Greek referendum, VOTE NO

The Greek government of Alexis Tsipras has called for a referendum on the question of the deal with the Troika. After 8 months of uncertainty, rising poverty and major threats from the EU, it seems that many Greek workers are willing to capitulate. This is a clear result of the inability of the SYRIZA leadership to present a socialist alternative. A YES vote will mean the end of Alexis Tsipras and his government. New elections could led to a victory for the pro-austerity forces, as New Democracy ( pro-austerity conservatives ) might be able to defeat SYRIZA. European capitalist media outlets call on Greek workers to accept austerity, they use the TINA ( There Is No Alternative ) effect and the inability of the Greek government to build socialism. Revolutionary socialists say; VOTE NO and force Tsipras to build a Hellenic Socialist Republic! 

Europe wants Greece at its knees. It wants to enforce poverty and misery for million of workers. The ruling class of Greece will use its resources to call for a YES vote, they have been strengthen by weakness of SYRIZA, the former Coalition of the ”Radical” Left. Pro-austerity forces are centered around New Democracy, a right-wing conservative party. New Democracy is the biggest opposition party to SYRIZA and worked with the EU to impose austerity on the Greeks. Now the conservatives know that they have a shot to win back power. Thanks to Alexis Tsipras and the reformist leadership of his party, the Greek working class is demoralized, exhausted and disillusioned. The Coalition of the ”Radical” Left promised to end austerity, but it never offered a alternative. Socialism was never talked about, instead SYRIZA kept the bourgeois state alive with all its reactionary elements!

Revolutionary socialists called on Alexis Tsipras to walk away and rally his people for a Hellenic Socialist Republic. But instead he kept stalling for time. He knew that Europe would not bow, but as a moderate socialist he is unable to see beyond the European Union. As a young boy Alexis Tsipras joined the Communist Youth but moved away from revolutionary socialism after the collapse of the USSR. He joined the predecessor of SYRIZA and became a moderate. For 8 months he tried to work a deal with the Troika ( EU and IMF ), but he is told that capitalism wants only one thing: the complete surrender of Greece. Tsipras was willing to make compromises and became more desperate as Europe rejected all of his proposals!

The YES camp in this referendum are driving by fear. Fear of more poverty and uncertainty if Greece leaves the European Union. The YES side may not agree with austerity, but they are willing to take it. We saw this in Ireland too were the European Union bullied and harassed the Irish voters into accepting the Lisbon Treaty of 2009. The NO camp is limited by its inability to present a socialist alternative for leaving the EU. This is how the YES side may win the referendum, by appealing on the fact that a capitalist Greece outside the EU is worse off. Revolutionary socialists call for a NO vote, but also say that only voting NO is not enough!

As said on the website of the Committee for a Workers International:

A ‘No’ vote on its own is not enough. A mass campaign on the streets and in the workplaces is needed to actively involve the working class in opposing the Troika. The huge Athens demonstrations called on 29 June by SYRIZA shows the potential for mass resistance. Committees of action in communities and workplaces can lead the struggle against the Troika. A decisive rupture with the Troika, refusal to pay the debt and nationalizations and a programme of socialist policies would win enormous support from the long-suffering Greek working class and middle classes. An appeal to the working class of Europe and especially the other indebted Eurozone countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland to show solidarity action, including holding mass protests in their own countries, would get an immediate and powerful response. The only real alternative to austerity and the boss’s EU is a socialist confederation of Europe, on a free and equal basis!

The Greek government urges the people to vote NO. But after 8 months and massive uncertainty, many workers are tired and feel the TINA ( There Is No Alternative ) effect. Socialism is the only forward!!