E-mail to SYRIZA

Today the Greek people vote against the European Union and against their austerity plans. SYRIZA has the golden opportunity to build a Hellenic Socialist Republic, but only if it dares to brake with capitalism fully. SYRIZA stands for the Coalition of the Radical Left, but since 2012 this radicalism has been replaced by pragmatism, which I do not like.

Your leader has not called for a socialist Greece nor for a end to capitalism. SYRIZA wants to renegotiate with the ECB and the IMF, which is not a radical leftist thing to do. Capitalism must be overthrown, this what radical leftism is about!

I fear that SYRIZA has become too reformist, too much like PASOK. If so then there will be massive disillusionment among workers and poor people, if SYRIZA keeps the bourgeoisie alive and their capitalist state. The rich must be expropriated, their wealth nationalized and put under democratic control of workers. But is that what SYRIZA fights for? Or is SYRIZA just a party for moderate leftism?

Greek workers demand change, but changes can only come by braking with the EU and the whole capitalist system. This is why the stock markets fear SYRIZA, this is why the right-wing of Greece is in full panic. They fear socialism and what radical leftism means. But if SYRIZA turns out to be a another PASOK, then many workers might turn to neonazi’s like the Golden Dawn!

17 political parties/groups created the Coalition of the Radical Left. Many of them are revolutionary, but I see so little radicalism among the leaders of SYRIZA. Therefore I call on all SYRIZA members to fight for socialism and workers rule. Against the European Central Bank, against the International Monetary Fund and for the establishment of a Hellenic Socialist Republic!

Should SYRIZA keep capitalism alive by making compromises with pro-austerity parties, then I will call on workers and poor people to fight the SYRIZA government with full force. CLASS TRAITORS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

A socialist warning,

Jorein Versteege
Revolutionary Socialist Media