Socialism needed NOW, a letter to SYRIZA

The situation in Greece is now worsening. European capitalism will demand total austerity and SYRIZA is willing to compromise with the Troika. This is totally unacceptable and therefore I call on the left-wing of SYRIZA to reject compromises and the current government. The SYRIZA leadership is not socialist, but social democratic. They are not willing to fight for a Hellenic Socialist Republic. Greece is still a capitalist nation, led by capitalist laws. The Greek ruling class will use the upcoming referendum to spread fear. Irish workers were told that if they voted NO during the Lisabon Treaty referendum, that Ireland would end up bankrupt and that only Europe could save Ireland. This lie led to a YES vote, a vote that was won because of a massive fear campaign by the right-wing and the capitalist media!

SYRIZA must brake with the EU and call for a Hellenic Socialist Republic. But in the last 8 months, the government has done nothing but compromising with the EU and the IMF. Greek workers did not voted for SYRIZA just to see PASOK style politics. The Pan-Hellenic ”Socialist” Movement ( PASOK ) betrayed the Greek workers in 2009 by not rejecting EU austerity. PASOK choose to collaborate with the EU and the IMF. Although SYRIZA is rejecting full austerity, they seem to accept some demands of the EU. No talk is made about socialism. No talk about a democratic planned economy. SYRIZA has tried to play for time, but their time is out. The European Union demands privatizations and massive austerity!

Many Greeks are wondering why SYRIZA is not changing Greece. People are losing faith and are willing to capitulate before the EU bullies. There is a big chance that many will VOTE YES out of fear and desperation. The Greek left-wing needs to rally for socialism. If this does not happen then the right-wing will win again and massive poverty will be the result!

I call upon the true socialists of SYRIZA to fight for socialism and reject Alexis Tsipras reformism. He is not fighting for a socialist alternative and can therefore not remain as leader. He is a moderate socialist, reformist in outlook. But Greek workers do not need reformism or a slow road to change. They need a revolution and a society in which the means of production are owned by society under democratic management of workers and consumers!

Revolutionary Socialist Media calls for:

  • Refusal to pay the debt
  • Controls on capital flows and the state monopoly of foreign trade to protect the economy from the attack of the “markets”
  • The nationalization of the banks and the commanding heights of the economy, under democratic workers’ control and management – planning the economy for the needs of the people and not the profits of the capitalists
  • Reverse all the austerity cuts and introduce jobs for all with a living wage and free, quality health, education and welfare
  • The creation of popular assemblies and action committees of the rank and file in workplaces and communities – for the active participation of the working class and youth in the struggle against the Troika and for a socialist alternative
  • Appeal to workers and youth in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and across Europe to join the anti-austerity struggle and to fight for a socialist Europe

I hope SYRIZA London supports a true socialist alternative!

With socialist greetings,

Jorein Versteege

The Netherlands