Sanders needs to run independent

Hillary Clinton has claimed victory and now calls herself the nomination of the Democratic Party, for the 2016 presidential elections in the USA. Her challenger Bernie Sanders is however not yet giving up. The fight has been very unequal, with Clinton getting full media support and almost zero critical questions. Also the DNC stood behind her as are most elected Democrats. Sanders fights against a party who is not leftist in nature. This is why we revolutionary socialists called on him to run as a independent leftist in November. With Clinton now claiming victory, it is more then ever necessary for Bernie Sanders to abandon the Democratic Party and run as a leftist candidate against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

We are not uncritical of Sanders himself. Although he wins the support of many young Americans, the alternative that Bernie Sanders offers is limited and quite moderate. His ”democratic socialism” is not what we would call socialism. Our socialism is about a democratic economy, under control and ownership of society. Sanders’s ”democratic socialism” is about progressive taxes, government regulation and laws that protect people from exploitation. Although these ideals are not 100% wrong, they stay within the limits of the capitalist system, which Sanders does not wish to abolish. This makes him a social democrat, a person who tries to limit capitalist greed and exploiting by building a welfare state which protects workers!

Still he is the first candidate who has been able to call himself a socialist and is winning support. In the past, any candidate who called himself a socialist was disqualified by the capitalist media. Sanders was indeed ignored by all major ”news” networks at first. All believed that Hillary Clinton would face no serious opposition. But then came that old man from Vermont. He exposed her as a corporate politician, one that cannot be trusted by workers and the poor. Still Hillary Clinton is very popular with ethnic minorities and older workers, but she is not loved by younger Americans for the fact that she is part of the corrupt establishment. She does not belongs to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and only started to use pseudo-leftist rhetoric in order to combat Bernie Sanders!

Clinton has many advantages over Sanders. She is supported by the ruling class and the whole Democratic apparatus. The bourgeoisie is a major ally and (unfortunate) so are many trade unions leaders. Although many workers rather would vote for Sanders, Clinton wins the support from the unions. Why? Because these unions hope she would support them. This is a very dangerous illusion, as Miss Clinton is not a fighter for workers rights or the poor. She supported the imperialist wars of the USA under George Bush. She stood by Barack Obama as he kept the American concentration-camp at Guantanamo Bay open!

On economics, Hillary supported the neoliberal politics of her husband Bill Clinton, when he was president. In the 1990’s, the market was God and competition was King. The capitalist media demanded deregulation and Ronald Reagan had served the ruling class very well. Bill Clinton changed little and kept the Reagan economic system intact. Because of the large debt, many right-wing politicians demanded austerity. Bill Clinton agreed and he reduced government spending!

Should Bernie Sanders refuse to run independent, it would be a major blow into the face of all those Americans who hoped for genuine change. Revolutionary socialists however wish to go beyond the person Bernie Sanders. We need to build a movement for the working class. A party for workers on a true democratic socialist program, that call for the nationalization of all major enterprises who control the American economy. We call for the expropriation of the billionaire class, so the stolen billions of dollars can be used to end poverty. The Democratic Party and Republican Party will do anything to prevent this, therefore the DNC supported Hillary against Bernie. Although a social democrat, Sanders is seen as a potential danger to the ruling class!

Should Sanders surrender and Clinton becoming the nomination for the Democratic Party, it is essential that we keep a cool head. Many will feel disillusion and some might abandon the struggle. This we experienced in 1991 with the final collapse of stalinism. Most if not all communist parties enter a period of decline, socialist parties turned massive to the right by starting to support austerity and capitalist dogma over socialist ideals. The former ”bastions of socialism” all embraced the neoliberal dictatorship and those ”socialist” nations that remained started to introduce capitalist elements. Today these nations have all become market based dictatorships, even Cuba has finally allowed foreign capitalists to own means of production on the ”revolutionary” island!

It is difficult to struggle for socialism in an era were this idea has been abused, betrayed and called ”death” by most media outlets. Socialism however is the only alternative for all those millions who suffer from poverty because of the deep inequality that capitalism creates. The western world has been hypnotized by neoliberalism for 30 years and it is time it wakes up. Workers in Europe have so much potential to take power for themselves. But social democratic and Stalinist betrayal have led to a lack of class consciousness. This results in the fact that many workers are mislead by right-wing populists. The lack of socialist alternatives in many European nations is a clear result of the deep political vacuum on the left-wing!