Message of solidarity and support to VIOME workers

To the workers of the VIOME factory in Greece

Revolutionary Socialist Media sent a message of solidarity and support. Your struggle against your bosses proof why a socialist society is needed. The Greek struggle against the European Troika is also a struggle against Greek capitalism ( supported by New Democracy and the traitorous PASOK ). As workers you have experienced the hardness of living in a country with falling living-standards. You rejected European austerity, but the struggle is only beginning. Because your elected government is too moderate and not willing to build socialism. SYRIZA’s weakness lies in its reformism and its reformist leader Alexis Tsipras ( who used to be a communist back in 1990 )!

I know the fight against the former owners of VIOME will be difficult. Because by capitalist law, they own the factory. Greece is still a capitalist nation that serves the owners of the economy, not the people who work. SYRIZA needs to change these capitalist laws and replace them by socialist ones. A Hellenic Socialist Republic is needed to give full economic control to you. The working class can elect its own people to run enterprises, you don’t need capitalists or state-bureaucrats!



In full solidarity and support,

Jorein Versteege
The Netherlands

Revolutionary Socialist Media