All Ukrainian communist parties to be banned

The anticommunist dictatorship in Ukraine is moving very fast to ban the whole communist ideology. All communist parties in Ukraine are to be banned says the nationalist government. The Communist Party of Ukraine ( biggest party ), the Communist Party of Workers and Peasants and the Reformed Communist Party of Ukraine are also not allowed to participate in the 2016 elections. This proofs that the Ukrainian government is undemocratic and therefore the enemy of all workers and poor people!

Since the ethnic Russian uprising in Eastern Ukraine, the far-right has won the popular support of many Ukrainians. 25 years of growing hatred between Ukrainians and Russians have now led to the rise of a undemocratic nationalist regime, that is using the War in Donbass as a excuse to ban the communist ideology. Petro Poroshenko is the president of Ukraine and the public face of Ukrainian anticommunism. As a wealthy oligarch he fits the picture perfectly. He claims that Ukraine has a right to remove itself from its Soviet past. By doing so, all places named after Soviet people are to be changed. From 1990 until 2015, Ukraine was a bourgeois democracy. Although the state was always corrupt, freedom of speech was tolerated until the summer of 2015!

Revolutionary socialists are not supporters of the communist parties in Ukraine. All these parties are based on stalinism. Joseph Stalin is the most visible icon on propaganda posters spread by the Communist Party of Ukraine. As anti-stalinists, revolutionary socialists reject Stalin, as he was the gravedigger of the socialist revolution. But many elderly in Ukraine do not know this. They are the Stalin generation, raised with the believes that Stalin made the USSR great and that he saved them from fascism!

While the communist parties are to be banned, far-right nationalists are giving free reign to vandalize and destroy Soviet monuments. The Ukrainian government has no problems with neo-Nazi’s painting antisemitic and anti-Russian slogans on fallen Lenin statues. Poroshenko is using the far-right against ethnic Russian Ukrainians, who in turn will look towards Russia for help against the ”fascist Ukrainians”. Moscow can be very happy that Poroshenko is banning the communist parties, it will fuel the Russian media with good stories about why the rebel ”people’s republics” in Donbass fight Kiev!

The Poroshenko regime  in Kiev has another reason why they now enforce hash anticommunist laws. Because Ukraine is making deals with the western world and the International Monetary Fund. The IMF is willing to give money, but in return they want a Ukraine that is fully supportive of neoliberal capitalism. Oligarch Poroshenko doesn’t mind. As a big-capitalist who owns a lot of businesses, he is fully supportive of neoliberal capitalism. The same kind of capitalism that caused massive poverty among elderly and does not give the youth a good future. Although the communist parties are limited by their Stalinist agenda’s, they are seen by many as the only leftist forces in Ukraine. It is therefore that Kiev is banning them, they are the only ones who stand against the oligarchy of Poroshenko!

Elections in Ukraine are now only open for anticommunist political parties. This should proof that this nation is now a dictatorship. But the European Union and the USA remain supportive and show no regards for freedom of speech. It comes again to no surprise for us, the western world never raised a finger about the cruel anticommunist regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Freedom of speech they only wanted for bourgeois-democrats and anticommunist conservatives like Poroshenko. Business comes before freedom, this is how Europe and America think!

We call on the Ukrainian workers to rise up and reject this anticommunist hatred. A big problem because the brainwashing and hatred of socialism and communism is very common among ordinary workers. Still revolutionary socialists must not give in to state terror and fear. Like the communist victims of Stalin, we stand proud for the ideals of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, which we will defend against the undemocratic regime in Kiev and those chauvinist Russian rebels who abuse them for their own nationalist needs!


1000 soldiers make up this Neo-Nazi battalion of the Ukrainian Army!

1000 soldiers make up this Neo-Nazi battalion of the Ukrainian Army!