Greek class-traitors ready to sell seaports and airports

The Greek class-traitors of SYRIZA are ready to sell numerous seaports and airports to capitalists. With the money made they will pay off Greece enormous debs caused by mismanagement of previous capitalist governments. The class-traitors of SYRIZA promised in January 2015 to stop austerity, but under IMF/EU pressure they surrendered. Not only did they betrayed their socialist ideology, but also millions of Greek workers who hoped for changes after years of mismanagement and corruption by conservative and social democratic governments!

Revolutionary socialists feared that SYRIZA would not be able to bring genuine change to Greece. Unfortunate we were proven right. Although many revolutionary socialists fought inside SYRIZA for a socialist program and a revolutionary workers party, the leadership around class-traitor Alexis Tsipras choose to capitulate before the Troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank. Euro Group leader and social democrat; Jeroen Dijsselbloem made it very clear to Tsipras: His government had to carry out austerity and social cuts, otherwise it would not get European monetary aid!

Unable to see a alternative to the demands of the European Union, Alexis Tsipras and the majority of SYRIZA representatives surrendered and used TINA as excuse for their betrayal. TINA means There Is No Alternative, a phrase invented by right-wing British leader; Margaret Thatcher who said that there was no alternative then right-wing neoliberal capitalism. She said this after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Stalinist planned economies!

Tsipras used the same phrase to hide the fact that he saw no way out. True he was blackmailed and bullied by the Troika. But as a former member of the Communist Youth of Greece, he should have known this would happen. His reformism and desperate attempts to make deals with the European Commission, show his complete inability to see beyond the framework of a bourgeois-democracy. Revolutionary socialists said that there was a alternative, but this would have meant that Greece leaves the Euro Zone and stands on its own. Yes, it would not been easy and Greece had to become socialist, but unlike now it would be independent of the capitalist EU!

A Hellenic Socialist Republic could have become a beacon for other European nations struggling with poverty. Socialism would become a alternative model again if Greece had carried out a socialist revolution. But SYRIZA refused this and like the social democrats of PASOK, they capitulated before the markets and their capitalist politicians. Proofing why moderate socialists and social democrats are not a way forward for workers and poor people!

Now the SYRIZA government is ready to privatize major seaports and airports. These ports are to be sold to capitalists, who will turn them into commercial enterprises. As many Greeks are living off less then 600 to 1000 euros each month, commercialism will not help them. Many would lose their jobs as former state-enterprise will be sold off and restructured to compete in the world market. We have seen what the consequences were in nations like East Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and the former Yugoslavia. Average wages in these nations are still much lower then in western Europe. Bulgaria and Romania are the most corrupt and unequal of all European Union member states. None-EU nations like Moldova and Ukraine are living under a corrupt capitalist oligarchy, who exploit the wealth of these nation for their own greed!

The elections in September this year were not a victory for SYRIZA. They only won because many workers choose the lesser evil. The low turnout proofs that Greek workers have lost their believes in elections. In eastern Europe, elections turnout are also very low with only 41% of all Romanians voting in the last election. Bulgarians also refused massively to vote, 51% showed up in 2014. Polish voters are also historic low with 48% in 2011. New elections in Poland are to be held on 25 October 2015, but with only bourgeois parties who get media attention, it seems that many will choose to stay home!

SYRIZA formed a government with right-wing nationalists again, much like the first Tsipras government. Now both the pseudo-leftists and right-wing nationalists are ready to serve the Troika of the IMF, the EU and the banks. Revolutionary socialists call on Greek workers not to give up hope. Yes, they are betrayed and many are feeling disillusioned. But surrendering means poverty and more desperation. The left-wing of SYRIZA who split away to form Popular Unity can still grow into something good. But only if they are willing to brake with the logic of SYRIZA and capitalism altogether. Many leaders of Popular Unity were shocked that they did not win any seats. This was a major setback to those who hoped, to fight Alexis Tsipras in the Greek parliament. Now the deeply sectarian; Communist Party of Greece, is the only left-wing force to oppose austerity and privatisations in parliament!

The struggle against privatisations and austerity is to be fought on the streets. Popular Unity can become a socialist alternative, if they provide on for the workers, the poor and the youth. This means offering clear socialist ideals, not just opposition to austerity alone. Fighting for socialism means rejecting the markets, rejecting the European Union, nationalization of the means of production under democratic control of workers councils. It is not enough to say we oppose the cuts, because Greeks want alternatives. The far-right Golden Dawn blames all problems on Albanian migrants and foreigners. Greek fascists are winning support because the radical left is not offering clear alternatives!

Workers who work at seaports and airports must rally to oppose privatisations. They can show Athens what class struggle truly means. Some smaller businesses have already been taken over by workers, after their capitalist bosses abandoned them. These workers run enterprises show that capitalist control is not needed. In Argentina, the Hotel Bauen is under self management since 2003.  Proofing that we don’t need capitalists or their bosses. We don’t need them to run our workplaces and our economy!