NATO, a force for imperialism

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was build in april 1949, as a military alliance of capitalist nations to protect themselves from what they called Soviet ”aggression”. NATO’s goal was to protect its members against a possible invasion. On the Stalinist side of the Berlin Wall, the Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance or Warschaupact, was to be the answer of the USSR and their allies. After the collapse of stalinism in 1990 and the downfall of the USSR, NATO remained alive. Not to only to defend western nations, but also to save-guard imperialism! 

In their propaganda, NATO claims to defend ”freedom and democracy”. But in reality they only defend the interests of Washington DC. As the Warschaupact defend Moscow’s interests between 1955 and 1990, NATO is used by the American military to operation outside the USA. In 2004 former Stalinist nations in Eastern Europe became part of the NATO alliance and this was not welcomed by Russia who started to see western imperialism moving closer to their borders. Now with Ukraine attempting to become a member, Russia feels extremely nervous!

American imperialism used NATO for its own war plans. This started in 1950 when they decided to intervene in the Korean War on the side of the totalitarian South Korean government. Thanks to NATO nations dictator Syngman Rhee survived and was able to rule for another 10 years, before he was evacuated to the USA during student strikes. NATO nations then intervened in Vietnam by giving political support to the USA and the corrupt South Vietnamese government!

So instead of defending the western democracies, NATO became a front organisation of western imperialism. If the USA wants to go to war, it would ask NATO members for logistical and political support. In the years after the end of the Cold War, NATO nations started to use the alliance to spread their neoliberal (neoconservative) agenda. To become a member of NATO, a nation had to accept the rules of the market dictatorship. Many former members of the Warschaupact did this, because they believed wrongly that the west stands for ”freedom and liberty”!

A right-wing regime that desperately wanted to join the western military alliance is Georgia. This former Soviet republic faced separatist conflicts and its harsh anti-Russian propaganda was not like in Moscow. President Mikheil Saakashvili came to power in 2004 and ruled until 2013. During his presidency, Georgia appealed to NATO which Moscow did not like. American soldiers were actively training Georgian troops and when they invaded South Ossetia in 2008, NATO nations defended the action of Saakashvili!

Since the rise of Vladimir Putin, NATO has expanded their realm closer to the borders of the Russian Federation. Originally this was a violation of the deals made between the American president George Bush senior and Soviet president Micheal Gorbachev just before the downfall of the USSR. Bush promised Gorbachev that NATO would not expand towards Russia. But this promise was never kept as by 1999, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic joined. Six years later, former Soviet and Yugoslav republics joined the alliance. NATO has now expanded deep into Eastern Europe, only Belarus and Ukraine stand between them and Russia. If the anticommunist Kiev regime is allowed to join, it would

Revolutionary socialists reject NATO, because it is not a alliance for defense. It is has proven to be a tool of the Pentagon and American imperialism. If a member nation would refuse a demand by NATO command, it could have severe consequences. Many people say that NATO is needed to defend our ”freedom” against Russian imperialism. Problem is that Russian imperialism only grew because of the expansion by NATO, into the former realm of the Warschaupact. Just look at the way the USA behaved after Cuba became a Soviet ally. American imperialism feared that tiny pro-Soviet island in the same way Russia fears the fact that NATO is closing in on their borders, by absorbing many former Warschaupact nations!

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were all led by NATO nations and supported by most of its members. In 2011, the first Libyan civil war started. NATO quickly joined in to ”defend” the Libyan people, as the official propaganda claimed. In reality, NATO feared a Gaddafi victory as the soldiers of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, seemed to gain the upper hand over the ”good” rebels. NATO airstrikes destroyed most of Gaddafi’s army, which cleared the way for a total rebel victory in October 2011. However after the capture and murder of the Libyan dictator, the rebels turned on themselves. Sectarian tribalism and religious extremism led to another civil war in March 2014. This time NATO stayed out win out ever accepting responsibility!

Operation Gladio was a NATO plan which included members of the far-right and anticommunists. In a possible Warschaupact invasion, Gladio would train guerrilla’s to fight ”communist” troops. The members of  these special trained commando’s were mostly far-right Europeans, who’s hatred of leftism was easy exploited. That they lacked loyalty to democracy and human rights were of no matter to NATO. The right-wing guerrilla would carry out terrorist attacks against ”communist” sympathizers, in the event of a war with the USSR!

NATO supported the Turkish military regimes in suppressing democratic rights. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, NATO members sold Turkey guns and trained their soldiers as it was a member of the alliance since 1952. Since the Soviet-Union supported leftist groups, the USA gave full support to brutal junta’s, who under the eyes of the CIA carried out torture and murder. Not only leftist Turks were victims, also the Kurdish people were seen as ”dangerous” by the Ankara junta’s. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, more then 3.000 Kurdish towns were destroyed. NATO supplied weapons allowed the army to crush Kurdish resistance to Turkish nationalism!

This is why we call for an end to NATO. This organisation has proven not to save guard our freedoms as it only defends imperialism. Western governments cry that they need the alliance against Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea. This is typical imperialist thinking by building up massive military alliances for nothing but war. Remember that the build up of imperialist nations in 1914 led to a massive world war, that killed 25 million people!

Now Ukraine is supplied with guns to fight Russian separatists. NATO arms the Ukrainian Armed Forces, because they hope that their oligarch anticommunist government might join the alliance. Like in Turkey, western governments do not care about the massive human right abuses of Ukraine. They cry over Russian imperialism and how evil Russians come to destroy Ukrainian freedom, while neglecting to tell the fact that communism as an ideology has been banned and the far-right is given a free-pass, to destroy Soviet monuments and spreading antisemitism. No, NATO wants Ukraine and this makes Russia very angry. Although Moscow has its own imperialist plans, the actions of NATO are not good for Ukrainian workers. They suffer because of the wild game to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization!


NATO today with its expansion into Eastern Europe!

NATO today with its expansion into Eastern Europe!