Trump: I’m always right

Donald Trump, the racist billionaire and the soon-to-be nomination for the Republican Party, claims he is always right. Right on Islam, right on immigrants, right on himself and right on everything. Trump however is a hypocrite and a liar. In February 2011, the billionaire called for American intervention in the first Libyan civil war. He wanted American troops on the ground in Libya. Today however Trump claims he never supported the intervention in the former Jamahiriya. Not only is he a capitalist exploiter, but also a imperialist who hides behind right-wing populism!  

After a crazy person killed 50 people in Orlando Florida, the Republicans all cry ”Islamic evil”. Because it turned out that an American born with Afghan parents was responsible for the death of 50 people. The attack took place in a gay bar and now Republicans are at the front line to denounce it an act of Islam. When Christian terrorists attack innocent people, Republicans never called it an act of Christian terrorism. But when Muslims do it, it is always because of their religion. This is typical conservative hypocrisy!

Was it an Islamic fundamentalist attack? Or was it the work of a madmen who hated gays? The perpetrator was said to be not so religious, although he had shown to be sympathenic to the IS regime in Syria and Iraq. According to his ex-wife, the killer was not a deeply religious Muslim. Their marriage broke up because of his violent tendency and his will to control her. This we see with many Islamic terrorists. Religion plays a role but is used as excuse to murder innocents (mostly Muslims). The killers who attacked Paris were street-thugs, petty criminals who turned to radical Islam in frustration and deep hatred!

This hatred is exploited by Donald Trump. The attack on the Gay Bar in Orlando gives him new support, at the same time many radical Christians might not be so upset. There are enough Christian hate groups who call for mass murder of gay’s, lesbians and transsexuals. These fundamentalists would welcome this mass-murder, rather then condemn it. In the deep religious south of the USA, it remains a taboo to be gay. Homosexuality is still condemned by many Christian churches!

Let us look at the truths, half truths, half lies and full lies of Donald Trump. Many of his statements are either false of complete lies. Therefore he was rewarded with the PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year. Out of 154 statements, only 3 were fully true. 9 statements were mostly truth, 24 half truths and 25 half false. However Trump scores very good on spreading misinformation. 63 statements he made in 2015 were false and another 30 were complete lies!

Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton would release all dangerous criminals from jail. This is a typical lie loved by his brainwashed conservative supporters, but it remains a lie. Clinton does not wish to release all criminals, still this is what the billionaire is feeding his supporters; misinformation and outright lies. Donald Trump also claims that Clinton is very bad with woman although we all know that many females support Hillary!

The far-right billionaire claimed to be unfamiliar with David Duke, a white supremacist and ethnic nationalist. Trump said this only after disavowing Duke two days earlier. In a anti-Mexican propaganda video, Trump claims that you see Mexicans crossing the border. But the video is not of the US-Mexican border, but of the Moroccan border in North Africa. He claims that Obama wishes to take over 250.000 Syrian refugees, while in reality America has taken 9.000 refugees out of 10.000 promised!

Trump plays on the fear of Islam and makes up a huge number to scare his supporters into thinking that Muslims are coming. This anti-immigrant position is not new as many right-wing politicians have used fear of immigrants. In the early 20th century, there were many people like Trump attacking immigrants from Europe. Catholics were denounced as ”evil” and American socialists were called ”dangerous foreigners”!

On taxes Trump attacks Bernie Sanders. He claims that Sanders will raise the taxes for ordinary workers by 90%. In reality, the classic social democrat from Vermont wishes to raise taxes only for the billionaire class. Sanders tax plan would not harm the working class nor the poor. Only the millionaires and billionaires would pay more taxes. Still Donald Trump is spreading the lie that American workers will pay more income taxes under Bernie Sanders. His brainwashed supporters will easily believe it as socialism has been discredited with this idea, that it raises taxes on workers to pay for ”lazy” people!

During a fundraising trip for the Democratic Party, Obama is said (by Trump) to have spend over 30 million dollars in travel expenses. This is another typical lie as his expenses are not even near a million dollar. But since Donald Trump owns a private Boeing 757 it would be interesting to know how much money is spend on his trips around the world? To fuel the lie that Obama is not born in the USA, Trump claims that many of his former schoolmates do not remember young Barack Obama. In reality many remember him!

On wars Donald Trump claims he both opposed the Iraq War (2003) and the Libyan intervention (2011). In reality he said in September 2002 that he would support a war with Iraq. After the invasion Donald Trump never openly called for the removal of American troops from Iraq. But in 2015 as a presidential candidate, Trump claims he never agreed with the war as it would destabilize the middle east. A complete false statement!

Then in February 2011 as Gaddafi’s forces moved in on the rebels, Trump called for American ”boots on the ground” in Libya. He wanted the USA to intervene and remove Gaddafi from power. However as presidential candidate and a populist, Trump now claims he was against the intervention, lying to his brainwashed supporters. For them it does not matter if the billionaire is speaking the truth. They are so dogmatic in their support that he can say whatever he wants and they will still vote for him. This is the result of the typical American idea that a businessman can be more trustworthy then a politician!

All the false statements and lies of Donald Trump can be read at PolitiFact


Donald Trump, liar and spreading misinformation!

The blond liar who spreads misinformation!