What does it mean to be white?

Whites are a privileged group as they have never been discriminated against, They are the majority in the western world and saw themselves ( some still do ) as superior to other human races. Whites enslaved many people and exploited them through forced labour. The only other ethnic group that loved to enslave people were the Arabic people of the middle east. Arabs were masters of slavery, in fact white Europeans got the idea from them during the medieval period.

To be white today is still a privilege, but many Europeans do not see this. Dutch for example think that there is not racism in the Netherlands. But none-white Dutch know this is not true. There is ethnic discrimination and racism as many whites are misled by right-wing populists to believe that none-whites are giving special treatment by the Dutch government. Racism is also the product of capitalism as it aims to split the working class into two groups, one white and one none-white!