Brake with the EU, build a Hellenic Socialist Republic

Now that the ECB has banned Greek banks from loaning money, it is time to brake with the European Union and their capitalist dogma’s. Greece cannot change under capitalism, as the EU is build as a free market union. Workers and youth who voted SYRIZA, want changes. These changes can not be established under the current economic system. The European Union wants Greece to be capitalist and neoliberal. Therefore SYRIZA has no choice but to brake with the whole EU imposed capitalist system!

A alternative to a capitalist Greece is a socialist Greece. Such Hellenic Socialist Republic must be build from below up. Not top-down like Stalinist nations, but from democratic elected councils of workers, youth and peasants. The ”Independent Greeks” ( SYRIZA’s coalition partner ) will not accept socialism, as they are a right-wing conservative party. SYRIZA will have no choice but to brake with the ”Independent Greeks” if they want to build a socialist society!

SYRIZA must not try to be friends with right-wing scum who rule the EU. The European Commission is a undemocratic institution that does not serve the needs of ordinary people. Workers of Greece demand changes, but many are skeptical because SYRIZA has turned out to be reformist and willing to comprise with the European capitalist class!

The Greek government must abandon their reformist road and the whole capitalist system. The means of productions must be nationalized and put under democratic control of workers and society. Also the wealthy must be expropriated, their money must be confiscated. Nobody has the right to be a millionaire, while 40% of all Greek children grow up in poverty!

SYRIZA used to be called ”Coalition of the Radical Left” but if she remains loyal to reformism and moderate leftism, then perhaps a name change would be in order. Coalition of the Moderate Left ( Συνασπισμός Μέτρια Αριστεράς ) would be a better name for the current course of the party!

Xekinima – Socialist Internationalist Organisation in Greece calls on SYRIZA to campaign for:

  • 35 working hours per week, 7 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • abolition of “flexible” employment jobs and unemployment
  • Fight poverty! End low pay and pensions! For a decent, living wage, linked to the cost of living
  • Scrap legislation that attacks pension rights, workers’ rights and education
  • End financial scandals, bureaucratic management and big business tax-evasion – For heavy taxation on capital
  • Introduce workers’ control in big industry, with committees with a majority of workers’ representatives
  • Return to the public sector all the public companies that were privatized
  • Nationalization of all the main monopolies and big banks
  • Stop corruption, rake-offs, commissions and privileges! For democratic workers’ control and management of big industry and finance



Will SYRIZA become the new Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement ( PASOK ). Who betrayed the Greek working class to the EU?