Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a 73 year old American senator from the State of Vermont. Unlike the liberal conservatives of the Democratic Party and national conservatives of the Republican Party, Sanders is a independent senator. He calls himself a ”democratic socialist”, although revolutionary socialists would categorize him a classic social democrat. A mayor of Burlington in Vermont, Bernie Sanders rose up to become a senator in the Senate. Unlike most Democrats and Republicans, Sanders is calling for a progressive alternative to the forces of capitalism and greed. Although social democracy is not a true alternative, for American standards it would mean a huge change. In 2016, Bernie Sanders wants to become President of the USA. This is not a bad ambition, but by running on the Democratic Party ticket, the social democratic Sanders is allying himself with a party that promotes neoliberal capitalism and American imperialism!  

In 2016, Hilary Clinton wants to become the next president on the Democratic Party ticket. Although hailed by some elements of the liberal media, Clinton is not a leftist nor a true alternative. She belongs to the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, more conservative on economic issues then progressive. Hilary Clinton is very close to president Barack Obama and supports his presidency. Such a candidate cannot be a alternative for the millions of workers and poor people, who have been betrayed by the Democrats since 2008. Bernie Sanders could offer a leftist choice if he stood against the Democratic Party, as a true socialist. But by trying to win the nomination of the Democratic Party, Sanders is playing the wrong cards. Because the Democrats are not a force for change, we saw this in 2008 when Obama became president. He promised to change the nation, but after seven years in office the USA is still a capitalist hell, for millions of workers and unemployed!

Elections in the USA are all about money and personality. Because in the end, any president will have to carry out the politics of capitalism. The bourgeoisie who donates money to the Democrats and Republicans, want to see a stable president who obeys their book of laws. Workers and unemployed are told that the liberals are leftists and the conservatives are rightists. But this is not true, in fact both liberalism and conservatism are capitalist ideologies. Dogmatic conservatives claim that liberals are like socialists, they even claimed that Obama was a radical Marxist. Not only is this false, it is a complete fabrication. Obama is a liberal conservative, only less dogmatic in supporting the capitalists then any Republican president would!

Sanders is a fighter for ordinary people, this is proven by his record. He started by joining the Liberty Union Party of Vermont, a leftist anti-war party. In 1979, he resigned from the LU and worked as a writer and the director of the nonprofit American People’s Historical Society. In the 1980’s he became mayor of Burlington and defeated the Democratic establishment. After serving four terms as mayor, Bernie Sanders went on to teach political science briefly at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in 1989 and Hamilton College in 1991. He became the first independent senator of the USA for over 40 years, as the Democratic Party and Republican Party control almost all levels of political representation!

Unlike most senators, Bernie Senders is a true progressive and no elitist. This is unique as most senators from both parties, are part of the rotten Washington DC establishment. Sanders won popular support for his ( limited ) leftist ideology, although he lacks the millions of dollars others get from corporate donations. During the 2013 government shutdown, Bernie Sanders exposed the true agenda the Tea Party movement. He said:

The real issue here, if you look at the Koch Brothers’ agenda, is: look at what many of the extreme right-wing people believe. Obamacare is just the tip of the iceberg. These people want to abolish the concept of the minimum wage, they want to privatize the Veteran’s Administration, they want to privatize Social Security, end Medicare as we know it, massive cuts in Medicaid, wipe out the EPA, you don’t have an Environmental Protection Agency anymore, Department of Energy gone, Department of Education gone. That is the agenda. And many people don’t understand that the Koch Brothers have poured hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the Tea Party and to other kinds of ancillary organizations to push this agenda.

Revolutionary socialists hoped that Sanders would run as a independent leftist candidate in the 2016 elections. But by allying himself with the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is making a mistake. Like most social democrats, he believes that the Democrats can be used for change. This has proven to be wrong, as Obama demonstrated. Social democracy may remove the sharp edges of capitalism, but it will never replace the system with socialism. Although far more to the left of most Democrats, Sanders is not a revolutionary and does not call for the expropriation of the rich and the big capitalists. His agenda is indeed good for workers and poor, but in the long run it faces limitations. As the capitalists would do anything in their power to keep Bernie Sanders from changing America as president. Therefore more must be done, a workers party must be build that can provide a socialist alternative to the parties of capitalism!

Socialist Alternative in Seattle has already made a big impact by winning the ”15 dollar per hour minimum wage” struggle. Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant is fighting to get reelected. But the Democratic establishment is using progressive candidates to stop her. As a genuine socialist, Sawant is not a corporate candidate and has demonstrated how ordinary people can fight back against the ruling class. Still the Democratic Party wants her removed from the city council. They are using the most progressive Democrats, to fight Socialist Alternative and Kshama Sawant. The struggle of Sawant in Seattle should proof to Bernie Sanders that the Democratic Party is not a vehicle for radical change!