Failed businessman on the rise

He is a bombastic old man, 69 years old and very popular with conservatives. A icon of the ”American Dream”, rich and powerful and he wants to become President of the United States of America. His name is Donald Trump and he is leading the polls for the nomination of the Republican Party candidate, for the 2016 presidential elections. Trump is a billionaire, a member of the ruling class and a die-hard opportunistic guy. Praised by capitalists and the media, Trump is in fact a failed business man. Five of his enterprises went bankrupt, but his family name still stands for ”success” and power!

Donald Trump was born in 1946 to Fred Trump and Mary Trump. Father Fred was a real estate developer who started working at the age of only 15. During the 1930’s, the Trump family was among the first who introduced the concept of a supermarket. Trump Market motto during that time was: “Serve Yourself and Save!”, it was a huge hit. After only one year, Trump Market was sold to King Kullen and Fred Trump concentrated on building houses. During the war, he build barracks and garden apartments for U.S Navy personal!

After the war Fred Trump started working in New York, were he build n 27,000 low-income multifamily apartments and houses in the neighborhoods of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay, Flatbush, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, Flushing and Jamaica Estates in Queens. Trump Management Co was the name of his enterprise and in the 1960’s, his 18 year old son; Donald became part of the company. Slowly son Donald rose in the ranks and in 1974, he reached the top. Donald Trump became president of his father’s enterprise at the age of 28. With loaned money from his dad, Donald entered the real estate business in Manhattan!

His first run in with the law was in 1973 when he was accused of violating the Fair Housing Act. Trump responded that the New York government only targeted him because he was rich and that he was forced by this act to rent houses to poor people. Donald Trump never liked poor people who live on government support. As his empire grew, Trump Management Co was renamed the Trump Organisation in 1980.  Millions of dollars were made, but at the same time Trump made some very bad investments. This led to the bankruptcy of at least five companies, who were part of his Trump Organisation. It also brought him close to personal bankruptcy!

Although in a bad position, Donald Trump remained bombastic and rejected any claims that he was in trouble. It was the name Trump that kept his head above water. He used the media as a weapon to spread the story about how ”successful” he was as a businessman. Loved by the American bourgeoisie and sensation media, he launched a board-game called ”Trump: The Game in 1988, which sold poorly. ”Trump: The Game” is basically a Monopoly game, about greed and money. Typical for Donald Trump, as everything in his life is centered around making high risks and huge profits!

Fred Trump was out of the picture by the 1990’s. By now the founder of his son’s wealth, was old and no longer in control. While son; Donald took a luxurious and bombastic lifestyle with the best of the best, Fred remained modest and frugality, saving whatever was unused. The last six years of his life were marked by Alzheimer’s disease, he died of pneumonia in 1999 at the age of 93!

With the completion of the Trump World Tower in 2001, Donald Trump recovered from his bad years. He was again the billionaire that the media loved. His organisation then became building the Riverside South in Manhattan, also called Trump Place. It features 16 apartment-buildings with a total of 5.800  residential units. Donald Trump also wanted to build a water park and offices, but this was not approved. As a lover of sensation, he created a television series called; The Apprentice. Run for the first time in 2004, the series are about man and woman competing with each other for a job with the Trump Organisation. At the end of each episode, they are summon to the ”Big Boss” himself who then interrogates the final candidates. Those who are ”unworthy” of serving his needs are fired by Donald Trump!

Like the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump spend millions on ( right-wing ) political leaders. Although a conservative Republican today, Donald Trump was in fact a member of the Democratic Party from 2001 until 2009. He turned to the GOP after Barack Obama was elected president. Trump was among the many idiots who questioned Obama’s birth certificate and remained skeptic. In 2005, he married former model and jewelry designer: Melania Knauss. She and Donald Trump have a age gap of 24 years. Before  Knauss, Trump was married two times!

As a member of the right-wing Reform Party in the 1990’s, Donald Trump tried to run for the office of President of the USA. Back then he only got the nomination from one state. In 2012, there were speculations that he would run as a candidate for the Republican Party. But he choose to support Mitt Romney instead. After the defeat of the GOP in the 2012 elections, Trump became more active in politics.  For his active support of Zionism, he is loved in Israel as he supports Benjamin Netanyahu’s oppressive regime. His fame grew as he presented himself as a ”alternative” to the politics of Washington DC. Many right-wing conservatives who always admired him, were now more then ever willing to support his personality!

Why do many American workers love Donald Trump? The reason is that he is presented as a successful man, self made and wealthy thanks to ”hard-work”. Many workers can only dream of the wealth that Trump enjoys. The illusions that all can get rich by working hard, is still burned on the minds of millions of Americans.  A complete lack of class consciousness is also the reason why many workers admire people like Donald Trump. They fail to see that the wealth of Trump is build on exploitation and greed. His enterprises do not care about nature and people. This is shown by the documentary; ”You’ve Been Trumped” about people fighting against the tycoon in Scotland. It also shows how capitalist governments choose to side with Donald Trump against the people!

In August 2015, Donald Trump has won 25%  of the support for the nomination. He is the most popular candidate for the Republican Party as of 19 August 2015. If he wins the nomination, then the conservatives will lose the White House for the third time. Trump is a lose cannon and will not win the votes of ethnic minorities such as Blacks, Hispanics and Mexicans. Many White Americans may also think twice before voting for a guy like Donald Trump. A racist who thinks that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. His economic politics will benefit the rich and the wealthy, not the 99% of all Americans!

As many dictators, Trump is also a nepotist. This means he is enforcing nepotism in his Trump Organisation. His sons; Donald Trump Junior and Eric Trump are vice presidents of the organisation. Only daughter; Ivanka Trump is also a vice president. They are giving millions of dollars to make their own fortune. Neither his sons nor his daughter will ever know how it is to struggle in a capitalist economy. They are born in wealth and will die in wealth. This is why revolutionary socialists also reject the capitalist system. The Trump children are millionaires just by birthright!

 On 13 August 2015, NBC announced that Donald Trump was not allowed to return for a new season of The Apprentice. After his racist remarks, NBC broke with the billionaire and all his shows were cancelled. Some estimate that Trump has already lost millions because of his political statements. He might have won the hearts of many right-wing Republicans, but the bombastic capitalist is now facing rejection from the bourgeoisie itself. Because the one thing capitalists do not like is a guy who could unite the working class against them. Donald Trump’s racism and egocentric behavior are bad propaganda for the American ruling class. It is possible they will support Hillary Clinton should she win the nomination. Clinton is a woman of Wall Street and has shown to be supportive of the markets!

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is winning support on the Democratic side. His progressive social democratic agenda is loved by many, compare to the pseudo-liberal campaign of Hillary Clinton. Sanders is not a revolutionary socialist, but he is offering a change which is far more genuine, then what Barack Obama promised in 2008. While Obama and Clinton have always been moderate Democrats, Bernie Sanders has never been part of the Democratic Party until now. This is also his biggest mistake as he wrongly believes that the Democratic Party can be used as a vehicle for change. Running as a independent leftist candidate would give him far better change. Because for most Democrats, Bernie Sanders is a leftist outsider!

Should Donald Trump win the nomination and should Bernie Sanders become his opponent, it is very possible that the White House will be controlled by a social democrat. Because there is no way Donald Trump is elected president. He might win the far-right conservative vote in the south, but since the USA is more then just these states, he will lose. Bernie Sanders is a true progressieve and not a pseudo one like Obama, his record proofs of that. But it is unlikely he will win the nomination,  because Hillary Clinton is far more inline with the neoliberal agenda of both  Wall Street and the majority of Democrats. Sanders is popular with his voters in the State of Vermont, but he is not loved by the rich and the ruling class. Sanders has gathered 15 million dollars in donations from 250.000 people.  Hillary Clinton is close to 45 million dollars in donations!

Trump is still steaming forward with the sensation media right behind him. Even the bullies at Fox News cannot keep up with the big mouth of billionaire Trump. Thanks to his own money he can spread his bombastic image. But will it be enough to win the Republican nomination? In August 2015, it looks like Trump is the most popular candidate. Revolutionary socialists  will call on workers to reject Donald Trump and expose him for the capitalist exploiter he truly is!