Split in SYRIZA and new elections

Its over, the former ”Coalition of the ( pseudo ) Radical Left” has split and Alexis Tsipras has lost his majority in the Greek parliament. In January, the European left-wing looked with hopes to Greece, as SYRIZA was elected. However instead of building a socialist alternative to European capitalism, SYRIZA desperate tried to make a deal with the capitalist EU. Brussels refused and President Jeroen Dijsselbloem of the Eurogroup, demanded austerity and capitalist politics in Greece.  Tsipras capitulated and used TINA as excuse. However 25 parliamentarians of SYRIZA refused to follow their leader. They split from Tsipras’s party and founded a new anti-austerity party called Popular Unity! 

Popular Unity is named after the former coalition of President Allende of Chile. The Greek; Popular Unity remains in opposition to European austerity, while the party leadership of SYRIZA has capitulated and agreed to the demands of Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Unlike SYRIZA, Popular Unity wants Greece to leave the Eurozone and is far more radical leftist. In the last three years after the 2012 elections, the Coalition of the Radical Left turned into a political party. However at the same time they also abandoned many socialist ideals. After SYRIZA won the elections in January, Alexis Tsipras desperate fought for a good deal with Europe. But the EU wanted their money back and demanded austerity!

In a referendum, the people of Greece rejected austerity. But because of the TINA ( There Is No Alternative ) effect, Alexis Tsipras surrendered. In the parliament, he said that Europe is blackmailing Greece, but that they have to accept their demands. Again, because of TINA and the weakness of SYRIZA’s ideology. 25 members of parliament around Panagiotis Lafazanis, Dimitris Stratoulis and Costas Isychos split from SYRIZA and created Popular Unity. This split was inevitable as Tsipras betrayal was unacceptable. As a former member of the Communist Youth of Greece, Tsipras should have known that there was a socialist alternative. But since the Greek communists are deeply Stalinist, it is very possible that Tsipras was never able to see beyond the limits of the ( failed ) Stalinist ideology!

Revolutionary socialists are not surprised that the left-wing of SYRIZA in the parliament has split. These 25 elected representatives refused to bow down and remained loyal to the principals of rejecting neoliberalism. Shame to the remaining 124 SYRIZA members who voted in favor of austerity, thereby betraying the very reason why they were elected. European capitalism believed they won the day, but the Greek working class is not defeated. Sure they feel betrayed and many suffer from the TINA effect. This is why a socialist alternative is needed, to show that there is a alternative. This alternative is still socialism and although called ”death and failed” is the only way forward. Capitalism is not the alternative!

New elections are to be held on 20 September 2015. European capitalism is putting all its hopes on the Greek right-wing including the pseudo-leftist PASOK and Democratic Left and SYRIZA itself. Greek workers must reject the party they once trusted in January. If Alexis Tsipras wins another majority, then he will carry out the demands of Jeroen Dijsselbloem and the Eurogroup. For Greece there is not alternative as long as they stay inside the Eurozone and the EU. Europe demands austerity and a capitalist Greece. Any socialist should understand that you cannot build socialism inside a economic union, build for the needs of capitalists not workers!

Popular Unity is a new party, but can fail as easy as SYRIZA did. What Tsipras’s party lacks is a socialist program. It also lacks the political will to brake with capitalism and build a Hellenic Socialist Republic. Back in January, Revolutionary Socialist Media warned SYRIZA about its weak program and its willingness to compromise with the neoliberal elite in Brussels. After seven months, the Greek government did capitulated under the TINA effect, all because Alexis Tsipras could see not see a alternative!

Meanwhile the Greek capitalists take not chances. Since January they have tried to hinder the government, by moving their wealth out of the nation. We saw this in Venezuela too, were the government and the ruling class face each other in bitter media conflicts. Both the Venezuelan and Greek government never broke with the capitalist system, allowing capitalists and their allies to create poverty and insecurity among ordinary people. Price controls were introduced in Greece, but too late. Alexis Tsipras ( like Hugo Chavez ) did not nationalized the means of production, under democratic control of workers councils. Although some companies in Venezuela were nationalized, they are not under working class control ( they are under bureaucratic state control ). In Greece, most companies who are occupied and run by workers do so because their capitalist bosses abandoned them!

Greece now has the following political parties in its parliament as of August 2015:

Coalition of the Radical Left – SYRIZA Moderate socialism, pro-EU
Popular Unity  Revolutionary socialism, anti-EU
New Democracy  Liberal conservatism, pro-EU
Golden Dawn  Greek fascism, anti-EU
The River  Social liberalism, pro-EU
Communist Party of Greece – KKE Marxism-Leninism ( Stalinism ), anti-EU
Independent Greeks National conservatism, anti-EU
Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement – PASOK Social democracy, pro-EU