SYRIZA first big mistake made

Hours after winning the 2015 elections, SYRIZA made its first big mistake. Instead of calling for a socialist Greece, they turned to the ”Independent Greeks” a right-wing party. SYRIZA did not win a majority of seats to govern, so it needed a coalition partner. The Stalinist and sectarian Communist Party of Greece rejected any work with SYRIZA on the grounds that the former Coalition of the Radical Left is not revolutionary. But by rejecting any work with SYRIZA to create a Hellenic Socialist Republic, the stalinists have only strengthen the right-wing of SYRIZA. Now a coalition government has been made with the Independent Greeks, a anti-austerity yet right-wing pro-capitalist nationalist Greek party. Although both parties reject EU austerity they will collide on all other issues. The Independent Greeks are nationalists who oppose immigrants and they are religious, calling for a Christian Orthodox Greece!

Now the battle with the European Union begins. Because Brussels will demands austerity and capitalist politics. While the Independent Greeks support capitalism, they reject austerity. Mainly because they are right-wing nationalists and consider the EU to be a foreign force imposing its will on the Greek people. Revolutionary socialists already feared the moderate pragmatic voice of SYRIZA’s leadership. Although they won the 2015 elections, they did not have a majority of seats. A clear result of the fear campaign of the Greek ruling class around ”New Democracy”. Although defeated, the pro-EU conservatives are still the biggest right-wing party in the new parliament. The biggest loser is the Pan-Hellenic ”Socialist” Movement ( PASOK ), once the biggest social democratic party and winner of the 2009 elections, PASOK was reduced to only 4% of the votes!

Socialism must be build and SYRIZA coalition government with the nationalist; Independent Greeks will not result in a Hellenic Socialist Republic. Revolutionary Socialist Media will fear that SYRIZA may turn more to the right, as the European Union will use its full force to keep Greece in line with Brussels. Stock markets may also force SYRIZA to make compromises with the European establishment. We saw this before in Venezuela. Although called a ”dangerous leftist” former president Hugo Chavez, never broke with capitalism and failed to lead a movement to genuine democratic socialism before his death in 2013!

What now? Greece is standing on a edge of a knife. Workers and young demanded changes, but can SYRIZA deliver this in a coalition with a right-wing nationalist party? We revolutionary socialists think that this coalition will not last long as the Independent Greeks reject almost everything SYRZA stands for except their fight against EU austerity. A coalition government with the Communist Party of Greece with a socialist program would have resulted in a clear majority government. The communist party won 15 seats, this would have been enough for a socialist alternative. But the Stalinist KKE is deeply sectarian and so dogmatic that it refused to work with SYRIZA. Their failure to build a socialist coalition for a Hellenic Socialist Republic, will result in a massive disillusionment among workers and young people!