Bernie Sanders is closing in

Bernie Sanders, a classic social democrat from the American state of Vermont, is closing in on Hilary Clinton in the race for the nomination of the Democratic Party. Clinton is a woman of the capitalist establishment and a  candidate for the more liberal bourgeoisie against the far-right; Republican Party, supported by the super rich. Sanders is a old veteran of American politics, a social democrat who calls himself a ”democratic socialist” in the style of European social democracy. Although Sanders is not backed by major capitalist enterprises or rich donors, his ideals stand in clear opposition to Wall Street and the ruling class!

The 2016 presidential elections can become a fight between the liberal bourgeoisie and the far-right conservative bourgeoisie, if Hilary Clinton faces Donald Trump. Millions of dollars will be spend on trying to portray the Democrats as progressives, while Trump will use his conservative speeches to boost his picture among Republicans. Revolutionary socialists will not call fora vote on Clinton, because she is not a progressive nor a alternative. You can vote on the lesser evil, but this is what Americans have done ever since the USA was founded!

However the race can also become a struggle between a social democrat and a far-right capitalist exploiter. Donald Trump could very well face Bernie Sanders, a fight the blond guy will lose. Because Sanders would defeat him with more then 13% of the vote, meaning that although Trump is popular with hardcore conservatives, moderates and progressives would all vote Sanders. Ethnic minorities such as blacks, hispanics and asians will also not vote for that blond guy, who is very open about his racism in public!

Donald Trump will lose the presidential election massively if he faces Bernie Sanders, who would be a great start to move the nation away from neoliberalism ( neoconservatism ). Revolutionary socialists call for the formation of a workers movement, that can start to demand a socialist transformation of society. Bernie Sanders might not agree with the revolutionary road, but to end the inequality we need to remove the ruling class from power. Take away the private ownership of big business and create an economy for the majority of people, not the billionaires!

There are some revolutionary socialists who reject Sanders, because he is not rejecting the whole capitalist system. They say that supporting Sanders is supporting a candidate who is a member of the Democratic Party and has sided with Democrats in the past. This is true, but unlike the previous Democratic candidates, Sanders has openly rejected neoliberalism ( neoconservatism ) and the ruling class. His political ideals are way to the left of most elected Democrats, who all support the bourgeoisie. Sanders rejection of Wall Street and his struggle for workers rights is to be supported. In the long run, a future president Bernie Sanders can be pushed towards real socialism, if the working class demands it!

In Europe, social democracy is not a force for workers anymore. Although the British; Labour Party elected a socialist as leader, the party remains deeply capitalistic and supportive of British imperialism. Labour MP’s and council members could reject austerity and join with the working class in rejecting the social cuts of the conservative government. But after almost 20 years of supporting neoliberalism, the Labour Party has moved far away from its original socialist ideology. Still the party calls itself ”democratic socialist”!

Many American workers are looking for alternative candidates, this is why some are attracted to Donald Trump. These conservative workers rather support a big capitalist, then a traditional politician. It also has to do with the American way of life, how they are raised with the lies that capitalists are ”hard working” and know how to run a corporation. A big percentage of conservatives is convinced that Donald Trump is their man for the nomination of the Republican Party. Also Trump has one big advantage: He is an outsider not yet seen as political corrupt, although he is a billionaire who went bankrupt five times!

The problem is that conservative workers do not understand how dangerous Trump would be as president. They are so brainwashed with lies and misinformation, that they really think that a big capitalist will solve their problems. Donald Trump is part of the 1%, the people who control Washington DC and he is very open about this. He admits that he donated millions to politicians who supported his economic agenda. Trump was a member of the bourgeoisie who supported Democratic president Bill Clinton for his neoliberalism ( neoconservatism ). But he rejected George W. Bush as political incompetent. This why the blond guy joined the Democratic Party in 2001 and remained a member until 2009. The Clintons were guests at Trump third wedding and he told Bill Clinton that Hilary would make a ”great vice-president”. This was before he switched sides, after Obama became president!

But we must not forget that Trump will praise any politician, who is willing to serve his capitalist interests. It does not matter if it is a Democrat or Republican, as long as he or she is supportive of capitalism and the free market dictatorship. Donald Trump would even praise European social democrats like Tony Blair ( Labour UK ) for their austerity and deregulation, their attacks on trade unions and their cuts to social welfare. So it was pure opportunistic, that Trump was a member of the Democratic Party. Because he knew that Democrats are just as right-wing as the Republicans are. Bill Clinton was a capitalist president and gave the Trump Organisation, a business friendly environment!

Bernie Sanders would be a different president. One that claims to stand with ordinary workers against the big capitalists like Donald Trump. It remains to be see how far Sanders is willing to go to fight in the 1%. But if he would win the White House, he would be the first true leftist president of the USA. Wall Street will use any dirty trick in the book, to prevent a Bernie Sanders victory over Hilary Clinton. It is already public knowledge that Clinton is getting a lot of donations from rich groups and people. She is paid big money to be a good capitalist president of the establishment!

Meanwhile in Seattle, Kshama Sawant has been reelected into the city council. She defeated Pamela Banks, a Democrat and candidate supported by capitalists in Seattle. Although a progressive Democrat, Banks was the candidate of the bourgeoisie to defeat Sawant, who is a revolutionary socialist and a member of Socialist Alternative, the American section of the Committee for a Workers International. Kshama Sawant won over 7.000 more voters in her district and was able to return to the city council as a socialist fighting against corporate interests!

This shows that a true revolutionary socialist can get elected and reelected. The struggle in Sawant’s district was between a progressive member of the Democratic Party and a revolutionary socialist of Socialist Alternative. Yet the socialist won and the progressive Democrat lost, because workers realized that Pamela Banks was a candidate of the establishment.  As a Democrat she did not opposed capitalism, only wanted to bring in some reforms. Unlike Sawant, Banks did not reject corporate money and took it!

In the national polls, Hilary Clinton is still leading. But Bernie Sanders is closing in and it may very well possible that he can defeat her. If this would happen, the Democratic Party wins the White House again. But it would be up to Sanders himself to stand up to the same Democratic Party, that is supportive of capitalism and the 1%. As president he will have to build a workers party on a true socialist program to fight the politicians of capitalism, which are all centralized in the Republican Party and Democratic Party!



Kshama Sawant here with Bernie Sanders!