Saudi’s angry at Sweden

The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia is not happy with the social-democratic/green government of the Kingdom of Sweden. In the past both nations enjoyed a friendly relationship. Swedish capitalists trades goods for Saudi oil and in recent years the Saudi’s bought military technology from Sweden. But now a problem has been issued by the Swedish government, human rights. Because we all know that the Islamic kingdom is not a tolerant or democratic nation. No western power ever criticized them for the massive abuse of human rights, but now Sweden has done and both the Saudi government and Swedish capitalism are not happy about it!

Sweden is ruled by a coalition government of social democrats and greens. The Green Party has always been a strong supporter of human rights in the middle east. They called for sharp criticism of dictatorial nations like Saudi-Arabia. However the social democrats are different, they more capitalistic and are willing to look away and do business with the Saudi’s. Now that the Green Party is part of the governing coalition in Sweden, the social democrats turned more to their side when it comes to selling military hardware to the absolute monarchy!

Prime minister Stefan Löfven is facing sharp criticism from the right-wing opposition for his daring opposition to the mighty oil nation. These parties claim that the government is weak and destroying the profits of military enterprises. His own Swedish Social Democratic Party is also critical as they too think that business comes before human rights. Only the Green Party and the socialist left of Sweden stand with him on this issue. Proofing again how far social democracy had degenerated, social democrats not only sell their skin to capitalist barbarism, they also put profits before human rights. For revolutionary socialists this comes to no surprise, although a little more leftist then other social democratic parties, the Scandinavian labour parties have shifted massive to the right-wing on many issues!

Margot Wallström is Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and a strong opponent of the Saudi’s. She was the first European minister that recognized the State of Palestine, which made Israel very angry. Sweden is among the few western nations that has recognized Palestine as a independent nation. Israel recalled its ambassador and made it clear that they were unhappy with the actions of Sweden. Now the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia has done the same thing, it recalled its diplomatic staff and reacted hostile to Wallström’s criticism. Saudi-Arabia has one point however, Sweden has always been friendly and supportive in trade deals. Now suddenly they start asking ”stupid questions” about human rights and freedom of speech. This is why major Swedish capitalists wrote a letter to Margot Wallström telling her to stop attacking the Saudi’s. Swedish capitalism does not care about democracy, they only want Saudi money. Now we see if the government has the strength to stand against the leaders of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the right-wing opposition, the capitalists and the Saudi’s. Will Margot Wallström remains strong in the face of so many opposition? If she is a principled woman then she should not compromise. On the other hand, she is also a social democrat, who have a reputation to back down under capitalist pressure!

The Swedish left-wing is divided between pro-capitalist social democrats and moderate socialists. Unlike many European nations, Sweden does have a socialist alternative. Since the 1990’s, the Socialist Justice Party is fighting for a socialist Sweden. They call for genuine socialism, unlike the Swedish Social Democratic Party who abandoned it in the late 1980’s. Also former stalinists ( today the moderate socialists of the Left Party ) do not speak of socialism and a workers-republic. All major political parties have accepted the Swedish monarchy and many support the European Union!



Saudi-Arabia is not happy with Sweden for its criticism of human rights in the absolute Islamic monarchy!