Greek struggle

After seven days in office it has become clear that the new Greek government of Alexis Tsipras, is not radical leftist or socialist. Many hoped for a brake with the capitalist system, but SYRIZA has never been a pure revolutionary force. Since 2012 it has lost much of its earlier radicalism. This is why the Communist Party of Greece refused to work with Alexis Tsipras. Although SYRIZA is reformist, it could have governed under socialism if the communist party had pushed them. SYRIZA wanted to work with the KKE ( communist party ), but its sectarian leaders refused. Now SYRIZA has turned more to the right and is even willing to fully pay the Greek debt. Meanwhile the European Commission and the stock markets have started their assault on Greece. Their goals are clear: force Alexis Tsipras to accept capitalist law and destroy his nation, if the Greek government dares to stand up to the capitalist rulers of the world!

Many capitalist media outlets called SYRIZA radical leftist and very ”dangerous”. But Alexis Tsipras is not a revolutionary. He is a moderate socialist to the left of present day social democracy ( which is pro-austerity ), but very much to the right of revolutionary socialism. His background proofs this. As a member of the moderate leftist; SYNASPISMOS, Alexis Tsipras never called for socialism or a Hellenic Socialist Republic. In 2008 he became leader of SYNASPISMOS and replaced Alekos Alavanos as SYRIZA leader. Under his leadership, the former Coalition of the Radical Left won the 2012 elections. The coalition then became a party and its sixteen founding parties/groups fused into the new SYRIZA party. Still the EU leaders are concerned because unlike the Greek social democrats of PASOK, SYRIZA has rejected neoliberalism and austerity. Although pragmatic and willing to compromise, Alexis Tsipras is not a loyal puppet of the European Union!

Revolutionary socialists call for massive mobilisation of workers and youth. Greek workers need to mobilize against austerity and the European leaders. The EU wants a capitalist Greece, they want austerity and poverty for millions. Because they only care about money and capitalist greed. Leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany, are the politicians of capitalism. As a right-wing conservative, Merkel is a woman of austerity. She rules Germany with the traitorous social democrats of the SPD. In a way Germany is ruled like Greece, before 25 January!

SYRIZA’s pragmatism and willingness to compromise with the European establishment is very counter-productive. Workers and youth voted on SYRIZA to end austerity and to build a alternative to the dogma’s of European capitalism. But here we see the limitations of SYRIZA. The former Coalition of the Radical Left, never presented a socialist alternative. Their propaganda was directed against austerity, while not offering a concept of a socialist Greece. SYRIZA leaders lack a class conciousness, mainly because most were never revolutionary socialists. Still there is a leftist tendency of revolutionary socialists, fighting for a alternative to the moderate course of Alexis Tsipras!

The Communist Tendency invites all left-wing activists of SYRIZA to resist all the talk of the “inevitability” of an alliance with the ”Independent Greeks” and to fight together for the following:

  • Struggle so that there be no retreat from those Left-wing, pro-labour commitments that were in the electoral programme of SYRIZA.
  • The patient defence of the need to break the government alliance with the Independent Greeks and of the need for a left majority government with a socialist programme, for a writing off of the debt and the removal not only of the austerity Memoranda, but also of capitalism itself that gave birth to all these measures.

Although the party is reformist and moderate leftist, there are still genuine revolutionary forces active in SYRIZA. It is up to these forces to challenge the leadership and to call for genuine socialism!

The party leadership will use the ”Independent Greeks” as an alibi for not applying the necessary left, pro-working class, socialist policies. So workers have to demand that a consistent pro-working class programme is applied. If this means a crisis in the government and early elections then this is how it should be. Also if the KKE remains sectarian and dogmatic, then new elections must be held. No coalition governments with capitalist forces. Tsipras must convince the people that a leftist government can only work with SYRIZA has a majority of support. Win-out this a alternative cannot be build. Capitalist forces will cry that SYRIZA shows no ”responsibility”, but this is what socialists should never do; govern under capitalism, because some bourgeois parties say they must!

The Greek Struggle is only beginning. Alexis Tsipras is willing to pay the debt and comprise with European capitalist forces. He must be challenged by workers and the poor. Trade unions must order strikes to tell Tsipras, that Greek workers will not pay the price of previous governments. No to austerity, no to European blackmailing and economic sabotage!