SYRIZA’s weakness lies in reformism

The former Coalition of the Radical Left or SYRIZA is now ruling Greece since 25 January 2015. Elected on a anti-austerity program, SYRIZA is facing a brutal capitalist Troika ( ECB, IMF, EC ) who demand pro-capitalist politics. Although called radical leftist and dangerous, SYRIZA is not a danger to the Greek capitalist establishment. Sure they may be forced to pay more taxes and face more regulations, but there is not talk about expropriations and nothing is said about a Hellenic Socialist Republic. SYRIZA is a reformist party that tries to reform capitalism, much like the Pan-Hellenic ”Socialist” Movement ( PASOK ) tried in the 1970’s. History has already proven that reforming capitalism is not possible. Also the Troika demands austerity and capitalist law & order in Greece!

Already before the elections, revolutionary socialists feared that SYRIZA would not offer a socialist alternative. Our fears were proven right as Alexis Tsipras has made huge compromises with the European Union. This is a victory for the capitalist media, who claims that Tsipras is forced to accept capitalist law and order. They also tell the Greeks that there is no alternative to austerity and capitalism in general. Since they were elected in January, SYRIZA has only tried to compromise with Europe. The Troika liked this and was able to force Alexis Tsipras to accept capitalist logic. Now there is a deal on the table, it loans Greece more money and will strengthen the European Union’s position during future talks, now that SYRIZA accepted the deal!

Was there a alternative to deals with the EU?

YES there was, as revolutionary socialists of Xekinima explain;

The great majority of Greek population was in favour of taking a “hard line”. That is why mass demonstrations were organized in all the country, even in small islands, in favor of the government and against the blackmail of Troika and especially the German government. In polls, up to 70-80% of Greeks supported the Greek government in this “battle”. Xekinima (CWI in Greece) alongside with other forces and even some Syriza MPs proposed that Tsipras should turn to the Greek people and call for a referendum on the dilemma “euro and austerity or anti-austerity, pro- working class policies and the drachma?”. We strongly believe that if this question was posed the great majority of Greek workers and poor would have chosen to break with the euro. Of course, at the same time, we explained that the return to drachma would not, in itself, provide solutions to the crisis of Greek capitalism and socialist policies should be followed immediately to put the economy on a growth path and in the service of working people.

But Alexis Tsipras did not choose for socialism or a alternative society. He choose for compromises and deals with the same people who enforced barbarism and poverty on the Greeks. The former Coalition of the Radical Left turned out to be a new PASOK, a moderate reformist party that unfortunate is no party for the workers and poor. Greek capitalism may also start to support Alexis Tsipras now that he is not seen as a danger to the rich yet. It is up to the workers, youth and poor to rally against the government’s reformism. SYRIZA must be forced to turn socialist or it will be a huge defeat for the working class and a political victory for the supporters of austerity!

There are two radical leftist parties that could force SYRIZA to the left. Unfortunate these two are sectarian and not willing to work together on the socialist program. ANTARSYA and the KKE are to the left of SYRIZA and represent the true revolutionary forces. But the Communist Party of Greece ( KKE ) is Stalinist and rejected a government with SYRIZA, because the stalinists did not liked the idea of being a junior partner. They were happy with a opposition role which led Alexis Tsipras to form a government with right-wing populists. Had SYRIZA and the KKE agreed on a socialist program with the intention to build a Hellenic Socialist Republic, then the majority of the Greek people would have supported this. But KKE sectarianism and SYRIZA’s reformism prevented this!

The Anti-capitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow is a radical leftist coalition of political groups/parties that belong to revolutionary socialism. This true Coalition of the Radical Left is made up of nine organisations and unlike many founding parties of SYRIZA, all support a revolutionary overthrow. ANTARSYA has nine elected members in the administrative regions of Greece and eleven are elected in municipalities and community councils. If united with KKE activists and those in SYRIZA who reject the course of Alexis Tsipras, then a socialist future is possible. Because the Greek people will lose faith in the government once they realise that little changes. This is what the European establishment wants, a demoralized people that capitulates to the demands of the Troika. A demoralized people may vote on pro-austerity parties under the TINA ( There Is No Alternative ) effect!

This disillusion has already started. Greeks start the realize that SYRIZA is not delivering on its promises. The TINA effect may happen very soon as demonstrations organized by SYRIZA are now attracting less people. Confusion is also growing as many Greeks ask themselves why SYRIZA is not fighting back. They do not understand why Alexis Tsipras is compromising with class enemies. The answer is that he does not dare to fight, because he wants to keep Greece inside the capitalist EU. Tsipras thinks he can reform this EU which is not possible. The European Union was founded as a free market zone, not as a single nation with single laws. SYRIZA’s reformism is causing confusion and disillusionment, a dangerous development that will strengthen the TINA effect of the pro-austerity parties like PASOK and New Democracy ( main conservative party )!


Austerity enforcer Jeroen Dijsselbloem was not so willing to shake hands with the new Greek minister of Finances!

Austerity enforcer Jeroen Dijsselbloem was not so willing to shake hands with the new Greek minister of Finances!