The Edward Snowden monument in Fort Greene Park

A monument to Edward Snowden was erected in Fort Greene Park. Supporters of the exiled former NSA worker, fused it to part of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, a memorial to Revolutionary War. The monument only stood for a few hours as the American government covered it up and then removed it. Edward Snowden is hated by the American establishment, for exposing the fact that the NSA is spying on the people!

Before the government removed the bust they covered it up in blue plastic, so nobody could see that a monument was build to the American hero who exposed the illegal spying operation of the NSA/CIA. Later that day workers were forced to remove the monument fully. For a few hours, the man who fled the USA to tell his people that their government was spying on them, was honored with a burst next to those Americans who fought against British imperialism!

Revolutionary Socialist Media is not surprised that the bust was removed by the American government. They do not want a monument to Edward Snowden, the man who exposed their illegal operations. Right-wing politicians even want him death. This is why he fled the USA and now lives in Russia!

Spying on their own people is typical for dictatorial governments. The Soviet KGB was criticized by Americans for this fact. But we revolutionary socialists always knew that the NSA and CIA were guilty of the same crimes as the KGB. The American government spied on many anti-capitalist groups during the Cold War and it is certain they keep on spying. But until Snowden came, most Americans believed that only ”dangerous” groups were spied on. Now it is clear that ordinary people are not save from the eyes of their ”democratic” government!

By telling his story, Edward Snowden had to flee the USA. First he went to Hong-Kong and then settled in Russia. Some say that Snowden should return and face charges. But as we know in the case of Chelsea Manning, a trial will end in a very long prison time. Because exposing state crimes is not tolerated in the plutocratic-imperialist dictatorship that is the USA!