Victory for love in Ireland

62% of the Irish voters choose to say YES to gay marriage. This is a huge victory over the forces of reactionary Catholicism. Although still a religious nation, Ireland has embraced the idea that love is not limited to a straight couple. Gay marriage will now be a constitutional right and granted to all citizens of the Irish Republic. Revolutionary socialists supported the YES vote as we knew it would a huge step in achieving legislative equality for same sex couples. It also proofs that Irish workers are not conservative and are supportive of a social progressive society. For the reactionary Catholic Church, this defeat will be bitter. As more people turn away from Catholic dogmatism!

Conservatives say that marriage should only exist between a man and a woman. This is bullshit as love is no limited to straight couples. Still the reactionary groups like the Roman Catholic Church use their grip on people’s minds, to limit personal freedoms like gay marriage, woman rights and freedom of speech. The churches have never supported democratic values as they rejected the idea of people rule. For them the only true ruler is their God, by Biblical accounts a sadist and mass murderer. For over 2000 years since Christianity became the only allowed religion in the Roman Empire, Christians have enforced a totalitarian system that was only broken less then 200 years ago!

Gay and Lesbian people still face discrimination and hatred in many parts of the world. Religion always plays a large role in this rejection. Most Islamic nations reject and prosecute those who are sexually attracted to the same sex. Saudi-Arabia ( biggest Arab ally of the USA ) even kills homosexuals. But Christian African nations are not less evil as the Islamic north is. Nations like  Uganda are using the Bible as excuse to hunt for gay males. Even in western nations like the USA, Christians use their religion to reject services to LGBTQ people. In many states of the USA, this is seen as a human right. A right to discriminate based on sexual preference!

The victory in Ireland is a huge step in the right direction. But the is more to do, therefore the Radical Yes Campaign calls for:

– A separation of church and state with a secular and comprehensive sex education programme as part of a school’s curriculum

– Abolish all homophobic laws such as section 37.1 of the Employment Equality Acts which allows for schools to fire, or not hire, people whose sexual orientation, gender identity or family status is not in line with their religious ethos. Similarly the ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with men must be ended.

– Link LGBTQ rights with other progressive struggles such as the demand for the repeal of the 8th amendment and legislating for abortion rights.

– Publicly denounce the homophobic NO side who claim to have the interests of society and children at the heart of the campaign. They ignore the reality that LGBTQ people are already raising children but are not afforded the same rights and supports as heterosexual couples. Their concern for children also rings hollow given their lack of opposition to government cut-backs in education, health and child benefit.