We will not be divided

129 innocent civilians were murdered in the streets of Paris, as terrorists of the Islamic State carried out their bloody attacks. This is the first major assault against a western nation by the extremist group. Their goal is to split the French working class between Muslims and none-Muslims. But they are wrong to think that we will allows this to happen. We stand united against their far-right reactionary ideology. At the same time revolutionary socialists call for massive rejection of ethnic nationalism!

The cowards of the Islamic State know that the western world would be in shock, if innocent civilians would be killed. So they organized this massacre to kill as many people as possible. 129 were murdered as terrorist teams attacked different targets in Paris. Three bombs went off at a football match between France and Germany, while terrorists opened fire in a theater killing over 80 visitors. Most deaths that night died at the Bataclan Theater, other victims were gunned down as they were sitting at restaurants enjoying the evening!

These criminal attacks on the people of Paris shown one thing: the Islamic State is nothing more but a far-right organisation, that promotes ethnic hatred and individual terrorism.  Therefore we call on all workers of France to unite against these mass murderers and to support the working class of Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan in their struggle. Syrian Kurds need our solidarity the most, as they fight on the front lines against the terrorists!

Rojava ( Syrian Kurdistan ) tries to build a different society then Iraqi Kurdistan. One that is free from capitalism, sectarianism and centralism. However our western governments support Turkey which is deeply hostile to Rojava and their struggle for democratic confederalism. The Kurdish; Popular Protection Units ( YPG ) are linked to the Syrian wing of the PKK, it is therefore that they do not get western support. Brussels and Washington DC rather support the nationalist government in Ankara, then these brave Kurdish freedom-fighters in Rojava!

The current politics of western nations will only fuel more hatred and terrorism. Because many young Muslims in the western world are not feeling at home. Deep anger is the result of discrimination and rejection by French society, which grows more racist. As many Islamic families live in poor neighborhoods, many youth feel no connection to French society and are therefore a very easy source for terrorist propaganda. Revolutionary socialists call on French workers to unite, not only against the Islamic State but also against the social democratic government and the far-right Front National!

Marine Le Pen will use these attacks to fuel her nationalist agenda. Islam will be portrayed as evil and Muslims as ”potential terrorists”. This is what the Islamic State wishes to see, they want to split Muslim workers from none-Muslim workers. At the same time the French government, could use the terror attacks to ban civil liberties and promote an atmosphere of fear. This is what the right-wing wants, therefore organisations of the working class like trade unions and leftist political parties need to rally against austerity and terrorism. Because it is thanks to the French social democrats that many young Muslims feel abandoned and isolated. Social democracy in France has carried out the same austerity politics, as the previous conservative government. They are like the Democratic Party of Barack Obama who promised CHANGE in 2008, but delivered nothing!!

Nationalists will abuse the anger and desperation of French workers. But their message is to blame it all on Muslims and Islam. Don’t blame poverty, don’t blame discrimination, don’t blame the bombing of Syria. Blame the French Muslims who want to destroy ”freedom and democracy”. Revolutionary socialists reject this hatred as we also reject the far-right; Islamic State, which is a terrorist organisation that prays on the same things as ethnic nationalists in Europe do. They pray on poverty, abandonment, insecurity and massive anger of the Sunni-Muslim youth!

But we will not be afraid nor divided. We call on massive unity of workers, poor and youth of all ethnic groups and religions. Again the old battle cry of Karl Marx remains our slogan. A cry against ethnic nationalism and terrorism:

Proletarians of the World Unite!