Radical right-wing Republicans

Today it seems that the American: Republican Party has become a party of the radical right. Radical in the sense that they call for war, terror, capitalist rule and racism. Republicans want to wage war with Iran, a dangerous idea since the Iranian Islamic Armed Forces are much stronger then the wrecked Afghan and Iraqi forces the Americans faced in 2001 and 2003. At home a Republican candidate calls for massive deregulation, tax cuts for the super rich and the mass deportations of Muslims. Although not all Republican candidates support racist ideals, most conservative voters love Donald Trump and his racist anti-Muslim rhetoric!  

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a Republican president in the 1950’s. Deeply anticommunist, he supported the totalitarian right-wing regimes in South Korea and South Vietnam. However unlike modern day Republicans, Eisenhower would be called a moderate Democrat, somebody like President Barack Obama. Back then the Republican Party did not oppose the federal tax system, which forced the super rich to pay almost 84% on federal income taxes over 200.000 dollars!

Today all Republicans call for lower taxes on the rich and big corporations. Because the ”Grand Old Party” (GOP) of today is a pure capitalist party, a political vehicle for the 1%, the people who’s income is so high they can afford almost everything. However the Republican electorate is not super rich. Most GOP voters are ordinary workers, many live on average ( 40.000 dollars )  or low income (  20.000 dollars ) wages. Why do these workers vote for such a plutocratic party?

Brainwashing and Fox News, is the answer. Most American workers are raised with the idea that taxes and government regulations are a ”evil”. Conservatives and liberals have fought many battles of how much regulation is needed. Historically both conservatism and liberalism reject too much government control and spending. Classic liberals and conservatives opposed a welfare state, this is why unlike Europe there remains a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Today the question is about social spending and how much tax money is used. Republicans wish to minimize social spending, but love to spend billions on the military and guns. Democrats claim to support welfare programs, but have capitulated a lot of times to Republican pressure!

Fox News also plays a large role in manipulating the views of Americans. This right-wing propaganda channel, is owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation. He is a big capitalist and understood that many conservatives wanted a channel, that is specialized in right-wing viewpoints. So he launched Fox News in 1996, it became a huge success as over 8 million Americans, watch it daily as their only source for news. This is were the problems begin, because Fox News is a lying propaganda network. They spin thing to fit the agenda and plutocratic ideology of the Republican Party. ”Fain and balanced” is their motto, while in reality their news anchors are very biased and favor right-wing conservatism!

Few workers understand how wrong Fox News is. This is due to the low class consciousness, another result of the fact the the USA never had a workers party or a powerful labour movement. In fact many conservative workers reject class struggle and would even side with their bosses, in opposition to Unions and the struggle for socialism. Why? Because they are told since child birth, that a capitalist is good and standing up to his power is wrong. Such a brainwashed worker will defend the system to his death. Like the brainwashed Nazi workers and Soviet workers, who were mislead into thinking that nazism and stalinism was ”good” for them!

Conservative workers also think this. With nationalist propaganda, Fox News and the GOP rally many workers into opposing anything that goes against conservative dogma. There is however a positive thing to this fact. Most brainwashed conservatives are 60+, the younger generation born after the Cold War (post 1990) is less easy to manipulate. With the internet replacing traditional news media like papers and television, the youth can explore other opinions and ideals. This is why socialism is no longer seen as ”wrong”, as younger Americans now learn what it truly represents. Others start to question the so called ”superiority” of the capitalist system. Conservative audience is still loyal but only because Fox News, tells them exactly what they want to hear. However this favoritism is dying out. Recent studies have shown that the average age of television viewers is 60+. Fox News audience is even older with 68 to 70 years. In 10 years, Bill O’Reilly may have lost its viewers, as the internet replaces television!

All candidates for the Republican nomination show support for these ideals:

  • Complete support for lowering taxes on the rich
  • Reject the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care ) and replace it with privatized ( expensive ) heath care!
  • Support for the bombing of Syria and harsh actions against Iran
  • Full support for American exceptionalism
  • Full support for gun rights and the right to stand your ground
  • Uncritical support for the Terror State of Israel
  • Supporter of school-prays and Christian education
  • Rejection of secularism
  • Rejection of black lives matter
  • Willing to build a Christian society based on Biblical laws

Two candidates who fully reject secular ideals are Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Carson claims that secular progressive people are the biggest danger to the USA. As a radical Christian he supports the idea that the USA should be ruled by Biblical dogma, not the laws of people. What many Republicans have in common is their scare-tactics. They claim that secularism is will limit civil liberties and the right to worship. Scared Christians are easily won with this lie. But no secular socialist or progressive wants to limit freedom of worship. We only want to keep religion in a private sfeer. No religious symbols in public places such as schools, government buildings or streets. If religious people want to build statues and monuments they can do this, but not on public owned land!

Radical Christians like Ben Carson however reject this. They want statues and monuments to Christianity to be build on public land. Like a monument to the ten commandments or the phrase; ”In God We Trust”. Another candidate is Ted Cruz, who uses ”God” so often in his speeches, you can tell he is a deeply religious man. Cruz is very anti-Obama and even claims the president is not a real American. This while his father used to be a ( white ) Mexican and he himself was born in Canada. Still the deeply religious Ted Cruz wants the USA to be build on God’s ideals. Like many Republicans, he rejects Syrian refugees. But not the Christian Syrians, so the idiot senator Cruz wants to introduce a religious test for refugees. If they show to be good Christians they can enter the land of the FREE and the BRAVE. However ”evil” Muslims are not welcome in America, if Ted Cruz would be president!

Donald Trump is the guy who is leading in the polls. This capitalist exploiter is loved for his arrogance, his machismo and his political incorrectness. Trump is a failed businessman who lost at least five enterprises to bankruptcy. But because he owns the conglomerate; Trump Organisation, Donald remains very rich and wealthy. He can afford to lose one or two enterprises. That his bankruptcies destroyed a lot of lives does not affect him. As a deeply narcissistic CEO with blond painted hair, Donald Trump is the icon of capitalist evil. Unfortunate this makes him also a perfect candidate for the deeply brainwashed conservative electorate, who rather supports a racist capitalist then a typical Washington politician!

Trump’s political ideals are so radical right-wing, that Dwight D. Eisenhower would become a Democrat overnight. Even Ronald Reagan would never have said things about banning all Muslims from America. That Trump also called for a national Muslim database and a symbol for all Islamic Americans to wear is exactly what Nazi Germany did with the Jews. But racist narcissistic Trump does not care. Like Adolf Hitler he plays on people’s fear and like Hitler, he gives simple and clear answers. His supporters love him and think he is a ”people’s” candidate. In reality, Donald Trump is not a man of the people. He was born in luxury and part of the ruling class and the 1%. His father was already a wealthy man when Donald was young. Fred Trump gave his son a loan of a few million dollars to build his own financial empire!

In the Democratic race is Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton is favored by the establishment, but Sanders is a man who build his campaign on leftist ideals. Unlike all other candidates, Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist ( social democrat ) and rejects classic liberalism and conservatism. Many younger Americans are staring to support his ideal of a fair society that demands a higher share of the top 1%. However the Democratic Party is right-wing and not so much in favor of classic social democracy. American liberalism is economically still very much on the right side of the political spectrum. Both Obama and Clinton support Wall Street and the market dictatorship!

Revolutionary socialists call for a critical vote on Bernie Sanders if he should win the nomination. However we also criticize his choice for running inside the Democratic Party. A party that is not leftist nor socialist. What will Sanders do if Hilary Clinton is elected by the Democratic party members? He has said he would support the nomination, meaning Clinton. Revolutionary socialists can not accept this and we therefore call on him not to abandon and betray all those Americans, who put their hopes on him. America needs change, but this can only be socialist change. Sanders is too limited because of his social democratic ideology!

Therefore a movement is needed for socialism. A workers party on a socialist program that can push Bernie Sanders into a genuine socialist direction. It is very possible that Sanders will capitulate before Clinton, as many social democrats and moderate socialists have done. The most recent example of class betrayal is SYRIZA in Greece. This political party came to power with the promise to end austerity and European neoliberalism ( neoconservatism ). However after seven months of blackmailing and pressure from the EU leaders, SYRIZA surrendered. They now promise to carry out austerity and privatizations of seaports, airports and other state owned enterprises. Their betrayal proofs why we need revolutionary socialism!


Republican candidates for the 1%