Bernie Sanders defeats Republican candidates in polls

Bernie Sanders, the ”far-left communist”, the ”Castro supporter”, the ”unelectable” politician from Vermont is defeating all Republican candidates in the polls, even those of Fox News. This is shocking news to the conservative anchors like Bill O’Reilly who maintain the idea that Sanders will not win the Democratic nomination. However the polls indicate that Sanders is crushing all Republican candidates, from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump. Although Hilary Clinton might defeat some Republicans, the marges between her and the Republicans is far lower. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to become president of the USA!

Should Sanders lose to Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination, he should run as a independent leftist candidate. We revolutionary socialists have said this last year. Because we understand that the Democratic Party is not a leftist party, nor a party that will ever promote any opposition to the ruling class. The Democrats are supporters of capitalism, neoliberalism and Wall Street. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have shown this. Hilary Clinton may use progressive rhetoric to fight Sanders, but she is a woman of the establishment!

Many workers and poor are supporting Bernie Sanders because they hope for real change, something Obama has denied them since 2008. Back then, Barack Obama promised change, but like all Democratic presidents he stayed loyal to the capitalist class and the billionaires. Obama is a typical Democratic president, who rather made compromises then fighting the corrupt Wall Street bankers. If the Republican Party had not moved so far to the right, they would have won the 2012 elections with ease. But Republicans are no longer a moderate conservative party. Since the days of Ronald Reagan, the ”Grand Old Party” moved to the far-right embracing right-wing nationalism, confederate loyalism in southern states, open rejection of racism, dominion theology and complete support for the 1% of society!

The most popular candidates for the Republican nomination as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The moderate conservative candidate John Kasich would be ideal to fight Hilary Clinton, but the Republican voters rather choose a theocratic guy (Gruz) or a populist billionaire (Trump). Kasich is loosing the fight, although he stays in the race for now. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is moving in on Hilary Clinton, but his luck inside the Democratic Party will be a death end. The whole party apparatus is supporting Clinton including the whole Democratic National Committee!

Socialist Alternative in the USA has launched the ”Movement4Bernie” (M4B) to build a campaign to support Bernie Sanders outside the Democratic Party. The campaign understands that the enemies of Sanders are not just the Republican Party, most if not all elected Democrats oppose the social democratic senator from Vermont, who has never been a member of the Democratic Party until late 2015. Thanks to the support from workers and youth, the M4B is already active in major American cities including; Boston, Philadelphia, New York city, Seattle and Chicago!

Bernie’s struggle against the billionaire class must not end if he is defeated by Clinton in the Democratic race. He must not capitulate and join the Clinton camp. It would create a massive wave of disillusion among young voters, who do not wish to vote for a establishment candidate. They now that Clinton is not a leftist person, nor will she fight in their interests. If you want to keep things the way their are, then Hilary Clinton is you candidate. But Bernie Sanders do not wish things to stay the same. His opposition to the billionaire class is very modest as he is not a revolutionary socialist. However his spark can light the fire of revolution and create a new party for the working class!

Polls have indicate that Bernie Sanders is totally able to defeat the Republican candidates. He is winning massively over Ted Cruz, John Kasich and even Donald Trump. Sanders can become president of the USA, if he is willing to brake with the Democratic Party. As a independent leftist candidate, he could join up with the Green Party led by Jill Stein. She is a veteran leftist fighter against both the Democratic Party and Republican Party for years. But because the American media has marginalized third party candidates, Stein’s voice has never been heard by most voters!

Her Green Party is more to the left then most European greens, who have accepted capitalist logic and dogma’s. Green parties in Ireland and Germany even promoted austerity and deregulation as part of coalition governments, with social democrats and neoliberals. The American: Green Party is relative new, founded in 2001 after a major split in the Greens/Green Party USA. Although the Greens/Green Party USA still exist, the Green Party of Jill Stein is more active and much larger!

Jill Stein can become a major ally of Bernie Sanders if he loses the race against Clinton. Should this becomes reality, Sanders must not capitulate and join the Clinton camp. He must rally his supporters, step out of the Democratic Party and move with Stein and other leftist to form a new workers party. Such a party can offer a genuine alternative for the 2016 presidential elections. Bernie Sanders has the potential to fight both Clinton and the future nomination of the Republican Party. The major obstakel at this moment is Sanders own limited social democratic way of thinking. He has promised to abandon the struggle should he fail. This mindset is very dangerous, typical of social democrats who have already betrayed the working class in most parts of the world!

Bill O’Reilly on Fox News is meanwhile in panic over his own polls, who indicate that Sanders is defeating all Republican candidates!