Burkina Faso: UPDATE!

The Regiment of Presidential Security in Burkina Faso, have returned political power to the provisional government. Although the coup is over, the RSP has won a great victory. Because the party of their president in exile Blaise Compaoré, is now allowed to participate in the upcoming election. Also there is an amnesty for all RSP soldiers who participated in the militarist coup.  This means that figures like Gilbert Diendere, are not prosecuted from their attempts to remove a civilian government by force!

Revolutionary socialists disagree with the provisional government and call for:

  • The Regiment of Presidential Security is to be disbanded, all soldiers who participated in the coup are to be arrested, no amnesty is to be given!
  • Gilbert Diendere must be investigated for his actions while serving Blaise Compaoré, especially his part in the murder of Thomas Sankara in 1987!
  • A mass workers party must be build in order for the working class to have a voice in the upcoming election!
  • The media must be taken out of the hands of the corrupt state bureaucracy and into the hands of the people!
  • An open investigation must start against the ”Congress for Democracy and Progress” and its leaders from 1996 until 2014!
  • For a socialist Burkina Faso as part of a socialist federation of Africa