Hillary Clinton, no alternative for workers

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to become president of the USA in 2016. She made herself candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. Although she started with a populist campaign add, she is no alternative for the American working class and the poor. Clinton is a woman of the bourgeois establishment. She was fully supportive of the deregulations that her husband enforced in the 1990’s. Although 22 million jobs were created under president Clinton, most of these jobs were paid very poor with most earning just $7 per hour. The News York Times noted in 1996, that the politics of Bill Clinton were almost always in line of Wall Street and the capitalist establishment. So there is no illusion that his wife Hillary will serve the needs of the ruling class. She is a woman of the bourgeoisie, not a fighter like Kshama Sawant who is fighting in Seattle against the Democratic establishment, who genuinely fear her!

The Democratic Party is not a party to fight in the interests of workers. Although called a ”socialist” party by conservatives, the Democrats are in fact a liberal conservative party. They only look leftist because the political landscape in the USA has turned so much to the right, that even moderate liberal ideals are denounced as ”socialist-communist”. The Clinton family belongs tot the moderate wing of the Democratic Party much like Obama. They are happy with capitalism and the way politics are conducted in the USA. Both Clinton and Obama are fighting to prevent progressive Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, to run in 2016 for the Democratic nomination. Warren is a progressive Democrat and very critical of Wall Street and the way politicians conduct business!

Although more to the left, Elizabeth Warren’s program is not enough as she is not a socialist. Warren will not brake with the capitalist system, she believes in more government regulations and more social spending. This stands in contrast to centrist Democrats like Clinton and Obama, who promote deregulations and austerity cuts. Revolutionary socialists are not in favour of more government, we oppose the capitalist state and do not think it can be reformed to serve the needs of the working class. Hillary Clinton may win the 2016 Democratic nomination, but her background proofs that her true masters are not the people of the USA!

The 2016 elections will be a huge propaganda show again. It is said that both candidates would spend more then 2,5 billion dollars on fighting each other. A huge waste of money, as both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party do not represent the majority of the American working class. Both parties are authoritarian right-wing and support Wall Street, the bankers, the stockholders, the rich and the plutocratic system. In 2012, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stood on the authoritarian right-wing position of the political spectrum. It will come to no surprise that the future candidates of both parties, will remain authoritarian right-wing!


Clinton at the palace of her masters!

Clinton at the palace of her masters!