Socialist MEP’s on workers wages

Joe Higgins and Paul Murphy, two socialist MEP’s who fought in the European parliament for workers and the unemployed. Higgins was elected in 2009, he was replaced by Murphy who stayed in the European parliament until 2014. Unfortunate Murphy was not able to return after the 2014 European elections, because another anti-austerity leftist group split the vote which resulted in Paul not getting enough votes for the seat. Still he and Joe Higgins were elected into the Irish parliament to continue the fight against austerity and capitalism!

Revolutionary Socialist Media has produced two you-tube videos about these two working class fighters, as they stood in the European parliament against the forces of capitalism, imperialism and anticommunism. Both socialists refused their luxurious MEP salary and choose to live on a average workers income, donating the rest to social movements and the Socialist Party in Ireland!

Joe Higgins MEP 2009-2011

Paul Murphy MEP 2011-2014