers and young can end the absolute monarchy and remove the corrupt capitalist Saudi Royal Family from power. Then a Arabian Socialist Workers Republic must be build so that the profits of oil can go to the whole population!


إلى أسفل مع العائلة المالكة السعودية. إلى أسفل مع النظام الملكي السعودي. إلى أسفل مع الإسلاموية والرأسمالية


Down with the Saudi Royal Family. Down with the Saudi Monarchy. Down with islamism and capitalism!