Bolivia: Israël is a terrorist state

Finally a head of state has said what only Palestinians have dared to say. While 2.000 residents of Gaza were murdered in 2014, the world never dared to call Israel a terrorists state. This title was only reserved for nations that supported terrorism against western nations, such as Syria, North Korea, Libya and Iraq under Saddam Hussein. That Israeli soldiers have killed over 10.000 Palestinians since the year 2000, does not count as terror. That Israel rejects the United Nations demands, does not count. But now Evo Morales of Bolivia has declared that the State of Israel is a terrorist state and he is right to call the Zionists that way!

Bolivia has been rejecting western imperialism since 2006, after Evo Morales was elected president. He rejected the dogma’s of Washington DC and stood on a leftist populist agenda, to include the indigenous population in the political life. Until then, the natives had little parliamentary representation. The Republic of Bolivia was ruled by the decedents of Spanish imperialism, who cared little for the traditions and life of the indigenous Bolivians. Evo Morales is different, he is a Aymara who come from the Andes and Altiplano regions of South America!

After Morales became president, he changed the name of Bolivia from ”Republic of Bolivia” to ”Plurinational State of Bolivia”. He added the indigenous Wiphala as national symbol which is flown next to the national flag. Right-wing opponents do not like Morales support for the indigenous population. Especially the white rich who tried many dirty tricks to reduce the power of the central government. Although an anti-imperialist president, Morales cannot be called a revolutionary socialist. After nine years in power, his government is more in line with social democracy!

Bolivia remains a capitalist nation, although the state has taken a stronger role in the economic life. Revolutionary socialists welcome the social programs to reduce poverty and including the indigenous population in the political and economic arena. But we criticize the government for its lack of building a socialist alternative. Morales claims he is a ”democratic socialist” but like the late Hugo Chavez, his Movement for Socialism ( MAS ) has not broken with capitalism. Like the United Socialist Party of Venezuela ( PSUV ), MAS is more a party for the president, not a vehicle for the working class. If Morales does not build socialism, the capitalist opposition may be able to win back support as in Venezuela. At this moment however MAS remains popular, with 2/3 of all Bolivians supporting it!

To call the State of Israel a terrorist state, means you have to be courageous. Israel is supported by the might of the American Empire and Washington DC is very protective of its Zionist child.  Still Evo Morales is not afraid of the USA, he is willing to show the world the true. That Israel is undemocratic and conducting state-terrorist operations against the Palestinian people. He rightfully recalls that the Zionists have rejected UN demands and keep building more Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine. Israel has no desire for peace and the recent killings of Israelis by Palestinians, is a clear proof of that. Many young Palestinians are desperate and resort to individual terrorism, after seeing the injustice of Zionist occupation. Revolutionary socialists understand their frustration, but we reject individual terrorism as this only drive the Israeli working class into the arms of murderers like Benjamin Netanyahu!

Revolutionary socialists call for a secular socialist Palestine, next to a secular socialist Israel. In time these two nations then can become part of a unified socialist federation of the Middle East. Such a federation under the banner of Marxist socialism, would end the enormous poverty and inequality  created by the capitalist system and western imperialism. It would end the rule of despotic dictators like Bashar Al-Assad, the reactionary Saudi’s and the military regime in Egypt. Socialism cannot be build winout the unity of all workers. This is why Israeli workers need to link up with their Arab brothers and sisters. Socialists reject ethnic and religious nationalism. Islamic and Zionist forces try to split the working class. This is why we fight both Islamism and Zionism. No to a Jewish or Islamic state in Israel and Palestine!