The struggle of Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a organisation that puts the lives of sea animals above human capitalist greed. Founded in 1977 by Paul Watson after he left Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd has become the face of animal activism. Fighting against all kinds of illegal activities on the high sea’s, the brave volunteers of Sea Shepherd combat not only the mighty Japanese whale industry, but also those who kill innocent sea animals for traditional pleasure. For Paul Watson and his crew, the lives of whales, dolphins and other sea animals do matter and it is their bravery and direct action methods that have giving them a lot of public support!  

Sea Shepherd began with one man; Paul Watson. During his early life as a wild life activist, Watson joined Greenpeace but left the organisation in 1977. He set up his own group based on direct action activism. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s struggle against illegal whaling made them stars in a reality show called Whale Wars. It made them famous as the world saw the heroic fight of many idealistic people against the might of the Japanese whaling fleet. Watson always used the media as a weapon against his enemies, but the documentary ”At the Edge of the World” in 2008, opened a new chapter. The series; Whale Wars which followed the documentary, showed the struggle of Sea Shepherd as it fights the Japanese whalers of the ”Institute of Cetacean Research” ( ICR ) a pseudo-research organisation!

Ships of the ICR have the word RESEARCH painted on their sides. Also they point out with large signs that what they are doing is legal. Some lawmakers say that the ICR has the right to murder 1000 whales each year for ”scientific” studies. But the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society disagrees. They say that the ICR is hiding behind a weakness in the international whaling law. Revolutionary Socialist Media agrees that you don’t need to murder 1000 whales each year for ”research”. No, the true motive behind this quota is profit, old style hunger for profits. Whale meat is popular in Japan and it sells well on the market. It maybe true that the ICR is doing some studies, but they also make a good profit from selling tones of whale meat!

Watson and his crew are called ”terrorists” by the ICR and the government of Japan. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is portrayed by the Japanese media as ”eco-terrorists” and ”sea pirates”. In reality the true terrorists of the seas are the Japanese, who hind behind the words; research and science. Thanks to the government of the USA, Paul Watson and American members of Sea Shepherd, are banned from harassing the Japanese whalers. This means that they would be arrested and jailed in the USA if they try to stop the ICR from killing whales. Sea Shepherd however is not only made up of American volunteers. Its Australian section is how leading the fight against the ICR. As the biggest ally of Japan, the American government stands with the whale killers, against those who enforce international law. It comes to no surprise that the US government tries to stop Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd. Although they have succeeded in preventing American members from participating in direct actions against the ICR, they cannot stop none-American Sea Shepherd volunteers!

Sea Shepherd may have a strong opponent in the Institute of Cetacean Research, but they are not the only enemies. Illegal fishing groups active in Latin America and elsewhere, are also on the list of opponents. In many cases however the corrupt governments of Latin America are not willing to do anything against illegal fishing. They even call on the international community to stop Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson. As all nations on the his world are driving by governments who do not care about international laws, it is up to people like Paul Watson to enforce them!

”What Sea Shepherd does is not easy, nor is it everyone’s cup of tea. Sea Shepherd acts and intervenes to uphold international conservation law where nations lack the political or economic will to do so. Sea Shepherd entities operate in total on no more than 5% of the budget of Greenpeace, yet Sea Shepherd has more ships and more volunteers stationed at sea and on the beaches of the world. Sea Shepherd simply does more with less because of assets more important than money –passion, courage, patience, imagination, and resolve” – Paul Watson

Still the supporters of ”law and order” claim that it is not up to Sea Shepherd to be so ”violent”. In other words they call on Sea Shepherd to be like Greenpeace. Standing at the side lines and watch how the ICR and others slaughter innocent animals. Greenpeace may oppose the actions of Japanese whalers, but unlike Sea Shepherd, they reject direct action and only protest against the killings. Capitalist governments will defend organisations like the ICR, because they exist to serve those who own our economy. Proofing to Revolutionary Socialist Media, that a capitalist state puts the needs of big business over animal welfare!

Any revolutionary socialist should support Sea Sheppard against capitalist groups like the ICR. Paul Watson may not be a very social person, but he is fighting a war against governments and organisations who do not care about the welfare of sea animals. The ICR is hiding behind a facade of ”research”. They paint this on their ships in English ( not Japanese ), so that we would be fooled into believing that killing 1000 whales each year is purely for scientific research. This is why the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has the moral right to go after the Japanese whalers and stop them. But not only the Japanese are after whales. Norwegian whalers also use the loop in international law to continue whaling. In 2015, Sea Sheppard goes to the Faroe Islands, to fight against traditional whaling in northern Europe!

729 whales were murdered by Norwegian whalers in 2014, the highest number since 1993. Like in Japan whaling is a tradition and many Danish and Norwegians say they have a right to kill at least 1000 whales for ”research”. Both Japan, Denmark and Norway abuse the law for profiteering. Yet Norway has a little problem, whale meat is losing popularity in their own nation. Unlike Japan, it may be no longer profitable to hunt for whales in northern Europe. Over 1 billion dollars are made by whaling each year. Profits are high so many more of these innocent sea animals will have to die. Therefore it is up to brave fighters like Paul Watson to prevent it. As Steve Irwin would have said;