Turkish nationalist terror

Far-right nationalists from the Turkish; Nationalist Movement Party attacked the buildings of the pro-Kurdish; People’s Democratic Party ( HDP ) across Turkey. Their aim is to destroy the leftist party and to spread fear and terror into the minds of leftist Turks and ethnic Kurds. The MHP is using the ongoing conflict between the PKK and the state as excuse, to attack and destroy buildings and offices of the leftist HDP. In the last months the violence between the Turkish Armed Forces and the PKK’s People’s Defence Force ( HPG ) escalated. Hundreds of HPG fighters have been killed, in revenge the Kurdish fighters started to murder police officers and soldiers. These revenge killings of public officials is very counter-productive as it fuels the Turkish nationalist propaganda!

The Turkish state started this conflict in the 1980’s, when they oppressed the ethnic Kurdish population. Out of the struggle for a independent Kurdistan came the PKK – Kurdistan Workers Party. Their attacks against the state and army are called terrorist by both Turkey and the western imperialist world. Revolutionary socialists do not agree with this. Sure some actions of the PKK can be called terrorist, but their actions are directed against a colonialist oppressor. Turkey has never given the Kurds ( or any ethnic minority ) any basic human rights. Kurdish language was forbidden, Kurdish children were told to behave as Turks and be nationalist!

After the European Union was founded, the leaders of Europe tried to win Turkey over to their side. This is why Germany banned the PKK in 1993,  nine years later the whole EU designated the PKK as a ”terrorist” organisation.  After the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Syrian wing of the PKK ( PYD ) became a vital fighter against Islamic terrorism. But Turkey refuses to accept the PYD and  their armed militia the YPG. For the nationalist Turks, both the PYD and YPG are as evil as the Islamic State is. Europe therefore does not support Rojava or Syrian Kurdistan, which is under democratic self-management of Kurds!

In late July, Turkey started to intervene in the Syrian Civil War by bombing both IS positions and HPG bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. This triggered angry responses from the HPG which had kept a low profile in Turkey after the 2013 peace talks. But because of Turkey’s attack the armed militia choose revenge and attacked Turkish police officers and soldiers. Now the government of president/dictator Erdogan was free to launch a full war against the HPG positions in both Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan!

The Turkish media is very on sided and loves to portray the deaths of innocent police officers and soldiers. They do not however tell of the hundreds of PKK members and civilians murdered in Iraqi Kurdistan because their terror attacks. One party that rejects the nationalist warmonger is the HDP or People’s Democratic Party. Founded in 2012, the HDP is a fusion of Kurdish and Turkish leftists. Far-right nationalists are calling for a complete ban on the party, because it would support the PKK and ”terrorism” as they call it. As the HPG started with revenge killings, the nationalists of the Nationalist Movement Party ( MHP ) started  with terror attacks on leftists and HDP buildings!

Although Revolutionary Socialist Media can understand the anger of the Kurds and the desire to strike back, the revenge killings of the HPG are counter-productive and must stop. Because it brings the Turkish working class right into the arms of the reactionary groups like the MHP. In the media, young Turks only read about terror attacks and the killing of ”innocents”. Many are also forced to join the army as conscription is enforced in Turkey. Meaning the working class soldiers are now targeted by the PKK for revenge!

Dictator Erdogan planned this from the start. He knew that an attack on HPG forces in Iraqi Kurdistan would trigger an angry reaction from the PKK. Having lost his 2/3 majority thanks to the People’s Democratic Party, he plans to use the terror of the PKK to win the upcoming election. In his mind he hopes that a massive nationalist campaign, will bring 2/3 of the Turks in line with his conservative party. Then he can turn Turkey into a presidential republic and rule with huge powers like Putin in Russia!

Another reason why the revenge killings are counter-productive is the Turkish police. They have a reason to start arresting critics of the president. In recent weeks many leftist Turks and Kurds were arrested. There is a growing fear that the violence could lead to a civil war in South East Turkey ( Turkish Kurdistan ). Only a mass movement of workers from both Turkish and Kurdish working classes can prevent this. This is why revolutionary socialists call on both the Turkish government and the PKK, to stop their violent actions. Sure the government started it and the Kurds are the victims here. But revenge killings will only serve the agenda of Ankara and the far-right nationalists!

Revolutionary socialists say:

• No to the AKP-led “Palace’s war”; cease all military operations immediately

• No to racist attacks on the Kurds – the real enemies are those who rule the country

• The PKK should immediately end all its attacks

• Build a grass-roots movement against war, where democratic demands are united with working class social demands

• No to creating a Turkish-USA imperialist buffer zone

• Stop Turkey’s support to jihadist groups

• Raise the joint struggle of the Turkish and Kurdish working class against jihadist terror and the warmongering AKP government

• Struggle for a democratic and socialist Middle-East confederation, on voluntary basis, against oppression and capitalism!



Many nationalists in Turkey want the HDP banned. They claim the party is supporting the PKK!