Ukraine: Local elections, no alternative for workers and poor

Local elections are held in the anticommunist dictatorship of Ukraine. These pseudo-elections serve only one group, the oligarchs and the pro-western groups. Since the oligarch government of Petro Poroshenko banned all communist parties from participating in these elections, they are neither free nor fair. This fact is not reported in the capitalist media, who fail to mention that the right-wing regime in Kiev is not only limiting freedom of speech, it is also rewriting history in favor of far-right nationalist Ukrainians who supported Hitler during world war 2!

But even with the participation of the communist parties, the local elections would not offer any alternatives for workers and poor people. In Ukraine, elections have always been dominated by two groups. The pro-western, pro-European group of liberals and anti-Russian conservatives. On the other side, the pro-Russian group of anti-western conservatives and stalinists. The Communist Party of Ukraine has been a Russian chauvinist force and always supported pro-Russian governments. It even participated in the Viktor Yanukovich government, that ruled from 2010 until late 2013. Most communist parties in Ukraine are Stalinist and worship the Soviet-Union!

Few young people choose to vote on these pseudo-communists. Most voters who voted on the Communist Party of Ukraine are elderly people, who remember the days when the Soviet state gave them social security, which is missing in the current capitalist hell that is Ukraine since 1990. Also many youth are driving by anticommunism and hatred for revolutionary socialism, because their history-books equal Lenin with Stalin, to brainwash the youth to oppose Marxism. Young Ukrainians are very supportive of the ban on communism as they think all communists support totalitarianism. They are unable to see the difference between the Stalinist monolith of the USSR and the ideology of a socialist society, based on workers control over the means of production!

For workers and poor these elections will bring nothing. The oligarchs of Ukraine play a big part. Big billboards can be seen were capitalist enterprises offer 50% discounts, if people vote for a candidate favored by the ruling class. There is no party for workers and young. Out of the 132 political parties and groups active, none offer a socialist alternative in these local elections. Liberals want a fair and democratic Ukraine, but part of the European-Union. Poroshenko’s liberal conservatives may support the west against Russia, however their oligarch masters do not like the idea of European regulations. Finally, the stalinists reject Kiev as pure ”fascist” and repeat the same Soviet rhetoric. Still for all their anti-capitalist propaganda, they favor Vladimir Putin and his imperialist plans!

In the eastern provinces there will be no local elections. The separatist ”people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, reject Ukrainian elections. They claim to have their own elections, which are not democratic either. In separatist held town and cities, only supporters of great Russian chauvinism are free to speak. Supporters of Kiev are called ”fascists” and ”agents of the western world”. There are also far-right Russians participating in the war against Ukraine. This is very ironic as Moscow claims that the separatists fight ”fascism”. The truth is that fascists and far-right nationalists, fight on both sides. Because this conflict is a post-Soviet nationalist war, between two ethnic groups!

Russian National Unity is a neo-nazi party in Russia and it is participating in the War in Donbass. It was founded in October 1991, during the last months of the USSR. Alexander Barkashov is the founding father of this far-right hate group, that calls for the removal of all none-Russians from the Russian Federation. As Boris Yeltsin plunged the nation into poverty and chaos, Barkashov found recruits among young Russians who felt betrayed and abandoned. Like most neo-nazi’s, Russian National Unity blames Jews and foreigners for the collapse of the Russian economy in the 1990’s. It is very similar to the former Social National Party of Ukraine, today called the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”!

Other far-right nationalist groups fighting for the separatists, are orthodox Christians from Hungary and Bulgaria. These religious groups want to help the so called ”people’s republics” to build a orthodox society, free from secular ideals such as gay rights, woman rights and the right to criticize religion. Many soldiers of the Donetsk and Lughansk militia’s openly reject secularism and wish to have Christian orthodoxy as state-religion. Proofing that the separatists are not only Russian chauvinists, but also supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church!

The local elections will strengthen only one group; the oligarchs. It does not matter if they support or oppose Poroshenko. Ukraine is a battlefront for ethnic nationalism and there is zero tolerance for those who oppose it. Corruption and capitalist exploitation go on, with the average wage of Ukrainian workers is just below 200 dollars a month. Even Russians earn more money then Ukrainians today. Poverty may rise as the government is planning on privatizing more state enterprises, on the orders of the European Union. Oligarchs cannot wait to get their hands on more means of production, to raise their wealth. Revolutionary socialists call on workers and trade unions to reject the Kiev government and the separatists. Ukraine must reject both Brussels and Moscow!

We say:

  • No to the government of Petro Poroshenko
  • No to the corrupt oligarchs in both Ukraine and Russia
  • No to the manipulations of the Kremlin
  • No to the reactionary separatists and their orthodox allies
  • No to the Ukrainian nationalists who vandalize and destroy Soviet monuments
  • Build a workers party for all ethnic groups, that fights for a unified; Ukrainian Socialist Workers Republic 
  • Nationalize all means of production, expropriate oligarchs like Poroshenko
  • Use the wealth for the millions, not the billionaires
  • Expose the stalinists as enemies of the working class, by showing how reactionary stalinism has been



Soviet, Czarist and Nationalist symbols are mixed in this ethnic conflict between Russians and Ukrainians!