New state-capitalist prime minister for Vietnam

Nguyen Xuan Phuc is the new prime minister of the ”Socialist” Republic of Vietnam. The parliament of the state-capitalist dictatorship agreed on his nomination. Phuc replaced Nguyen Tan Dung, who was prime minister for 10 years. Although the parliament approved, the decision already had been made by the Politbureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the ruling state-capitalist party. Vietnam has embraced the capitalist system since 1986, which has created a huge gap between the working class and the new bourgeoisie!

Like all government bureaucrats in Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc joined the  communist party to advance his career. Today the ruling party cares little for Marxist socialism, which is only used for historical purpose and to justify the struggle against French and American imperialism. Vietnam is no socialist nation and sure not a communist society. Although the CPV holds on to absolute political power, it has allowed privatizations and deregulation of the economy. These capitalist reforms stated in 1986 and by 1994, the trade embargo imposed by the USA was removed. Today the capitalist world has normal relationships with the Vietnamese government!

For ordinary workers, the capitalist restoration was not beneficiary. Because Vietnam is a dictatorship, trade unions are state controlled and the People’s Public Security (police force) is standing with the capitalists and government bureaucrats against those brave workers who fight for better wages and work conditions. The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour is the only allowed trade union in the country. It is controlled by the Communist Party of Vietnam and must carry out the demands of the party. Since the CPV is supporting a market based capitalist economy, the trade union supports the new capitalist class and state-capitalist government over the working class. Independent trade unions are needed to fight for genuine socialism and a economy under working class control!

Because the economy of Vietnam is not so strong as that of China, it has only one billionaire called; Pham Nhat Vuong. He is proof of the deep inequality that has grown since the party allowed capitalism to return. Five years ago in 2011, the CPV opened its ranks to the new bourgeoisie. Meaning that people like Pham Nhat Vuong were allowed to become party members. Not only does this show the traitorous nature of the Communist Party of Vietnam, it also means they have abandon any pretense of being a workers party. Today the CPV is a capitalist nationalist party which has more in common with the National Social Democratic Front, the ruling party of South Vietnam between 1969-1975!

Nguyen Xuan Phuc promises that he will fight for more reforms, this can only means more privatizations and deregulation. Vietnam has a large state sector with many enterprises operating under control of the government. Phuc wants to create a more business friendly environment, which means that both Vietnamese and foreign capitalists get more freedoms. Although the state-capitalist regime claims to be democratic, the working class knows better. Vietnam is neither democratic nor socialist. But capitalism does not care about this fact. For the ruling class of the world, business comes before human and workers rights!

Revolutionary socialists call on workers to fight the Communist Party of Vietnam. This party has betrayed the Marxist ideology and therefore must be removed by a proletarian revolution. Vietnamese workers are not stupid or backward. In the last 30 years they have witnessed the rise of commercialism and the system of greed and exploitation not seen since 1975 in the south. Although the north remains more conservative then the south, Vietnam as a whole is moving towards more capitalism and less regulation. This is why a workers uprising is needed. The CPV must be removed so that a true Vietnamese Socialist Workers Republic can be build from its ashes!

Such a revolution will require a party of the Vietnamese working class. A party like the former International Communist League (1932-1946), who refused to bow to stalinism and colonialism. Revolutionary hero’s like  Ngo Van Xuyet and Ta Thu Thau maybe forgotten today, but their struggle for true socialism in Vietnam, will one day be know in the whole of Indochina!

Công nhân Việt Nam, bạn không có gì để mất, nhưng chuỗi của họ, bạn có một thế giới để giành chiến thắng!

Nguyen Xuan Phuc is the new face of the Vietnamese state-capitalist dictatorship!

Nguyen Xuan Phuc is the new face of the Vietnamese state-capitalist dictatorship!