Confederate flags FINALLY removed

After 150 years, the flags of the Confederate States of America have been lowered for good at many state capitols in the southern USA. The flags of the racist Confederacy became a popular symbol of white ”heritage” and conservatism in the southern states of the USA. Right-wing groups started to use the CSA battle flag as a protest symbol against desegregation laws. Because many Caucasian Americans rejected African Americans as equals in the 1960’s!

To symbolize their resistance to race equality, many whites adopted the Confederate battle flag as their symbol. To win the support of these whites in the south, Republican politicians began to support the CSA flags. Which is ironic consider it was the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln who stood against the Confederacy. The history of these Confederate States of American began in 1861, when slave owners refused to obey new laws that banned slavery. President Abraham Lincoln, faced massive opposition from the white supremacist; Democratic Party, which was a  pro-slave party back then!

The (then racist) Democrats in the south started to organize resistance. On 4 February 1861, seven slave states in the southern USA created the Confederate States of America. Although modern supporters of this Confederacy reject the idea that slavery was the main reason, it is clear today that white slave owners were the prime motivation. These racist slave owners said that their whole wealth was build on slave work and that by abolishing it, the economy of the south would collapse. Modern capitalists still use this argument against minimum-wages in America!

Abraham Lincoln and his Union Army proofed to be stronger then the peasant based southern army. Four years after the start of the rebellion, the American civil war was over. CSA general Robert E. Lee surrendered and Confederate president Jefferson Davis was captured while fleeing. Although the Union won the civil war. Racism and hatred of African Americans did not die. Most whites in the south remained ignorant and hateful. Thanks to Apartheid laws, whites and blacks remained separated in many states. It was not until 100 years later, that the civil rights movement challenged these racists laws. Supporters of race segregation, realized that they needed a symbol to rally around. They choose the battle flag of the former CSA and Republican politicians turned this flag into a southern ”heritage symbol” as it was raised on many state capitols controlled by the Republican Party, the party that fought against the CSA in 1861 (ironic right?).

African Americans stood against the CSA flag and saw it as a racist symbol. However since blacks are a minority in the USA, they could not win enough political support to remove the CSA flags. Republicans claimed that the old battle flag stands for pride, honour and heritage. Many whites in the south agree with this, totally ignoring that racists started to use CSA flags to show their opposition to equality and desegregation. Still the ignorant southern whites kept using the battle flag as a ”rebel” symbol. The popular 1980’s, show ”The Dukes of Hazzard” is centered around a southern Caucasian family fighting the corrupt local county government led by Jefferson David Hogg. What made this series so typical was the use of a car called General Lee, painted with a CSA battle flag on its top. Although very popular on television the Dukes of Hazzard whitewash the Confederate flag, turning a blind-eye to the fact General Lee controlled an army of a racist nation!

Thanks to the Republican Party, the flags of the separatists remained in use for over 150 years. Republican politicians knew that if they applied to southern pride, they could win many votes. It is pure opportunism that the Republicans kept the old CSA flags flying, only to win votes from white southern Americans. It is already clear that African Americans are not voting for them, so they look towards people who have a romantic view of the American civil war and the Confederacy. Caucasian Americans in the south look at the civil war with pride, as conservative propagandist Bill O’Reilly says; ”For many people the CSA flag is a symbol of courage for those who defended their home” But then again, who’s home and what pride? Pride to own slaves and to use them as organic means of production? To be exploited both fiscally and sexually? Because it is no mystery that many white slave owners abused African American woman. Rape of these woman was allowed, as a slave was your personal property!

Nine African Americans had to die before Republican politicians in the southern USA, finally choose to removed the CSA flags at state capitols controlled by them. Dylann Storm Roof is the reason why the Confederate symbols were finally removed. Roof is a 21 year old racist and CSA supporter. His hatred of blacks led to the Charleston Church shooting on 17 June 2015. His goal was to start a race war between Caucasian Americans and African Americans. At 9.05pm, Roof opened fire and killed nine innocent people. All of them were black as Charleston Church is used by African Americans!

Ironically it was Dylann Storm Roof who finally made the Republican governor of Alabama realize that the CSA flag belonged in a museum. Roof was proud of the Confederate battle flag and used it in many of his pictures. Although many conservatives objected to the governor decision, the banner of the Confederate States of America was lowered at the Alabama State Capitol. Other states like South Carolina also removed the flag from their buildings. Companies like Wal-Mart, Sears, Amazon, Target and eBay no longer sell products with the CSA flag on them, ending the whitewashing of this racist symbol. It took nine innocent lives and although many whites are still supportive of this ”heritage” flag, it is a good start when people see the CSA battle flag in the hands of Dylann Storm Roof, who supported the segregation and racism of the former Confederate States of America!



After 150 years, the last flag of the CSA is removed from the state capitol in Alabama!