Here they go again

Here they go again, the undemocratic government of Turkey has started a ”investigation” into the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party ( HDP ), with the intention to ban the party. This leftist opposition party  stands in opposition to Turkish nationalism and is supportive of the Kurdish people. Turkey has no love for parties who support the Kurds, many parties have been banned for having links to the PKK – the Kurdistan Workers Party.  This tactic is used always to ban parties that have a strong base of support among the ethnic minorities in Turkey!

The Republic of Turkey is not a free democratic nation. In fact the regime in Ankara is led by conservative dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan since 2002. Many people may think that Turkey is a democracy since they allow many political parties. This is only true as long as these political parties, remain in line with the nationalist character of the state. Any party that renounces Turkish nationalism can be banned. Since most anti-nationalist political parites are weak, the state never banned most. But the new People’s Democratic Party has won over 80 seats in the last election. Thanks to massive support from the Kurdish voters, the HDP was able to prevent the conservatives from winning 2/3 of all seats in the parliament!

To be supportive of the Kurdish people is also enough for prosecution. Five political parties who supported the Kurds have been banned since 1993. The  European Court of Human Rights ruled that the banning of these parties has been a violation of freedom of speech. Yet the European Union has done nothing against Turkey. Because the Turks are a major NATO ally and are therefore not criticized. It is very possible that the current People’s Democratic Party ( HDP ) may also be banned soon. The Turkish regime blames the party for the violence in south Turkey. In reality dictator Erdoğan want to ban the HDP so that they can no longer be a voice for the Kurdish people, like the five parties before the HDP!

Turkey follows that path of another ”democratic” state that banned a leftist opposition party. The regime in South Korea recently banned the Unified Progressive Party for their so called ”support” for North Korea. You are called a ”North Korean sympathizer” if you:

– Reject American imperialism

– Reject the South Korean state

– Fight for a peaceful solution

– Fight for socialism in general

Even if you reject the regime in Pyongyang, the South Korean state many still arrest you. The Unified Progressive Party was the party that exposed late dictator Park Chung-hee as a Japanese soldier. This was a major embarrassment for the South Korean conservative elite, who still idolizes this dictatorial president. Because the UPP was also deeply against American presence in South Korea and because they exposed the anticommunist icon as a collaborator, the Republic of Korea banned the party. Turkey is doing the same thing!

Revolutionary socialists call for a end to the prosecution of the HDP leaders. The true criminals are the group around  Erdoğan. He and his capitalist allies are the true enemies of the Turkish people, as they build massive palaces for themselves while the population lives with very little. Turkey is still a poor nation with 16% of its population living in poverty. It is even said that 2/3 of all children are now coming from families who are struggling as the government turns a blind eye to their needs!

The regime has also been involved in supporting the Islamic State by hindering the Kurdish people from fighting against the reactionary forces. Turkey only started to attack the IS in July 2015, while at the same time bombing Kurdish positions in North Iraq. It is clear that the true enemy of the regime is not the IS, but the Kurdish troops in North Syria and North Iraq. Turkey fears them as the People’s Protection Units have grown to over 65.000 soldiers . They fear that these troops may be used to fight in Turkey with the PKK!

Although the pro-capitalist government of Iraqi Kurdistan is no supportive of the PKK, it is clear that popular support lies with the allies of the Kurdistan Workers Party. The Peshmerga may be better armed then the People’s Protection Units, but they lack the political strength to fight. Many Peshmerga units only fight for Iraqi Kurdistan and have no interests of fighting elsewhere. Also the government of Iraqi Kurdistan is a bourgeois centralized one, while the people of Syrian Kurdistan (  Rojava ) practise democratic confederarlism, a decentralized form of government!

Revolutionary socialists in Turkey say:

  • Stop the war and the plan by Turkish forces to occupy Syria and Rojava!
  • Open the borders to faciliate the movement of people and goods to Kobane, to rebuild the city!
  • We demand the immediate resignation of the Turkish Foreign and Interior Ministers!
  • Stop the Turkish government’s support for ISIS and other jihadist groups!
  • Stop the policies of State hostility towards the PYD and to the Kurdish people!
  • For a renewed mass struggle of Kurdish and Turkish workers and poor against jihadist terror and against the AKP government!
While many workers suffer from low wages and poverty. The dictator build himself a nice palace!

While many workers suffer from low wages and poverty. The dictator build himself a nice palace!